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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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here in powdersville around 4:30 this morning. it was at the intersection of highway 81 and highway 153. you can see behind me, and intends investigation by highway patrol at greenville county deputies. according to charlie boseman with the anderson county coroner's office, the greenville county sheriff's office was chasing a car, when it hit a pickup. the driver of this white truck was pronounced dead at the scene. boseman said the driver was a man from easley, and was hit by this car as it was trying to turn onto highway 81. reeves was taken to greenville memorial hospital. no word yet on the extent of his injuries. >> we were told that it might be a chase, but we cannot confirm that. we have the greenville internal affairs officer here now, doing an investigation. we also have a team coming in to do a reconstruction here. one victim is deceased, one went to the hospital. allyson: boseman says the greenville county deputy refused to talk to the coroner or highway patrol until the
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affairs officials arrived. allyson powell, wyff news 4, in powdersville. gabrielle: right now, people in powdersville say they are shaken up and want to know more details about the chase. corey davis is live and local at the scene on highway 81 and highway 153. corey? corey: right now, greenville county deputies aren't commenting, outside of the e-mail they sent us earlier today. but we still have a lot of questions about the chase. take a look at the intersection behind us. it was reopened about an hour ago, after being shut down for 12 hours today. people were pulling over in parking lots to see what was going on. take a look at this. the crumpled pickup truck driven by the victim, stephen burnett, just before it was towed away. one lady out here told us she saw the motor of the truck on the road. she was wondering just how fast dexter reeves was driving when
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pickup. >> i'm in shock. this is a small community, so i don't want to really make a judgement for what they do for their job, but this is a very serious and fatal accident, and it's very sad. corey: we have requested all video and audio from dash cameras in the patrol cars involved in the chase. we're told that footage won't be made available during the investigation. here's a copy of the chase protocols followed by the greenville county sheriff's op is. we will have more for you at 6:00 outlining the guidelines they follow in this document. corey davis, wyff news 4, live in powdersville. nigel: smiling and waving to the camera. that's what happened today, when three of the four suspects accused in the killing of a teen appeared before a judge today. wyff news 4's mandy gaither was there. she joins us live and local in easley, with more.
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mandy: the shooting happened around 9:00 last night. those charged in the case faced a judge today, and i've never seen suspects act this way in court. as three of the four suspects walked in, they seemed more focused on the cameras, than the courtroom. >> hey, man. what these cameras for, man? mandy: albert taylor is accused of shooting 17-year-old kejuan brown in the parking lot of tri-city bowling alley in easley. jamari fair, dennis gibbs, and a fifteen-year-old, also facing a murder charge in the case. but none of that seem to faze them. >> yeah, i got a question. what these cameras for? >> it's the news media. >> the news media? what's up, y'all? you can follow me on twitter, follow me on instagram, snapchat. >> sound cloud. mandy: kejuan's great-grandfather could only shake his head as we showed him this video from of the suspects in court. >> i just wish justice will be
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see somebody do this, and then smile at you, just like they haven't did a thing. mandy: easley police chief tim tollison says the shooting happened after an argument over social media. he says the group met at the bowling alley to fight. witnesses told police the names of the suspects, and a short time later, pickens county deputies spotted a car matching the description of the one being sought, at a gas station on sc-183. moon says his great-grandson had been in trouble, but went to a boys' home, and seemed like he was in a different world when he got out a couple weeks ago. he says the family is still in shock. >> it's just unbelievable, that this happened so quick, at the age of 17. mandy: in addition to murder, the suspects are also facing a weapons charge, and assault and battery by a mob. police aren't releasing the name of the youngest suspect, because of his age. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in easley. nigel: greenville police
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this afternoon. it happened on butler street and pinckney street, just before 1:00 this afternoon. police say the shooting was -- shots were fired from two different vehicles. they say one person was injured by shattered glass. right now, no one has been charged. i was in the area of the time of the shooting. my car was a few cars in front of the victim. and it was scary. gabrielle: i'm glad you are all right. that was a crowded area, right? nigel: it was. i sat in my car and i thought i heard fireworks. it was coming from both sides, sounded like all its were going -- bullets were going out of -- over my car. so i slammed of the gas and got out of the area. it was terrifying. i posted it on social media. if you are not following us on facebook, you should do that to stay up to date on everything that is happening. gabrielle: i am glad you are ok,
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-- glad you are ok, buddy. right now, an upstate judge says he needs more time to make a decision about a coal ash landfill in pickens county. the attorney representing north carolina company "mrr pickens" told the judge that they are on a deadline to place a bid. coal ash in the landfill. the site is in liberty, at highway 93 and cartee road. officials suspended the land permit last month after they on the site. the waste is shown to contain toxic chemicals. coal ash in the county. >> i want the community to recognize, this is not just a local issue. this is a state issue. so the best thing that the state can do is basically say to dhec, do your job. gabrielle: lawmakers are reviewing a bill that would require coal ash to be disposed
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the site in pickens county is a class two. nigel: turning to weather tonight, we have team coverage for you. wyff news 4's chief meteorologist john cessarich is on the road tonight, and metorologist chris justutu is in the weather center. gabrielle: john has a tough assignment. he is at the girl scouts office in spartanburg for the launch of cookies. he is shaking his head, because he wants cookies. john: i'll -- i told the producer, gabrielle and nigel, rerely, i have to go see the girl scouts and see those delicious cookies. give me a different assignment. yeah, right. that is why i am here. we will talk cookies later. first, the weather. nice in spartanburg through the upstate, seasonably cool plenty of sunshine. a few high, thin clouds streaming and, but don't expect to see, you could see plenty of
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the temperature has warmed into the mid 50's, where we should be. low 50's in the mountains, pretty close to where it should be. except for the northern mountains. boone, pretty chilly in the low 40's. early next week, the jet stream will take a dive into the deep south. there is a low that will track off, now the key is, where does the logo? the track is critical on what we end up getting. snow or rain? with this system, it does not look like freezing rain like this past monday. it will either be rain or snow. right now, it looks like snow in the mountains, but to warm in the upstate. rain could be heavy at times. we are still 5-6 days opt -- out. chris is in the weather center. it depends, some people want to see snow. if you want to see snow, one model is printing out snow for everybody. one model is printing just rain.
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the american model. here is the freezing line in pink, here is the moisture headed into monday. rain, the freezing line north of wednesday. the freezing line up towards the tennessee-north carolina border. rain for the entire area. however, the european model shows a different scenario. look what happens. rain to begin with, is the freezing line is north of us. into wednesday, the freezing line dips to columbia, leaving us with snowfall for the mountains of the upstate. wednesday afternoon. it depends on which model is correct. the european model pushes colder arian because the track is offshore just a little bit. -- colder air in because the track is offshore. 20% chance of snow i even -- i-85 northbound. gabrielle: here is what is coming up with the south
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there we go, pick three, 6, 6, 1.
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5, 3 nigel: commitment 2016, candidates are continue -- continuing to rally their way through south carolina. gabrielle: donald trump is set to speak in gaffney tonight in 30 minutes. nigel: the big news is a war of words with the pope and donald trump. donald trump released a response to pope francis' statement as he left mexico in response to put -- two trumps proposal to stop
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the pope said, "a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not christian. this is not in the gospel." it did not take the billionaire long to respond, saying, "if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which everyone knows is isis's ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president." he goes on to say, "no leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith." gabrielle: in that statement, he also made reference to pope francis being used as a "political pawn" by other candidates. meanwhile, in the latest south carolina polls released this week, these are the points separating trump from second-place ted cruz. the ppp, plus 17. the cnn-orc, plus 16. monmouth poll, plus 16. the bloomberg poll, plus 19. that's according to real clear
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nigel: also new today, trump has decided to hold his primary watch party at the spartanburg marriott on saturday night. we will have more on the rally coming up at 5:30. marco rubio made his first stop of the day at the swamp rabbit crossfit in greenville. governor nikki haley, senator tim scott, representative trey gowdy, all appearing onstage to endorse rubio. former south carolina football player connor shaw, and utah senator mike lee, also spoke in favor of the florida senator. rubio talked about supporting the second amendment, ending defense cuts, empowering state and local government, and supporting term limits for elected officials. >> if you think members of congress will ever pass term limits, they'll all say they're for it, and no one will ever vote for it. they won't pass it. they won't pass it, and we need it. we have term limits in florida. the sky didn't fall. the world didn't end. we need it in washington, and not just in congress, but on judges, too. why should a federal judge be there for the rest of their lives unless they commit a crime? that's absurd.
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when elected, on his first day, he would cancel president obama's deal with iran. gabrielle: senator ted cruz made a few campaign stops in the upstate today. he spoke at the greenville county republican women's club. the poinsett club hosted the event. he first thanked south carolina for sending a strong conservative like jeff duncan to washington, and noted the key nature of the state's first in the south primary. >> this state, historically, has had a role, a powerful role, ensuring the republican nominee is an actual and proven conservative. i gotta say, as a texan, i can't think of a state i'd rather have this critical. texas and southth carolina have a lot in common.
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veterans, gun owners. we love god, and we're fed up with the disaster and corruption that is washington. gabrielle: ted cruz also said there is no political force that matches up to the power of republican women. nigel: john kasich met with a group of campaign volunteers today in mt. pleasant. the republican presidential candidate met with some 100 volunteers at his campaign headquarters. they had coffee and bagels as they discussed his campaign, and how to move forward. kasich responded to questions about his recent boost in the polls. >> we are rising in the polls. in fact, they did a usa today poll where i was beating hillary more than anybody else in the field. [applause] cbs has a poll that has me basically tied for third in the
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that's coming from, like, 1%. nigel: kasich also responded to attacks from donald trump and ted cruz, stressing he's only interested in fixing the country. on saturday night, as soon as the primary polls close at 7:00, we'll have full coverage of the election results, all the way through news 4 at 11:00. all you need to know about the south carolina gop primary will be right here on wyff 4, and on our mobile app. john: hi, everyone. i am live at the spartanburg office of the girl scouts, and they are selling cookies. this is the councils mountains to midlands council, covering 22 counties all the way down into columbia and the midlands.
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over the years, they have converged two or three of the councils. a great idea. the girl scouts will be selling from february 19 march 13th on weekends, they are bringing back the popular ones. four dollars per box, can't beat that. look at this. for four dollars per box, how nice is this? look how many cookies i get for four dollars. >> this is the four dollar box. john: oh, that's the four dollar one? >> it's an incredible deal. john: for the girls, it is more than just selling cookies. >> absolutely. girls have a lot of fun with their friends, but they also learn business skills that will take them into adulthood. we'll take the rest of their
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decision-making, people skills, and business ethics. so they learn incredible skills. john: it is not just selling cookies. >> two thirds of female ceos of the fortune 500 list learned their basic business skills by selling girl scout cookies. great, isn't it? john: thanks, karen, for having us here. the girls have been great. >> our pleasure. thanks, john. john: that box is fantastic. it is, four dollars per box, you know i am going to probably buy, what is it? there are eight different kinds. i will bring one box back at least. a tough time to go on a diet. let's look outside right now. satellite showing, while most said thin mints -- i almost said
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a northwest flow means we will see some high, thin cirrus clouds move across from time to time. temperatures look like this. seasonably cool across the western carolinas and northeastern georgia. even in through ridgely, looks nice. temperatures in the 50's across the area except for 63 in elberton, 43 in the northern rounds of north carolina. 59 in columbia, 60 in augusta. not bad along the beaches. there are the high, thin cirrus clouds building up as the ridge builds up in the plains. unseasonably warm weather in the great plains. there he strong winds, southerly winds -- very strong southerly winds as high as 50 miles per hour. fire danger in the great plains. a piece of that warmth will move eastward, and arrive for us in time for the weekend. we are talking 60's, maybe a few
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a lot of clouds around. tomorrow, high of it milder, 59. 54 in the mountains. over the weekend, talking about mid 60's for highs on saturday, upper 60's on sunday, unsettled and we will watch the storm system coming out of the golf as
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wednesday. there are those who sayy we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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small in s nigel: small in stature, but big in heart. that's how one parent describes this week's golden apple award winner. gabrielle: a teacher who promotes individuality through group work. geoff hart introduces us. >> ok, tyler has gone up. geoff: when you step into this room, there's a distinct buzz. >> who are we missing? >> she brings so much fun to the classroom. the kids, when they are learning, they don't realize that they are learning. so when you add them together, you get nine. geoff: an atmosphere fitting of their 5th grade teacher.
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energy, >> you have to address all of these things. you have to come with energy, 'cause they're coming with energy, whether you're ready or not. geoff: coleen hinson, in her 8th year at chandler creek elementary in greer, isn't wasting any time. >> i only have them for a little time, so what can i give them to carry with tm for the rest of their life? geoff: like math skills, using rotating math centers. >> 1,2,3, ah, 72. geoff: one of them, multiplication war with cards. >> it's really hard, because you have to be faster than anyone. geoff: and there's get busy baking, dealing with fractctns >> it gives it more of an idea of how you can use it in real life. geoff: small groups encourage students to ask questions they may not want to in front of the entire class. and at the center of the centers is ms. hinson, rotating groups every 8 minutes. >> perfect, perfect. geoff: making sure everyone is comprehending what she's asking. >> the more they're interested, the more they're motivated. geoff: in a classroom as
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snow that suddenly arrived without warning, >> let's go. >> going up the snow, nothing better. as a teacher, i feel like i'm always learning. each year, i incorporate something new. geoff: describing her classroom is the malcolm forbes quote on her board, coleen hinson of chandler creek elementary, driven and focused
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success.marco rubio... and governor nigel: marco rubio and governor nikki haley invited me on the rubio for president bus today. why the gogornor said her endorsement was not an easy choice. gabrielle: plus, happening now, donald trump is expected to speak tonight at a town hall meeting in gaffney. we'll take you there, live. nigel: and the "california kid" is looking for his third daytona 500 win. wyff news 4's brad fralick has more ahead of the big race this weekend. >> you are watching live, local, breaking news. with nigel robertson down -- gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel: i spent p pt of my morning on the interstate, on the marco rubio for president bus. the senator and governor nikki haley invited me on board to talk about her endorsement, and why donald trump wasn't even in the running.
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governor nikki haley told me her endorsement of the senator did not come easy. >> you know, it was hard, because we've got great people running for president. nigel: less than 24 hours after endorsing senator marco rubio for president, the south carolina governor joined him on stops in greenville and anderson. we talked to the senator between the two. >> obviously, the endorsement well-respected in the state, and people have seen her leadership, and it brings a lot of credibility. she everything we are standing nigel: this endorsement is a big get. in fact, after publicly saying trump was not going to get it, 5 of the 6 candidates were hoping for haley's support, including jeb bush, whose family has been working very closely with the governor for years. >> let me tell you that governor bush is a friend, a very dear friend, and someone who has been a mentor, and someone who has done great things to help me on every step of the way. but when you have to find someone who is going to be president, you have to think


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