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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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every private polo, public polls have been showing it. but the pope's spat with him on immigration -- i talked to the other campaigns, they are petrified of it for this region. they think it helps trump, that it stopped his slide. why? it put him back on message, talking about immigration. the history of this campaign has been anytime trumpet talk about immigration, no matter how controversial it has been, it has solidified his support with his base. it may have angered him down in first place. we are in a battle for second. the pressure is on marco rubio. he has every major endorsement in south carolina short of lindsey graham and the late strong cement. it's not good enough for second-place, he's throwing it all on the line. he's hoping to surpass cruz that make this a three-person race. if he doesn't, this becomes trump versus cruz quickly. nigel: let's talk about the evangelical vote.
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upstate. does ted cruz have that? chuck: he has it to a point. it gives him a high for. ruybio has been making -- rubio has been makingg inroads. you have the ben carson factor. he has not gone away. he is not expanding his face anywhere, but he's not going away. -- his base anymore, but he's not going away. the cruz people learned of this hard in iowa, the longer carson stays in, that hurts cruz's abi lity to turn that support into a first-place finish. gabrielle: chuck todd, we thank you very much. and just a reminder for you, wyff news 4 is your home for political coverage. tomorrow night, as soon as the polls close at 7:00 p.m., we'll bring you the election results right here on wyff 4 and on our mobile app. you can also watch nbc's lester holt reporting from columbia
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"nightly news tonight." nigel: paying respects to a longtime justice. today, thousands visited the supreme court, where the body of antonin scalia lies in repose. gabrielle: aixa diaz has more from washington d.c. aixa: nigel, gabrielle, people have been waiting outside to go inside of the great hall of the supreme court. president obama and the first lady were among the thousands who paid respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> may his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of god, rest in peace. aixa: one of scalia's sons, the catholic priest, prayed in a private ceremony before the public was welcomed inside. >> very solemn and beautiful. very well appointed on every level. aixa: law clerks are taking turns standing vigil around the clock until the casket the parts saturday morning. -- casket departs saturday morning. >> he was a giant on the court. he left a legacy on law that is
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aixa: sclaalia served on the court for nearly 30 years, known for his conservative ideology and passionate personality. >> his views and opinions are going to be discussed and read in law schools and by lawyers and by judges for taking. aixa: a funeral mass will be held in washington tomorrow. the vice president will be there. president obama will not be attending. aixa: at the supreme court, aixa diaz, wyff news 4. nigel: was take a live a look at our woodruff road sky cam. the sun is setting on this friday. gabrielle: happy friday to all of you. chief meteorologist john cessarich is in the studio. we are looking to a nice evening. john: it looks fantastic. if you have any type of outdoor plans, no problem. it will stay nice and dry. very few clouds. crystal clear skies outside. but we had a cold front here. this has a lot of clouds with it
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it will just slowly inch its way closer to us. giving us a better chance of a couple of showers along the north carolina-tennessee line. that will be late tonight and into northwestern georgia. it will slowly inch its way through the mountains through the weekend. that we could see showers around the area, especially in the mountains saturday and sunday. the best chance of showers will be across the entire western carolinas and with george on sunday. the last couple of days it looks like the front was going to stall out and become a stationary to the north. only slight chance for a few showers in the mountains, but not the update. now it looks like it will fall further south. it will mess up some of your outdoor plans this weekend. the cold spot, 44 in boone. mid 40's in asheville and hendersonville and franklin. currently 59 in spartanburg and also in laurens. 60 in greenville and anderson. 63 in abbeville. 61 in greenwood and newberry.
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little bit ahead of the cold front. tomorrow morning, a few patches of rain or showers in western north carolina into western georgia. at 7:00 in the morning, temperatures in the 40's. not too bad. no frozen precipitation. it will be above the freezing mark. throughout the day, showers mainly through western north carolina, back into north georgia. slight chance of a shower or sprinkle in the upstate. for the most part, just a lot of clouds on saturday. saturday night into sunday morning, the fund gets closer to us. by sunday afternoon, this computer model printout very heavy rainfall. milder temperatures and maybe even a couple claps of thunder possible. the cold front slowly suppresses the area. than it sells himself, and we get chilly. talk about that a little later on. nigel: coming up, making a comeback. you may be seeing this 1980's classic car hitting the streets again very soon.
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preview of must see tv. yes, including stars from some
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"friends," " fraser" and "taxi"now to a blast from the past. nigel: now to a blast from the past. for the first time in three decades, the delorean is going back to the future and into production. gabrielle: nbc's gabe gutierrez went to the one-of-kind factory
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classic. gabe: it was ahead of its time. >> we do minute, doc... are you telling me that you build a time machine out of a delorean? gabe: when a dumbfounded marty mcfly asks that's timeless question in "back to the future" the delorean was immortalized. >>a a delorean is not only a thing of the past. it is a thing of the present as you see here today. gabe: that future is unfolding in humble, texas at the delorean tor company. wendy expect to be back in production? -- when do you expect to be back in production? >> this time next year. gabe: for the first time in a three decades, they will build about 300 new delorean's approved by the federal government. what is most unique about these cars? >> everything.
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began in the mid-1970's. in 1982, the original manufacturer went bankrupt. but he bought up all the spare parts and brought them to texas. refurbishing old deloreans ever since. >> this is jeff, can i help you? gabe: now demand is hotter than 1.21 gigawatts. even though the new souped-up replicas are expected to cost up to $100,000. >> no, no flux capacitor as an option. gabe: it's the only car that is a happiness machine. ernie cline can wait to buy one of the first new models. he is a writer in austin, who has driven his classic delorean across the country. >> i remove when i first took it for a drive, i pulled up to a stop light. there was a guy crossing on the crosswalk, and he started bowing to the cart, which has never
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gabe: it was a time machine that already had a wild ride. >> that was fun. that was awesome. >> it was a dream come true. gabe: going "back to the future". nigel: coming up, several local businesses and leaders in greenville will be honored at the bon secours wellness arena. and how you can score a one-of-a-kind jersey from the swamp rabbits. gabrielle: the federal government says hoverboards are too dangerous. what they say must change. john: starting off the weekend pretty nice. a live shot looking down clemson boulevard. current temperatures 60 degrees. a nice breeze out of the south at nine miles per hour. unfortunately it the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job.
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...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. going back to the old neighborhood can be hard sometimes. walls have been built invisibly around the old neighborhood and that police brutality is used to keep folks hemmed in, and frankly, opportunity locked out. i spent my entire life in the civil rights movement. i came up in the naacp like my mom came up in the naacp, like my father came up with the congress of racial equality, like bernie sanders came up with the congress of racial equality. black lives matter.
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from top to bottom in a broken criminal justice system. i'm supporting bernie sanders for president and all of us who have joined this campaign are there for the same reason. he's always fought for a populus position of let's fight for all our families as if they are our own.
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to some local news tonight an upstate man in police nigel: local news tonight -- an upstate man in police custody is now at large in anderson. police say zachary brady was out on probation for a criminal domestic violence charge. probation and was set to be arrested. after he was put in handcuffs , brady was able to get away. police say he got away in a silver four-door toyota camry with a north carolina plate. it's unclear if brady was driving or if he was picked up. anyone who sees him is asked to
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gabrielle: a 27-year-old man died in a wreck this morning in greenville county. the coroner says benjamin charles cruey of easley was driving west on saluda dam road near oba road early this morning. that was when he ran off the left side of the road in a curve hit a large boulder and , overturned. the coroner says cruey died from blunt force trauma and was pronounced dead on the scene. two burglaries in four days at different car dealerships in one county. the most recent one happened at anderson autosource on north east avenue. manager jon lee says the titles and keys to all the lot's cars were stolen, as well as a computer, bills of sale and more. he says he also had a nissan pathfinder taken, but it was recovered this morning in georgia. >> if you're buying cars this time of year beause it is tax time, make sure that you buy from a certified dealer. otherwise you could be buying a car that's stolen and you're going to lose your money and tha'ts not a good way to do business at all.
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county, these are pictures of what remains of leroy's auto sales. the owner tells us thieves set fire to her dealership building on sunday and stole a car. she says they returned on monday and stole another car. the owner spray painted a message to the thieves on her building. she says both stolen cars have now been recovered. no arrests have been made in either case. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at 888-crime-sc. nigel: the greenville swamp rabbits have two themes for the game against the south carolina stingrays. tonight is heroes night and celebrate greeneville at bon secours wellness arena. they will recognize local businesses and leaders in the area, as well as local heroes for their bravery encourage in the line of duty. the players will also have a one-of-a-kind jersey auctioned off. the money will be given to charity. >> one-of-a-kind jerseys. we have not had these before and
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this is actually the very first specialty jersey with the small rabbit logo on it. it is the first time that you can ever take one of these home. nigel: the puck drops at 7:00 tonight. gabrielle: a florida produce company expanded to greenville county, where the expects to create more than 80 jobs over the next five years. sun city produce wilson of a just a vision center in piedmont. officials say the facility will help the company served markets in the southeast with fresh roots and festivals. -- fresh fruits and vegetables. nigel: expect lane closures on i-85. starting tonight, one lane of traffic on both north and south and links between mile marker 63 and 67 will be closed. that is between the exit for highway 290 and highway 129 spartanburg county. roadwork will continue through sunday afternoon. drivers should expect delays and are encouraged to take another route if they can. gabrielle: take a look at some and national news. the author of the pulitzer prize-winning novel "to kill a
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harper lee was 89 years old. the look was published in 1960, defining the racial troubles of the deep south. the following year, lee one of the pulitzer prize. last year, "to kill a mockingbird" sequel, "go set a watchman" was published. the affluenza teenager in mexico will now have his gaze moved to adult course. even couch will have it moved on april 11. couch was 16 at the time of the crash that killed 4. he was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to 10 years probation. couch fled to mark -- fled to mexico with his mother. if he violates his probation again, he can face 40 years in prison. 10 for each personnel was killed. nigel: if you are a donor -- an owner of a drone, today is the day to get it registered with the faa.
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you might consider a toy. all drones purchased before december 21 have to be registered by today.
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john: all of the carolinas and georgia is look beautiful evening. clouds to the northwest over my shoulder. this is a cold front draped through southern illinois and southern missouri. this was linkage closer and closer to was. right now it is fairly quiet, producing clouds, but no showers yet. the showers should develop along this front. into late tonight, these showers should come in along ahead of the front on the tennessee-north carolina line. just a couple clouds right now. live shot looking over lake hartwell in anderson county. so nice out there. currently 60 degrees in anderson. 60 in alberton. the warmest temperatures in the southern part of northeastern georgia. 67 in bowman. 63 in bardwell. upper 50's in clarksville and in cornelia.
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her 50's in raven county and in dillard. pretty nice. we are trying to get into spring. you will have to go backwards into next week. i will show you that in the four day plus. unfortunately we will get wedged in with northeasterly wind and get will be a cold rain and not snow, accept part of the northern mountains. more on that in just a second. a cold spot, 43 in boone. of her 60's in overtime. -- upper 60's. a pair of 50's along the grand strand of myrtle beach up into wilmington. hilton head at 52 degrees. mid-60's in atlanta. this is the air that will ship in our direction. not bad. 67 in chattanooga. mid-60's in macon, georgia. lots of rara showers. rain moving into the upper midwest. this big ridge is bringing a lot of warmth to the middle of the country. a did in the jet stream is keeping it chilly in the
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78 in dallas. how nice is that? very breezy conditions. tonight, clear skies and cloudiness late. upper 30's and the mountains. close return. maybe a few clouds tonight. that will continue. often on showers. high 54. slight chance of a slate shower, otherwise just cloudy skies. high temperature in the low 60's. a bit milder on sunday. better chance of showers around the area. 40% change in the afternoon in the upstate, with often o o showers. high 62 degrees. northeast wind picks up speed. a cooling trend into next week. maybe leftover snow showers wednesday night with a northwesterly flow. that is about it. just a cold move next week. have a nice weekend. now back to you. nigel: a dallas-based auction house has a rare copy of a comic book with the first appearance of spiderman.
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the 1962 edition of "amazing fantasy" number 15 so for more than $454,000 to an anonymous collector. no, it was not me. the sale price is a record for public auction of any spiderman comic book. the man who sold the comic said he bought it in new york back in 8 -- back in 1980 for just $1200. gabrielle: speaking of oldies but goodies, you can say goodbye to the banker in the new monopoly game. hasbro has showed off a new version of monopoly called "monopoly ultimate banking game." you try saying that. it eliminates both the game's signature paper money, as well as the banker position. instead, players scan special bank cards on a handheld banking unit. gone high-tech. nigel: just ahead, frazier,
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they served our country. our country should serve them better. bernie sanders cracked the gridlock with john mccain to help clean up the mess at the v.a. and strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders has always stood with our veterans, and that's why he'll never rush to put our men and women in harm's way. judgment. integrity. bernie.
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episode of "cheers," "frasier," "friends," or "will and grace," you've seen the work of director james burrows. the 10-time emmy winner has directed hundreds of episodes of those sitcoms and many others. gabrielle: such good shows. cast members from some of his biggest hits reunited recently for a celebration of his career. mark barger has a preview. mark: at the bar where everybody knows your name, he was simply jimmy. >> when it jimmy left during rehearsal, you knew it was funny. mark: james burrows directed the gang of cheers for 237 episodes. >> his hand signals, you knew exactly what he was talking about. he wasn't a guy to waste words. mark: or energy. the cast of fraser learned that from peru's very quickly. -- from burrows very quickly. >> we were rehearsing from the stone stage. he said "what are you doing?"
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he said, stop it! >> it's like working with a scientist comedian. mark: the very first episode of "friends" got the burrows touch as well. >> he was key to helping us find where i relationships where. >> we would do anything for jim burrows because he gave us the opportunity of a lifetime. mark: his impact was even bigger on "will and grace." he directed all 188 episodes. >> to be beginning of the first season, he told me to do a headstand on the chair when my character said "i'm bored." and i just did a headstand. and i'm liek, why would you even think about? mark: burrows played a mean piano to build. -- to boot. mark barger, nbc news. nigel: thanks for joining us at
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>> live, local, breaking news. >> he is gone, and i can't ever get him back. michael: the fiancee of the men killed in a crash during a chase shares your memory. jeb: i can beat her with clinton because i have a proven record. carol: the final campaign push before the gop primary push. jeb bush comes to town with his mother barbara. first tonight, a busy friday on the campaign trail. hours before the primary, the last push for votes. michael: along with that campaigners, bush and his mother barbara. carol: tim waller begins our commitment 2016 coverage. tim: when day before the south carolina primary, jeb bush brought his campaign back to greenville. this time he brought his famous mother, barbara bush.
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tim: it wasn't his mother this time -- his brother, but his mother. his source of strength for a candidate who has lagged in the polls, hopes to jumpstart his campaign on saturday. jeb: i am the guy they can beat hillary clinton because i have a proven record. tim: his biggest threat was, from our donald trump whose poll numbers have stunned even bush. >> i would never expect a reality tv star to be a candidate for the public and nomination, no. i don't think anybody did. i don't think you'll be president. you can't insult your way to the presidency. tim: bush attacked on the day before the primary. jeb: donald trump -- man, insulting women, hispanics, the disabled, pows like john mccain being a loser because he got caught. john mccain and the hundreds of pows are american heroes. they are deserving of our respect. [applause]


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