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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we might even see a little snow-rain mix in the higher elevations of north carolina come tuesday night and early wednesday. but no biggie for the upstate and most of the mountains. allyson: thank you, they'll. a major back and forth between donald trump and pope francis. geoff: on the way back from a visit to mexico, the pontiff was asked about trump's views on immigration. >> a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever bridges is not christian. this is not in the gospel. as far as what you said about whether i would advise to vote or not to vote, i am not going to get involved in that. geoff: that was a reporter sharing the pope's comments. trump responded during a rally in kiawah, just southwest of charleston. he said the pontiff went too far and suggested he would regret not having supported him. donald trump is not a nice
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person. and i'm, i am a very nice person. [applause] >> and i'm a very good christian because the pope said something to the effect of "maybe donald trump is not christian" and ok, he was questioning my face. i was very surprised to see it. geoff: the son of reverend billy graham chimed in on all this. the reverend franklin graham said on facebook, i agree that as christians we should try to build bridges with everyone that we possibly can, but that doesn't mean that wewehould security. allyson: donald trump had a busy schedule yesterday. in addition to kiawah he was in columbia for a cnn town hall. the town hall also included jeb bush and governor john kasich. bush and kasich both chimed in on trump's feud with the pope. >> i don't question people's christianity. i think that's a relationship that they have with their lord & savior and themselves. >> so, i don't think it is appropriate to question donald
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if he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, it is none of my business. >> we have every right to build a wall, but i tell you what, there are too many walls between us. we need bridges between us if we're going to fix the problems in washington because all they do is have walls. geoff: senator ted cruz and dr. ben carson shared the stage at the bon secours wellness arena. the event featured a dozen speakers, all conservatives from different areas of the country. presidential candidates urged the people to get out and vote. >> i am not in the business of picking people's candidates, but i will tell you america's in trouble and i think the more the people hear from the candidates and i put them on regularly on radio and tv and give them an opportunity to present their vision for the country. geoff: there were some voters at the event who haven't decided on a candidate and others said they hoped the convention would help their choice a little easier. those endorsing senator marco
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his side. allyson: that is governor nikki haley. yesterday, she talked to us about how she came to her decision. she said after talking with marco rubio, it was clear he was her choice. even though she actually calls another candidate a friend. >> let me tell you that governor bush is a friend a very dear friend and someone who has been a mentor and who has done great things to help me every step of the way. but when you have to find someone who is going to be president, you have to think bigger than who your friend is. geoff: marco rubio has landed some big endorsements in the palmetto state. alongside governor haley, he has and congressman trey gowdy. jeb bush will be campaigning with his mother here in the upstate. he's holding a meet and greet with former first lady mrs. barbara bush in spartanburg. that's at wade's restaurant at 9:30 a.m. they will then go to greenville. he'll be holding a meet and
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the kroc community center. central is the next stop on the list. the other candidates are holding events in the low country, midlands. allyson: marco rubio will be in clemson today. a rally will be at 7:30 at clemson's madren center. ahead of the south carolina republican primary, nbc's lester holt will anchor nightly news from south carolina tomorrow. as soon as the polls close at 7:00, we will bring you full coverage of the election results. live reports from across the upstate from candidate watch parties. we'll cover this through news 4 at 11:00. with everything you need to know about the south carolina gop primary right here on wyff 4 and on our mobile app. geoff: on the democratic side, congressman jim clyburn is expected to endorse hillary clinton today cnn is reporting the congressman
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:00 this morning at allen clyburn is the highest ranking elected democrat in south carolina. allyson: also backing hillary clinton is michelle kwan. she stopped by our studios and told us she spent time working under the clinton's leadership once she retired from the sport. >> i saw firsthand her leadership, her vision. hillary clinton. of state, first lady, secretary of new york. she understands both domestic and foreign policy. she works over party lines and gets things done. that is who i want in the white house. allyson: the two time olympic across south carolina. geoff: we are just a day away from the democratic caucuses. yesterday, sanders met with national urban league in washington, dc. sanders says he understands the struggles the african american community goes through today in
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allyson: an update now on our breaking news from yesterday morning.. the chase involving greenville county deputies ended up in a deadly wreck in powdersville. the man who was running from authorities is now in jail. 62-year-old stephen burnett died in that wreck. here is 25-year-old dexter, he is in the greenville county jail. he is held without bond overnight. geoff: according to the coroner, reeve'scar was turning onto highway 41. allyson: they were taken to greenville memorial hospital. someone was caught in the crossfire of a shooting. this is sky 4 video. gunshots were fired from two different cars. one person was injured by shattered glass. no one is in custody right now. geoff: an update now on a deadly shooting at a bowling alley. suspects seemed more concerned about the cameras in the
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take a listen. >> i have a question. what are these cameras for? >> it is the news media. >> of the news media? follow me on instagram, or twitter,or facebook, or snapchat. geoff: albert is accused of shooting the 17-year-old on wednesday night. jamari fair, dennis gibbs, and a 15-year-old are all charged in this case. there was an argument over social media adn the crew went to the bowling alley to fight. allyson: dale is joining us again. we're looking at sunshine this weekend. dale: warmer temperatures are always a plus this time of the year. yesterday we got up to 57. currently, 32 degrees in spartanburg. jackets and sweaters will feel good early and by the afternoon,
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similar to yesterday. woodruff road, no problems. across the upstate, the mountains, and northeastern georgia we will stay dry today. there could be an isolated shower on sunday in the mountains as the next system starts to push in to the area. currently, it is quite a difference. greenville at 39 and laurens is 29. those temperatures will rebound into the upper 50's. races tonight out of the northeast will become more southerly for the afternoon. another cool front is coming albert way and this will kick up showers on monday, for sure. monday through wednesday will be wet and cooler with this nexis to. -- with this next system. today though, let's enjoy the next couple days, which are very pleasant.
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afternoon and 53-55 is the high for the mountains of north carolina. as we look ahead, tomorrow and sunday will be in the 60's. 63 saturday and 67 sunday. and then monday, rain returns. we of a chance of showers by sunday afternoon in the mountains, but a better chance come monday. >> it reminds me why i got into teaching. geoff: the week's golden apple award winner bringing joy to her students in and outside the
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allyson: small in stature, but big in hard. that's how one parent describes this week's golden apple award winner. geoff: she's a teacher who promotes individuality through group work. take a l lk. >> ok! geoff: when you step into this room. >> go ahead and move to your next center. geoff: there is a distinct buzz. >> she brings so much fun to the classroom and the kids, when they are learning, they don't realize that they are learning. when you add them altogether you have nine. geoff: an atmosphere fitting of their fifth-grade teacher. >> she is tiny, but she is full of energy. >> we have to come with energy
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geoff: colleen henson in her eighth year at chandler creek elementary at greer is not wasting any time. >> i only have them for a limited time. at can i give them to carry with them? geoff: like math skills using rotating math centers. one of them, multiplication war with cards. >> it is really hard because you have to go faster. geoff: and then there is get busy baking, dealing with fractions. small groups encourage students to ask questions they may not want to in front of the entire class. at the center of the centers is ms. henson, rotating groups every eight minutes, making sure everyone is comprehending what she is asking. >> the more they are interested, the more they are motivated. geoff: a classroom as exciting
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warning. >> going out in the snow, nothing better. as a teacher, i feel like i am always learning. each year i am incorporating something new. geoff: describing her classroom is the malcolm forbes quote on her board. she is driven and focused on her students' indivudual success. when it starts to snow, you don't miss that opportunity. allyson: you were out there with them weren't you? geoff: you can nominate a teacher. allyson: pick up the nomination form at any ingels store. a special theme night for the greenville swamp rabbits.
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: it is 39 degrees in downtown greenville. it will probably drop a few degrees before it starts to climb. we have high pressure to the north of us of the coast, keeping the southeastern corner of the country dry. what we will experience over the next couple days is a nice little warm up as winds start to become more southerly across e area. 30 degrees in greenwood. newberry, 38 degrees. we have a wide range of temperatures. 26 in franklin and 30 degrees in asheville. by the end of the day, we will get into the upper 50's for the upstate and low-to-mid 50's in the mountains. what is average for this time of the year? 30 six in the morning and 57 for the afternoon. really today, we are as close to
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the record was set two years ago, 75 degrees in 2014. they got down to nine degrees in 1958. a can be very cold and warmer than normal this time of the year, but we are where we should be. the average for the mountains is 52 in the afternoon, but we will get up to 55 in spots today. the southeastern part of the country has a nice weekend ahead. other parts of the country are getting a blast of cold air. that will produce some rain for us by monday, once the cooler air starts to push back in. today is kind of cool up and done the eastern seaboard, but it rebounds in the afternoon. we will be nice weather in the upstate and the beach. tomorrow is 62 at times at myrtle beach and 68 degrees on sunday.
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57 for the mountains today and 52-55 for afternoon highs in the . tomorrow will be a little bit warmer. we are pushing 59 in the mountains and 63 in the upstate, and look to upper 60's on sunday. the mountains will see a chance of showers on sunday. the upstate and mountains have a 50% chance of rain on monday. allyson: thank you, dale. two of the swamp rabbits biggest theme nights will be combined tonight. geoff: if you like hockey and you like what is going on in the community, tonight is your night. geoff: wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from the bon secours wellness arena to explain. aly: we are talking about heroes night and celebrate greenville, two of the biggest nights of that got pushed back in
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weather. tonight, they will be recognizing several local businesses and leaders in greenville, as well as recognizing and honoring several local heroes for their bravery and courage in the line of duty. also, the swamp rabbits will wear novelty jerseys during the game that will be auctioned off afterwards with proceeds benefiting upstate warrior solution, the greenville fire association scholarship fund and the marcus whitfield youth camp. the swamp rabbits are playing the south carolina stingrays at 7:00 p.m. allyson: thank you, aly. in pickens county, an upstate judge says he needs more time to make a decision about the coal ash landfill. they told the judge they are on a deadline to place a bid this month. the project includes dumping coal ash at a landfill on highway 93. the waste is shown to contain toxic chemicals. the county attorney in -- accused mrr of deceit.
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in columbia is affecting children and the upstate. the department of social services is struggling with caseloads. an official told the senate panel this week that some workers are responsible for more than 50 children. one in anderson county is responsible for 119 children. they are evaluating how many more workers they need and whether grants will pay for temporary positions. it is now time to take a look at our timeline. on this day in 2006, the group known as the world's greatest rock n' roll band put on one of the world's greatest shows before their biggest audience ever. allyson: 1.3 million people went to the rolling stones concert in rio de janeiro, brazil. a staggering total, but well short of the 3.5 million people who watched rod stewart perform there in 1994. a look at our woodruff road skycam. we have traffic and weather,
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reporter: coming up on today. the war of words between senator sanders and secretary clinton escalates at our msnbc telemundo town hall. we'll tell you what each candidate had to say about immigration and wall street reform. plus, donald trump versus the pope. we'll have trump's latest comments and reaction to pope francis' claims that he's not a christian. and why a 2002 radio interview may be sparing a new controversy.
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to change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment.
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to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:27 as we check out our skycam's. clear and cold conditions. 30's in the upstate. by the end of the day, the upper 50's. lots of sunshine to enjoy and the outlook for the mountains, temperatures in the upper 20's and low 30's climbing to the
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the jacket or sweater will feel good by the early afternoon. time for dale's school salute. we have two pictures this morning. the first goes to concrete primary. mrs.s.rown and mrs. melinda's kindergarten class made snowman shirts to celebrate winter. and this is skyland elementary, where a first grader said it's a miracle when snow came down at recess last friday. that is mrs. lewis' first grade class. they made snow angels and caught cold snowflakes on their tongues. geoff: i love the reaction. they look like they are saying, we can go outside? dale: well, they won't be paying attention inside. geoff: you got that right. all right, 5:27 and in this morning's buzz, baby tiger at the miami zoo got to join his mother after passing [indiscernible]
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make sure the cub would be able to swim out of the moat of his mother's exhibit is the fellow man, so they decided to throw him into the deep end. tatu to not need the help because he was able to paddle. the safety. zoo step hope they can move him in with his mama the next few days. geoff: i know some people like to do that with their children. allyson: mel, -- no, they tease them. my cousins did that because they lived in florida. they tie their arms undershirt and they teach them how to swim should they break their arm. geoff: i haven't seen that. allyson: it is big in florida because there is a pool at every house. something new every day. geoff: thank you. our news continues right now. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv]
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] geoff: an update overnight to breaking news. the man who caused a deadly wreck in anderson county is now in jail, held with no bond. allyson: we are 24 hours from the republicans facing off. the latest developments, including donald trump's back and forth with the pope. geoff: in the weather center with dale, how weaker and this weekend? dale: regardless, i will take it. it is a good point. after last weekend, right about where it should be today and actually warmer than normal by tomorrow. not a whole lot going on in the country.
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i sunday, may be an isolated showers and on monday come at the rain comes back. we have it. a jacket will feel good. laurens at 29, 25 in boone, 20's in franklin and andrews, low 30's to upper 30's over a good bit of the area. reese is out of the north, northeast and they will become more southerly for the afternoon afternoon high temperatures in the upper 50's, 57 for the upstate 50's for the mountains. we will talk about a warm-up this weekend in a few minutes. allyson: thank you. in commitment 2016, franklin graham way men on the back-and-forth between donald trump and pope francis and others. geoff: on the way back from a visit to mexico, the pontiff was asked about trump's views on immigration. >> a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building


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