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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  WYFF  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the driver of the car was taken to greenville memorial hospital. no word yet on the extent of her injuries. boseman says the car was in a chase with greenville county deputies when it got into thee accident. >> we were told that it might be a chase but we cannot confirm that. we have the greenville internal affairs officer here now, doing an investigation. we also have them coming to do a reconstruction here. one victim is deceased, went to -- and one at the hospital. allyson: boseman says the greenville county deputy refused to talk to the coroner or highway patrol until the greenville county internal affairs officials arrived. we spoke with highway patrol and also reached out to the greenville county sheriff's office, both of them said they would release more later this afternoon. right now, as you can see, crews are still working to clean up the scene. we will continue to bring you more information on air and on our mobile app. allyson powell wyff news 4 in
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geoff: thank you. this afternoon, four people are facing murder charges in connection with a deadly shooting at a bowling ally. easley police say they found 17-year-old kejuan brown shot dead last night in the parking lot of tri-city lanes. the easley police chief says the suspects and the victim knew of each other and were having an argument on social media prior to the shooting. police believe the group met at the bowling alley to fight. after a short search, easley police said they arrested jamari fair, dennis gibbs, albert taylor, and a 15-year-oldwas -- 15-year-old was also were arrested and charged. in pickens county, one person is dead, three others hurt after a crash near easley. highway patrol says a car and a pickup truck hit head on. it happened yesterday afternoon on latham road. the coroner says the woman in the car tiffany lovell died in the crash. the driver and two passengers of the truck, including an eight-year-old boy, were taken
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a greenville county judge is saying he needs more time on whether to grant a company permission to move forward with construction of a landfill in liberty. more than 150 people met with lawmakers to hear about the project earlier this month. some say they are concerned about the proposal because the landfill would dump coal ash near their town. at least 4,000 people in pickens county have signed a petition opposing the landfill. we are learning more about the two men wanted in connection with the shooting of a convenience store clerk during a robbery. take a look here. surveillance video from the 7-eleven on highway 187. deputies say the clerk called 911, saying he had been shot in the chest. they tell us the man in the black jacket shot the clerk, after the other man took money from the register. this happened just after 2:00 yesterday. if you know anything about this, call crime stoppers at
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turning to commitment 2016 coverage. marco rubio made his first stop of the day at the swamp rabbit crossfit in greenville. senator tim scott, trey gowdy and governor nikki haley appeared onstage to endorse marco rubio. utah senator also spoke in favor of the florida senator. walker rubio talked about supporting the second amendment, spending defense cuts, and supporting elected officials. >> if you think members of congress will ever pass term limits, they will say it they are for it but they won't pass it. we need it. the have term limits in florida and the sky did not fall, the world did not end, so we needed in washington and not just on congress but judges, too. why should a federal judge either the rest of their lives unless the commitment crime? that is absurd. geoff: marco rubio also said
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president obama's deal with iran. ted cruz is also in the upstate today. he'll is having a luncheon right now with the greenville county republican women's club at the poinsett club on east washington street. cruz will then head to a meet and greet in easley. that will be at mutt's barbeque on powdersville road at 2:15. also, governor john kasich is in the upstate. he'll be in clemson at 2:15 for a town hall at the strom thurmond institute on kappa street. taking a live look now at the island along the coast. donald trump is speaking right now. later today, he has a town hall at the broad river electric cooperative in gaffney. that's scheduled to be 5:30 this evening. happening tonight, the conservative review will host its first ever conservative convention. it begins at 7:00 at the bon secours wellness arena. all six of the republican presidential candidates have been invited. the convention has said that ben carson, ted cruz and marco rubio
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general admission tickets are $14. before today's round of campaign stops, senator marco rubio, senator ted cruz and doctor ben carson all participated in the first of two cnn town hall meetings in south carolina. the town hall was held in the old cigar warehouse in the west end of greenville. the three republican presidential candidates discussed topics on the minds of voters. national security, foreign policy, and readiness to be commander-in-chief all became questions for both carson and rubio, while senator ted cruz was asked about his political battle with donald trump. trump will be among the republican candidates who take their turn tonight in columbia, along with jeb bush and john kasich. turning to the latest numbers, and in a national poll, donald trump has fallen behind ted cruz. that's according to the latest nbc news-wall street journal poll. cruz with 28% of voters. trump is behind with 26%.
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at 17%, john kasich at 11%, ben carson at 10% and jeb bush at 4%. just last month, trump held a 13-point lead over cruz 33% to 20%. and looking at the democratic side, a new poll out shows nevada will also be a tough battleground for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a new cnn and orc poll has democratic caucusgoers split almost evenly between the two presidential candidates. 48% say they support clinton. 47%, sanders. the democratic caucus is saturday. on saturday night, as soon as the primary polls close at 7:00, we'll have full coverage of the election results all the way through news 4 at 11:00. all you need to know about the south carolina gop primary will be right here on wyff 4 and on our mobile app. haywood county's school board, tuesday night, voted to close central elementary school. it's in waynesville.
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enrollment and funding cuts as a factor in the decision. the school district is trying to make up an expected $2.4 million budget deficit. the n.c. department of public instruction must now sign off on the decision. an upstate pastor is hoping to get some help for the homeless in his congregation. tracy gantt is the pastor of new deliverance church in easley. he says half of the people who come there are either homeless or don't have money to heat their houses. two of the parishioners are currently staying at the church on king street. gantt is hoping to get a shelter open similar to anderson's haven of rest. he says the need in his area is great. >> the church got broken into and when we got here the police took me to the people who done it. 8-years-old. 14-years-old. looking for food. that's what hurts. geoff: easley mayor larry bagwell said another private organization has approached the
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but he says what they're wanting to do would require possible changes in the zoning ordinance. president obama will do something no u.s. president has done in nearly 90 years. he is making a trip to cuba. the white house says president obama and the first lady will travel to cuba on march 21 and 22 and argentina on march 23 and 24. the obama administration formally reopened ties with cuba in 2014 and since then, travel restrictions to the country have eased. in a statement this morning, the white house says president obama will hold a bilateral meeting with cuban president raul castro. the last president to visit cuba was calvin coolidge in 1928. retired supreme court justice sandra day o'connor is disagreeing with fellow republicans and is urging supreme court's newly vacant seat quickly. she made the comments in an interview with a phoenix-based
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the new justice will replace the late antonin scalia, who was found dead saturday at age 79. o'connor called the partisan chatter over the nomination is, quote, "unnecessary" and said the president should get on with the job at hand. o'connor was the first woman to serve on the supreme court, nominated by president ronald reagan in 1981. she retired from the bench in 2006. >> you could actually feel the heat from the bus burning. then it just all of a sudden went through the engine, and then the whole bus engulfed in flames. geoff: quick reactions from a bus driver and students help everyone escape a fast moving fire on a school bus. and we'll explain why a california hospital decided to pay the hackers that took over their computer network. dale: a beautiful day today. how long will this last? if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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live, local breaking news with geoff hart, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. high definition. geoff: digital rights advocates came out to support apple
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demands that it help unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. protesters gathered outside the apple store in san francisco yesterday to show support for the tech company. organizers call the order telling apple to build a software backdoor to help the fbi break into the phone unprecedented. they say apple's compliance with the order would undermine the safety and security of millions of iphone users worldwide. the department of justice maintains the request would only have an impact on one device, and that they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new backdoor to one of their products. we want to hear what you think. should apple helped the fbi break into the san bernardino shooter's ipo? -- shooter's iphone? here's look at the results so far. 21% say yes but the amount much larger says no.
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we will keep this poll going until noon. this after a bus driver gets all the students of an alabama -- off an alabama school bus, the bus is caught on camera engulfed in flames. in the video, shot wednesday, you can see plumes of smoke rising from the burning middle school bus. all 15 students on board and the driver evacuated as soon as the driver noticed smoke coming from the front of the vehicle. a witness in an office nearby noticed the flames and caught it on video. >> we all got off the back of the bus and we went over there, and then the whole front of the bus caught on fire, and then eventually, the rest of the bus caught on fire. geoff: fire officials say the fire started in the engine. a couple traveling from south korea is accused of trying to smuggle some $4.65 million in fake money into the united states. u.s. customs and border patrol offers found the funny money friday as the couple from vietnam arrived at detroit metro airport. according to federal agents, the couple attempted to import the
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the deceased. agents say because the vietnamese couple never tried to spend the money, they were not arrested and allowed to continue on their travels. a former treasury secretary says there shouldn't be a one-hundred dollar bill. larry summers says the one-hundred dollar bill should be scrapped to make life more difficult for criminals. he cites a newly-published study from the harvard business school. the study argues that eliminating larger denomination bills would have little downside for regular business. but it says it would make life far more difficult for people who are breaking the law. a los angeles hospital paid thousands of dollars packers to get the computer systems back up and running. hollywood presbyterian medical center handed over about $17,000 -- a los angeles hospital paid thousands of dollars to hackers to get its computer systems back up and running. hollywood presbyterian medical center handed over about $17,000 worth of bitcoins, a form of internet currency. staff started noticing a problem almost two weeks ago. administrators decided the quickest way to get back up and running was to pay the ransom and the system was restored
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the fbi is investigating. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good afternoon. lookout out from various skycam's. a beautiful and sunny day. greenville at 50 with the light breeze out of the east at six. just a few wispy clouds in the sky in the asheville area. 46 degrees and slowly climbing. we should top the 50 mark and reach mid 50's for the upstate for the afternoon. high pressure is keeping things nice and clear across the southeast. nothing anticipated as far as precipitation until the next cold front marching across the country reaches us by sunday evening. we will see clouds build a little saturday and sunday and
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for outdoor events tomorrow, clemson kicks off their baseball season with games tomorrow. it will be in the upper 50's in the upstate and warmer in the midlands. around the region, franklin and andrews the low 40's. 43 or 47 now and andrews. low 50's from anderson to greenville. let's check on a few other communities. we are seeing pickens right now and 50, just nice weather. made 50's expected this afternoon. that is where it should be for this time of the year. yesterday, it was blowing pretty stop from time to time. average this time of the year is what we are experiencing. 57 on a 30 year basis, 56 is the projected car. just five years ago on this date, 2011, it was 78 degrees,
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we will get that warm this weekend, but we do expect it to climb another 10 degrees into the mid 60's. the mountain will reach low 50's and that is typical. other parts of the country getting rain in the northwest and some cold air dipping down 39 in cincinnati. we will see our temperatures warm up with that jetstream as it receives for few days. mid to upper 60's along the coast this weekend. there will be parts in the midlands where it may top the 70 mark on saturday and sunday. to. 53 to 56 for the upstate cities. 50 to 52 for the anticipated high. we will see more clouds saturday for the mountains of north carolina, 30 percent chance of
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have the umbrellas ready for the first of the week. looks like a good chance of rain with cooler temperatures back by tuesday. geoff: good-looking forecast. check this out, a fast-growing tumbleweed took over the street in an australian town yesterday. dale: with homes clogged by the weed, frustrated residents are complaining about the clean-up. what do they call this ?as winds -- call this? geoff: gary panic. dale: that is just crazy. the wild tumbleweed has covered properties, gardens and garages in wangaratta. the tumbleweed has been around for a couple of years, according to local media, but the dry conditions have made it worse. it looks like hay piled up. geoff: the local council has refused to help homeowners with the cleanup as the weeds are not considered a fire risk, so residents have been forced to clear it up themselves.
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geoff: called hairy panic. coming up, we'll explain why monopoly's famous paper money will soon disappear from some versions of the game. coming up later this afternoon on "ellen," she talks to adele. that's today at 4:00, followed
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change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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geoff: money matters. checking the numbers on wall street with the dow jones down but a few points. the nasdaq down 22 in the s&p 500 down three. yesterday was a strong day. well tourism is now a $19 , billion industry in south carolina. officials say the numbers represent the economic impact of tourism in 2014. figures lag about a year behind the calendar year. a new marketing campaign called "satisfy your thirst" is expected to draw visitors to businesses that make everything from beer to tea and from milk to moonshine. you can now register to volunteer or buy tickets for the 2016 bmw charity pro-am. the tournament will be held in the upstate may 19 through the 22. more than 1000 volunteers are needed for the event. each volunteer will earn $20 per day for their chosen tournament charity. the tournament donated more than
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we have a link on our mobile app for you to learn more. ford motor company is touting the pothole protection technology on the 2017 fusion v-six sport sedan. the company says the shock absorber system automatically stiffens when sensors detect a pothole. pretty good. that allows the system to keep the wheel elevated instead of dropping into the hole. some luxury cars, including ford's lincoln mkz, have similar technology. ford says the fusion is first mid-sized car in its price range that has offered the feature. you can say goodbye to the game. hasbro has showed off a new version of monopoly called monopoly ultimate banking game. it eliminates both the game's signature paper money, as well as the banker position. instead, players scan special bank cards on a handheld banking unit. i don't know. everybody loved to be the
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a quick note from the sports geoff: a quick note from the sports world, jared allen says he is retiring and made the announcement this morning. another school salute. dale: east norse -- east north street with mrs. baldwin's class.
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they took an impromptu recess and enjoy the flurry of snow that lasted a short while, but they had a fun time. a great picture. thank you for sending that in. it warms up to mid 50's today, mid 50's tomorrow and by saturday and sunday, the 60's for the upstate and mountains and another batch of rain comes for the first half of next week. get outdoors and enjoy a good one. geoff: you are heading to the lake. dale: you know it. geoff: get the boat ready. see you back live at 5:00. you can find us at lights, camera, access. >> i hate the new kanye. the always rude kanye. >> is the guy literally falling apart at the seams? the feuds, the rants about huge debts. the claims that kim has had enough. i'm billy bush. is kanye imploding?
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how crazy it got at "snl." >> ooh. that's a cool and a good question. and i do have an answer. almost kanye'd taylor swift yesterday, huh? >> all kinds of grammy aftermath. can tyga explain his mccartney lockout? >> tweet the fire marshal. don't tweet me. >> just watch her like do her thing. and i'm like i like that. >> kate hudson's got not one but two girl power crushes. >> see a girl run by and say uncle jesse. >> and the house just got a little fuller. everywhere you look ba da ba ba ba ba lights, camera, access. is kanye completely out of control? welcome to "access hollywood." another twitter rant, more stories of diva behavior. it's not new, but it seems to have elevated. we dive into the kanye question a little later on. right now, "fuller house" hopes to bring back the magic of the original series.
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premiere celebration. >> d.j. tanner, all grown up, attending her own premiere for her own show that she has revived. >> it's really exciting. i have to say i got a little teary-eyed on the way over here. it's surreal. >> i remember tearing up watching you and your sisters and your next door neighbor pose all lined up on the red carpet. all my childhood dreams are coming true. can i get a little cut it out? >> cut it out. there you go. >> bringing it back to 1987. it's been nearly 30 years since the show premiered, but 25 years since uncle jesse and aunt becky tied the knot. happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> what did you get me for my anniversary, baby? >> what is 25 years, wood, silver, gold? >> it's wood. >> wood, whoa. wood, it is. there's no denies the cast is as close as ever.


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