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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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of the suspects was already out on bond for attempted murder. the warrants say he shot at a man and woman on a porch but the bullet hit a car instead. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in easley. michael: scary moments for folks near downtown greenville this afternoon. gunfire on butler avenue. police say one person was injured by shattered glass, when he was caught in the crossfire. officers say gunshots were fired from two different cars. our nigel robertson was driving on butler avenue when he heard the shots. he ducked down in his car, and drove to safety. no arrests and all of this so far. carol: now to powdersville, were several agencies are investigating a wreck that took one man's life this morning. the anderson county chief deputy coroner charle boseman says 62-year-old stephen burnett of easley died at the scene. boseman says the greenville county sheriff's office was chasing a car driven by 25-year-old dexter reeves, when reeves' car collided with burnett's truck at the corner of highway 81 and highway 153. reeves had four outstanding warrants for his arrest. it all happened around 4:30 this
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according to boseman, reeves' car was turning onto highway 81, when it hit burnett's truck. reeves is receiving treatment at greenville memorial. no word on the extent of his injuries. boseman also said the deputy involved refused to talk to the coroner or highway patrol until the greenville county internal affairs officials arrived. michael: this deadly accident has rocked a lot of people in the powdersville community. many of them, wanting to know more about the chase. wyff news 4's corey davis is live and local, with more on the chase policy of the greenville county sheriff's office. corey? corey: the first line of the greenville county chase policy says, "the sheriff's office recognizes the extreme hazards associated with a vehicle pursuit." it also mentions that the suspect must pose a risk to the community before the chase takes place. in this case, warrants revealed that dexter reeves was involved in a domestic violence situation with the mother of his child a couple hours before the chase started. so it is unclear whether deputies were taking that into
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take another look at where reeves crashed, right here on highway 81 and highway 153. we saw the crumpled pickup truck of the victim, stephen burnett. it was on the tow truck. the front end of the car driven by reeves was destroyed when deputies say he crashed into burnett. >> it's devastating. many lives are obviously wrecked forever. corey: we have requested all video and audio from dash cameras in the patrol cars involved in the chase. tonight, we are just hoping that the footage can provide more the chase. deputies say the footage will not be made available while the case is still going on. corey davis, wyff news 4, live in powdersville. carol: happening now, donald trump is speaking at a town hall meeting in gaffney, at the broad river electric cooperative. let's listen in, live. >> in all fairness, i am rich,
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they started giving me a standing ovation. it matters. i will tell you why. if you saw the last debate, where they are clapping for marco rubio and clapping for bush, because it was all their fundraisers out there. that was their special interest people. i was the only one time i thought i did great. it is interesting. that was a great debate. i was hit from 15 different sides. everybody set i won the debate. everyone i said i won the debate. we won that one. we did great. the drudge poll, he is an incredible guy, the dredge cold, they do a poll and i had 68%. that is against a lot of people. time magazine has a cold. i won that one, too. i thought i did best in the last one because i was being hit by everybody. carol: that was donald trump in gaffney, reviewing his debates and the poll numbers. after this rally, he and his
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town hall meeting hosted by cnn. trump made headlines today by challenging the pope, after pope francis implied criticism of trump's plan to build a wall, instead of bridges. michael: after endorsing marco rubio for president, governor nikki haley joined the senator on the road today. they invited our nigel robertson on the senator's bus, to talk about how the governor came to the decision. haley said it wasn't easy, because she said there are so many qualified people running. but she said after talking with rubio, it was clear he was her choice. the governor says trump was never in the running for her endorsement. but she did talk today about another candidate. >> let me tell you that governor bush is a friend, a very dear friend, and someone who has been a mentor, and who has done great things to help me on every step of the way. but when you have to find someone who is going to be president, you have to think bigger than who your friend is. michael: marco rubio has landed some of the biggest endorsements in south carolina. carol: before that ride-along, senator marco rubio stopped by greenville's swamp rabbit crossfit early this morning. wyff news 4's aly myles was there, as governor haley,
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representative trey gowdy endorsed the florida senator. >> help me welcome the next president of the united states, marco rubio. aly: a strong showing of hundreds supporting florida senator marco rubio, just a day after governor nikki haley announced her endorsement. >> if we do what needs to be done, i think america's greatest days are within our reach. aly: so what needs to be done? in rubio's eyes, supporting the right to bear arms, creating term limits for all elected officials, and empowering local government, just a few of the topics he touched on with this crowd. >> if you are receiving public assistance, unless you're permanently disabled, if you're receiving public assistance, you must be working or going to school so you can acquire the skills or the experience you need to get back to work. aly: another strong standpoint, rebuilding the military and ending defense cuts. >> military spending is not the cause of our debt. it's not what's driving our debt.
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the way we spend on the military? of course we can. aly: according to polls, rubio's been middle of the republican pack in south carolina for the last few months. >> marco's performance in crowds like this will do a really good job at changing the dynamics of the polls. the good news is, polls don't vote. we've got about 48, 72 hours left before this thing's over. we'll use that time to convince south carolina voters, we're where we need to be. aly: the voters here say his speech helped them decide who they'll be voting for come november. >> when you meet him in person, at one of these, it's him, from his heart. you know he means what he says. >> that's what i look for in a candidate, someone whose going to lead our country in the right direction. aly: aly myles, wyff news 4, in greenville. carol: rubio also said, quote, when elected, on his first day, he would "cancel president obama's deal with iran." michael: it's been a while, but chief meteorologist john cessarich is back out on the road tonight. when you hear why, you won't be surprised.
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john, in case no one told you, cookie season is here. john: the cookies are what? carol: they are there. john: they are here and they are there, trust me. you know where they are? they are already here, in my stomach. i have had three or four of them already. incredible. i will tell you more about the cookies and the girl scouts, ok, three or four is conservative. really, how many have i had? 10? that's not bad. the diet starts next week. right now, beautiful temperatures. seasonably cool in spartanburg today, through the entire upstate, and temperatures will remain seasonably cool for the next few days. when we get into the weekend, a warm up. then, next week, we dealt with the ice storm this past monday, and here's what will happen early next week. we have a jet stream that will
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the storm system is in the pacific. plenty of time to watch and see which track it takes. how intense it to -- it is depends on whether or not we get snow or rain. chris justus is in the weather center, looking at the models. mountains. but that could change depending on which model you look at. chris: we have been looking at this all day. one model says rain, another says snow. the american model. line. the green is the moisture. it shows rain arriving on monday , rain continuing through tuesday. snow or ice. as we had through the day on wednesday, that is when the european model gets interesting. it shows rain to begin with monday and tuesday, but temperatures cool, and there is the pink line dipping all the way down into columbia. lingering moisture all around.
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we have a better chance for snow in the bounds, 40% chance from hendersonville, asheville area, 20% chance along the i-85 corridor and northbound. >> over and over, i said republican women are the heart and soul, and brains. carol: coming up, senator ted cruz's message to voters, as he
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county republican women's club. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay
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an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. michael: a live look at the bon secours wellness arena, hosting senator ted cruz, senator marco rubio, and hector ben carson, who will speak tonight. we will have much more on this on wyff news 4 at 11:00. carol: before the convention, senator ted cruz made e few campaign stops in the upstate
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he spoke at the greenville county republican women's club. the poinsett club hosted the event. cruz thanked south carolina for sending representative jeff duncan to washington. he called duncan a strong, knife-fighting conservative. >> there is a consistent theme. of those of us who are standing together, which is that there is a reason why jeff and i both need food tasters in the room. because when you actually stand up and say, how about we do what we told people we would do, that's not very welcome in the halls of washington dc. carol: cruz also said he was grateful a state like south carolina got to play an important role in the republican primimy process. cruz also spoke in easley this afternoon. michael: governor john kasich met with campaign volunteers today in mount pleasant. the candidate met with 100 volunteers at his campaign headquarters. they discussed the campaign and
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>> a lot engage in some long, negative diatribe. i watched a lot of what was happening, you know, the last debate, and i thought it was terrible. and fact, i set it on the stage that it was terrible. that the debates are the dumbest way of the world to pick a president. michael: he met with voters and clemson. carol: on saturday, as soon as the primary polls close at 7:00, we will have coverage through the news at 11:00. all you need to know will be right here on wyff news 4 and on our mobile app. john: i am in spartanburg with the girl scouts, have the girl scout cookies. look at this, carol and michael. that is my favorite, peanut butter. wait, so is that. well, it's a tie.
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we willgirl scout cookies spartanburg john: i am live at the spartanburg office of the girl scouts. it's the launch, kicking off all the cookies. mountains to midlands covers 22 counties. they have taken 3-4 different councils and put them together a couple years ago. a great idea. obviously, it covers the mountains, the upstate come all the way to the midlands and columbia. the girl scouts will be sitting
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booths this weekend, through march. eight different kinds of cookies. can't beat that. they have the gluten-free chocolate chip shortbread, some nine kinds of cookies. let me talk to karen and a second. she will tell me what the number one cookie is the country is. i think it is the thin mints. it has to be. karen kelly, how are you? >> i am well. john: what is the number one cookie? >> thin mint is the number one cookie. number three in the u.s., behind oreos and double stuffed oreos. and these early sold three months out of the year. get them now. john: that is amazing. are you guys having fun? i have a plate of cookies here, carol and michael, and i like milk.
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john: you, right here, you have an eating my cookies, haven't you? oh, yes, you have. there was a big old stacked over here. you can have one, go ahead. you can have one. she doesn't trust me. thanks, kelly, i appreciated. my pleasure. can i take these home? no? i'll share. here, you guys can take some. go ahead. but stay away from my milk. there you go. enjoy. thank you, karen, appreciated. let's see what it looks like. pretty nice weather, where it should be. a nice warm-up in time for the weekend, which is perfect. i hope the rain holds off until sunday night. mostly clear across the area, high, thin cirrus clouds could make their way across the sky overnight.
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42 in boone, 50 in asheville and hendersonville. 54 in spartanburg and union, laurens, and greenville. cool but comfortably cool outside. the cold air remains to our north. not too bad, 57 in augusta, upper 50's and atlanta. nationally, i was talking about the storm system for next week in the eastern pacific. it has a long ways to go across the west before it gets here. we have plenty of time to watch that. rain in the west, and snow in the cascades of washington, oregon, and the sierra nevada nevada's in california. a huge warm up. a huge warm up in the great plains, 70's all the way as far north as kansas city. strong winds gusting as high as 50 miles per hour. a piece of the warmth will arrive in time for the weekend. the for-day plus, a beautiful day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine, seasonably cool across the area. as we get into the weekend, cloudiness around.
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until sunday night. a couple showers in the mountains sunday afternoon. unsettled her next week. all right, i am going to go back to my tall glass of cold milk and my cookies. michael: racing is back tonight. brad: the field is set.
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>> i think there are a bunch of teams like us, where, for the last 2 or 3 weeks, you are on the bubble, off the bubble, near the bubble. all this stuff. and you are just playing your tail off, to try to find a way to get into that tournament. brad: on the bubble. that's where clemson has been for a month now. 3 of the tigers' last 4 are on the road, and all four of them might as well be must-win games. panthers defensive end jared allen called it a career this afternoon and after 12 years in , the nfl, stints with the kansas city chiefs, minnesopta vikings, chicago bears, and carolina panthers, allen said goodbye in his own unique way. >> well, everyone, i just want to say thank you for an amazing 12 year career. this is the part where i was going to ride off into the sunset, but seeing how there is no sunset, i'm just going to ride off. brad: got to love it. allen racked up 136 sacks in his career, tied for 9th all time. many expect allen to end up in the nfl hall of fame in the future.
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for sunday's daytona 500. twin duels, and the balance becomes racing hard for a spot vs. tearing up a car in the draft. one driver that will not be in florida this weekend is tony stewart. ricardo lecompte has more on smoke's replacement for the daytona 500. ricardo: tony stewart will miss the start of the 2016 sprint cup season after frack during a couple vertebrae. brian now pilots the 14. >> he is a good spirit, happy for me to be in the car, which means a lot. his support for me in the car has meant the world to me. i have so much respect for him. an incredible champion. i don't feel a lot of pressure. for me, i have run this race 10 times. it is not new. i have nothing to prove. and i have nothing to lose, which puts me in a great spot. i am pumped and excited to be in the race. if anything, i have less pressure than most of these guys. i don't know what is next. i am not raising for points.
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what happens after this doesn't matter. ricardo: tony stewart said 2016 will be his final year and he will not race sunday. he will go his entire career without winning the great american race. in daytona, wyff news 4, ricardo lecompte. brad: college baseball season starts tomorrow, and tonight, i sit down, one on one, with new tigers head coach monte lee. >> this is a destination job for me. and this is where i want to be the rest of my career. brad: lee says growing up in south carolina, and now coaching at clemson, is like coaching in the big leagues to him. he takes me through the new facility, and talks baseball, tonight at 11:00. michael: thanks, brad. carol: thanks for watching. our next newscast is at 11:00. michael: we are always on
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carol: developing news tonight. the pope versus trump. shock waves as pope francis weighs into the race for president. why he said donald trump is not a christian. donald firing back. it's getting ugly as rubio and cruz have accusations. sudden impact. a terrifying chopper crash caught on tape near pearl harbor. breaking news from hawaii. a hospital hacked. its computers frozen, forced to pay ransom to gain back control. and a warning it could happen to you. and hidden risk. when even exercise won't lower the stubbornly high cholesterol. what doctors say you need to get rid of to bring it down. "nightly news" begins
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from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. it's virtually unheard of, a pope admonishing a u.s. presidential candidate, in this case [ bleep ]donald trump over his immigration plan. pope francis returning home took the reporter's question about trump's pledge to build a border wall. in his answer, implied that trump is not a christian. it was a high-level rebuke to say the least. but true to form, trump is not turning the other cheek. nbc's katy tur has the details. >> mr. trump, the pope you. >> reporter: donald trump proving there is no thing or one too sacred for his political ire. >> he actually said i'm not a good christian or something. >> reporter: the last presbyterian lashing out at the church. talking about the border wall between


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