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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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because, it's true, it's true, because this would not have happened. michael: tonight, the son of reverend billy graham chimed in on all this. franklin graham said on facebook, quote, "i agree that, as christians, we should try to build bridges with everyone that we possibly can, but that doesn't mean that we should compromise our national security." end quote. the republican frontrunner then made his way to the upstate for a rally in gaffney tonight. carol: wyff news 4's patrick hussion was there. talking with some potential voters. >> mr. donald j trump. patrick: tonight at the broad river electric cooperative, donald trump once again rallied thousands of supporters in the upstate, just days before the primary. and these supporters say they will punch their ballot for trump. >> i like that he's not politically correct, and he'll tell someone to kiss his -- in a heartbeat. >> i just like what he has to say. he's brave and he's bold, and i love it.
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chances are on saturday? >> i think they're very good in south carolina. patrick: the billionaire greeted the crowd, and even joined in chanting his own name, >> trump, trump, trump. patrick: before delivering what his supporters came to hear. >> how stupid are our politicians? how stupid? we'll talk about it. but, i mean, the iran deal. and the trade deals. we lose money with everybody. patrick: a familiar topic at trump rallies, the second amendment, and americans arming themselves against terrorists. >> if there were people on the other side, and the bullets were flying in both ways, you wouldn't had 130 people killed. you wouldn't have had 14 people killed in california. patrick: at this rally, trump even got some audience participation. >> but if we had people, and i see, like, that guy. there with the red hat. stand , up. if he had a gun, and he's in paris. patrick: trump will go into saturday's primary as the heavy favorite, according to the
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he has a 17-point lead average over ted cruz, according to real clear politics, and that's a candidate he continues to target. >> you know, he holds up his bible, and then he lies. that guy lies. he is a liar. very interesting, with ted cruz. and i don't say that easily. i know the difference between having fun, and playing the game. patrick: also new today, trump announced that he will be holding a primary watch party in spartanburg at the spartanburg marriott on saturday night. we're less than two days from the voters punching their ballots, in gaffney, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. michael: a busy time. he also appeared at the town hall meeting -- trump also appeared at the town hall meeting hosted by cnn. carol: bush and k-6 weighed in on trump's viewed with the pope. >> i don't question people's christianity. i think that's a relationship that they have with their lord and savior, and themselves. so i just don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he knows what his
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and if he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, it's none of my business. >> we have every right to build a wall, but i tell you what. there are too many walls between us. we need bridges between us if we're going to fix the problems in washington, because all they do is have walls. michael: a reminder, it is a most time to vote. the south carolina republican primary is happening this saturday. at the bon secours wellness arena, ted cruz and ben carson attended a conservative convention. carol: wyff news 4's john lyon says, some in the audience came looking for someone to support. john: they came, >> we the people must stand up for who we are, and what we believe in in this county. >> and we are fed up with the damage and destruction coming from the corrupt politicians in washington. john: and they crowed at the conservative convention, >> america and the world has serious, significant issues, and i'm hoping we get conservative
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john: sponsored by conservative review, just hours before south carolina voters go to the polls. >> i want to hear more about the military and veteran affairs, and things like that. john: erica smith was the first into the auditorium, getting a prime seat just 30 feet from the speakers. >> i know who i like, but i haven't made a final decision. john: many have already chosen a candidate, but a fair number also said they are still trying to decide. >> i haven't missed an election in all my life. john: mary ann riley has seen plenty of elections, voting since 1956. >> this has been a very contentious one, and i am sorry to say, this is too bad, because i feel that our country deserves better than that. john: camryn deangelis is just getting started in the process, inviting her greer high school law education class friends. >> most people were just like, well, why should we go to that?
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educated, i guess. john: both the young and experienced voters were told tonight, it's time for conservatives to expect victory. john lyon, wyff news 4, greenville. michael: today, governor nikki haley joined marco rubio on the road. it came a day after she endorsed the florida senator. today, the governor discussed how she came to her decision. haley told us it was not easy because she said there are so , many qualified people running. however, she said after talking with rubio, it was clear he was her choice, even though she actually calls another candidate a friend. >> let me tell you that governor bush is a friend, a very dear friend, and someone who has been a mentor, and someone who has done great things to help me on every step of the way. but when you have to find someone who is going to be president, you have to think bigger than who your friend is. michael: marco rubio has landed some big endorsements in the palmetto state. alongside governor haley, he has the support of senator tim scott and congressman trey gowdy
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with a group of campaign volunteers today in mount pleasant. the republican presidential candidate discussed his campaign, and how to move forward. >> i'm not going to engage in some long, negative diatribe. i watched a lot of what was happening at the last debate, and i thought it was terrible. in fact, i said it on stage that it was terrible. the debates are the dumbest way in the world to pick a president. carol: you may remember, kasich came in second in the new hampshire primary, behind donald trump. michael: as you take this income a reminder wyff news 4 is your , home for commitment 2016 coverage. on saturday night, as soon as the polls close at 7:00, we'll bring you full coverage of the election, all the numbers come alive reports from across the upstate. we will be at candidate watch parties. we will cover this through news 4 at 11:00, with everything you need to know about the south carolina gop primary, right here on wyff 4 and on our mobile app. carol: ahead of the south
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nbc's lester holt will anchor "nightly news" from south carolina tomorrow. michael: on the democratic side, congressman jim clyburn is expected to endorse presidential candidate hillary clinton. cnn is reporting that the congressman will make the announcement at 11:00 a.m. at allen university in columbia. clyburn is the highest-ranking elected democrat i isouth carolina. carol: also backing hillary clinton for president, michelle kwan. today, the former olympic figure skater stopped by our wyff 4 studios. kwan told us she spent time working under the clinton's leadership once she retired from the sport. she explained why she's supporting clinton. >> i saw firsthand her leadership, her vision. the truth is, nobody is more qualified than hillary clinton. her experiences as secretary of state, first lady, secretary of -- senator of new york understanding both domestic and , foreign policy, working over party lines. and that is who i want in the white house. carol: the two-time olympic
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across south carolina. kwan also said clinton is committed to fighting for women, children, and family. michael: her opponent, bernie sanders, was in nevada today, two days before the democratic caucuses there. earlier today, sanders met with civil rights leaders at the national urban league in washington, d.c. sanders says he understands the struggles the african-american community goes through today in america. carol: to the weather now. another nice day in the books. michael: chief meteorologist john cessarich, we are all about the weekend. john: i am always looking ahead to the weekend. it is thursday night. looking nice. a few clouds moved quickly across the sky from the northwest. for the most part, mainly clear tonight. temperature-wise, getting cooler, but seasonably chilly. 29 in boone, 36 in asheville. 39 in spartanburg and anderson, 44 in laurens. your wake-up weather looks like
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not bad. sunshine with little wind in the upstate, temperature right around freezing. mostly sunny and cold in the mountains. 28 degrees. some -- sunrise at 7:11. carol: to powdersville now. a chase involving greenville county deputies ended in a deadly wreck. it claimed the life of a man who just happened to be on the road at the same time. it all happened around 4:30 this morning. the anderson county chief deputy coroner says 62-year-old stephen burnett of easley died at the scene. here is a picture of the man deputies were chasing, 25-year-old dexter reeves. according to the coroner, reeves' car was turning onto highway 81 when it hit burnett's truck. reeves is receiving treatment at greenville memorial. tonight, no word on the extent of his injuries. michael: to hawaii now. what happened to a chopper. the helicopter was a -- approaching the shore in pearl harbor. detail of the chopper was smoking and suddenly, the whole thing goes down. five people on board.
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everybody got out. tonight, one person is critically hurt. and this is say it is a miracle everyone survived. carol: coming up, three suspects accused in the slaying of a teenager have their day in court. but they are more focused on the camera, than the courtroom. john: pollen count right now for the first time, tree pollen has gone from low to moderate.
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michael: more concerned about the cameras than the courtroom. watch closely year. this is how suspects accused of killing a teen acted in front of a judge today. >> yeah, i got a question. what these cameras for? >> it's the news media. >> the news media? what's up, y'all? you can follow me on twitter, follow me on instagram, snapchat. michael: albert taylor is accused of shooting 17-year-old kejuan brown at tri-city l les in easley last night, jamari fair, dennis gibbs, and a fifteen-year-old are also charged in the case. police say there had been an argument over social media and the group went to the bowling alley to fight. carol: to greenville now. a person is recovering after being caught in the crossfire of a shooting. it happened on butler avenue this afternoon. police say one person was
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officers say gunshots were fired from two different cars. right now, nobody is in custody. michael: to pickens county now. an upstate judge says he needs more time to make a decision about coal ash in the landfill. today, the attorney representing the north carolina company told the judge they're on a deadline to place a bid this month. the project includes bumping -- dumping coal ash in the landfill at highway 93 and cartee road. the waste is shown to contain toxic chemicals. the county's attorney accused mrr of working behind the backs of county officials to submit changes to dehec. mrr denies the claims of deceit. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite and radar showing things nice and quiet. once again, a fast-moving jet aloft as the ridge builds in the plains states. record warmth. we are on the front edge, with a
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across the sky, but for the most part, mostly clear tonight. we started off at 29 this morning at the greenville airport, 57 was the high. just where it should be. far from the record high of 78 in 2011. five years ago. 29 at the asheville airport this morning, warming up this afternoon to 55. far from the record high of 72 set in 1890 seven. we'll be around for another year at least. a live shot from a top of the peace center looking at downtown greeeeille. there is main street. mainly clear, 46 degrees. 29 in boone, 36 in asheville, raising in franklin, 40 -- freezing in franklin, 40 and toccoa. seasonably chilly in the upstate. 39 in anderson, 38 in greenwood, 39 in gaffney, 37 in spartanburg, 33 in pickens.
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chilly temperatures, even cold temperatures. little wind. a little bit out of the east-southeast at 3-5 miles per hour. humidity increasing. it always goes up at night. 75% humidity asheville. the big bridge is building in the atmosphere. a lot of wind in the great plains making temperatures had into the 70's from dallas to kansas city. record high temperatures here. winds out of the gulf of mexico, besides being humid, the wind gusted up to 50 miles per hour. quite a bit of dangerous far as fire possibly -- danger as far as fire possibly around here. our star trek goes up and over the ridge, and we end up with just high clouds. the ridge will build over the weekenen expect unseasonably warm weather over the weekend with cloud cover.
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up, 66 in kansas city, 68 in dallas. 29 in cleveland, 25 in boston. the ridge and a dip in the jetstream, 57 in orlando. that is cold for them. because of the high right over southeastern virginia tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine except maybe a few high, in cirrus clouds. there is the warm front. it will not pass by until the weekend. tomorrow, it will be seasonably cool across the area because the warm air will be west of the mountains and the high will dominate our weather. a south-southeasterly breeze. the cold front will get closer to us over the weekend. it will become stationary and front. the winds shift out of the south over the weekend, which will bring in moisture and cloud cover. the rain will hopefully hold off until sunday night. we could see showers sunday afternoon. clear tonight, around the freezing mark.
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clear with a couple clouds. tomorrow in the upstate, plenty of sunshine. seasonably cool, high 57. we start off at 41 and 9:00 a.m., in the upper 40's by lunchtime. 56 at 3:00 in the afternoon. in the asheville area, mostly sunny, and afternoon breeze developing out of the south that 5-15 miles per hour. high 54 degrees. 35 at 9:00 a.m., 47 at lunchtime. the for-day plus, we going to the weekend, a lot of clouds. mostly cloudy, variable clouds, much warmer. mid-to-upper 60's. war something clouds, we could be pushing 70 on sunday for you people in elberton, abbeville, greenwood, laurens. low 60's in the mountains, showers coming in and the afternoon. then, the front settles on top of us next week. low pressure develops along it. we will be cooler, and unsettled
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the low will come out of the gulf of mexico, and the track of the low will be critical for how much precipitation we get and what type of precipitation we get. right now, it looks like a chilly rain on tuesday night into wednesday for the upstate, maybe wet snow and rain possibly in the mountains. that could change. for now, enjoy the weekend. carol: unsettled weather. michael: this is what was going on. carol speaks for all of us. college baseball season begins. brad: don't look past the weekend. there is good weather for baseball this weekend, no question. the monte lee era begins in clemson. we hear from him in a moment. a wild finish in the second pan
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the big one, and re >> now, wyff news 4 sports. brad: the can am duels tonight in daytona, to set the field for the daytona 500. in the first duel, no surprise here. he has had the fastest restrictor plate car for the last two seasons. dale earnhardt, jr. won the duel, on
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dad's death at daytona. so he will start in the 3rd slotot in the 2nd duel, on the final lap, the big one. jimmie johnson, jamie mcmurray, matt kenseth, all wrecked behind kyle busch. busch wins the duel, but kenseth will start at the back onf the pack sunday, because he will be in a backup car. there is a lot of torn up metal of the tracks tonight. and we are not even to the race yet. panthers defensive end jared allen called it a career this afternoon, and after 12 years in the nfl, stints with the kansas city chiefs, minnesota vikings, chicago bears, and carolina panthers, allen said goodbye in his own unique way. >> well, everyone. i just want to say thank you for a great 12-year career. this is where i was going to ride off into the sunset. but, seeing how there is no sunset, i just going to ride off. ambrad: doing it his own way. allen racked up 136 sacks in his career, tied for 9th all time. many expect allen to end up in
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future. the gamecocks women at home tonight, trying to stay unbeaten in conference play, hosting georgia. gamecocks rocking the pink tonight. a chance to win the sec regular season outright. a'ja wilson down low. she had a big night. that made it 4-0 usc. khadijah sessions knocks down the 32-putts it -- to put south carolina up by three. tiffany mitchell off to the races. mitchell and sessions combined for 32 tonight. 15-11 usc. south carolina claims the outright regular season sec title. they are 13-0 in conference play. usc wins, 61-51. it is the first sign that spring is on the way. the first pitch on the college baseball season will be thrown out tomorrow. south carolina hosts albany, clemson hosts maine. and it's the beginning of a new era in clemson. monte lee will coach his first game as the tigers' skipper. i had a chance to sit down with lee in the tigers' brand new facility, and find out why he says clemson is a dream job. >> this is as good as it gets for me.
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it -- of the yankees are the red sox of the braves. i'm a braves fan. brad: growing up in south carolina, monte lee said clemson and the gamecocks were the big leagues. >> you were either a tiger or a gamecock. you view the big leagues as the tigers of the gamecocks. to be a part of a program like clemson at the point i am at in my career and at my age, it doesn't get any better. it couldn't have been any better for me. brad: lee was born in spartanburg, grew up nearby and spent his life in south carolina. there is talent in this state, and he says this is where he will start building the tiger teams of the future. >> i always made south carolina my home base and tilt from the state first, then work my way out. we will sign in-state kids and recruit nationally, because the clemson brand is nationwide.
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look over here and you have some here. brad: recruiting just got easier at clemson. the tigers moved into a new, $9 million baseball facility which lee says is the nicest he has ever seen. >> i don't think there are any facilities in college baseball that can come close to matching this one, i will be honest. i have seen a lot of baseball facilities. there is not a better baseball facility in the country than what we have a clemson. brad: he says the expectations were in place at clemson long before he arrived. >> the expectation is what is on the back of the hat, go all the way. brad: he says it is his job to get the tigers back to the college world series with a chance at the ultimate prize. thanks to coach lee for sitting down. it will be interesting to see what happens to ring your number one. every mistake he makes, for
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makes, he want to a -- he wants to attack everything. carol: another look at tomorrow's weather, after the break. michael: but first, here's seth meyers.
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john: a beautiful day tomorrow, sunshine and seasonably cool. carol: thanks for watching. that is continues at 4:30 in the morning. michael: we are always on
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>> questlove: 420 saint garcia. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, i feel the love! los angeles! [ cheers and applause ] i feel the love. welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. [ cheers and applause ] you made it. you're here. what a crowd. what a crowd. thank you so much. welcome. thank you for having me here in your city.


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