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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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carol: ted cruz stands with a different celebrity in greenville as he campaigns with the patriarch of duck dynasty. michael: and starting tomorrow morning, it all moves into the voter's hands. they get the final say. and you'll hear from some of them tonight. carol: we begin with commitment 2016. john: the weekend. -- looks like a 50-50 weekend. i will explain. carol: the polls for the south carolina primary will open in less than 24 hours. michael: republicans who want the nomination worked a long day into the night. it's down now to six men. and a symphony of promises, negative ads, robo calls. with south carolina right in the middle of the national attention. carol: we start in clemson with news 4's john lyon, covering marco rubio and the governor. >> this political horse race is in the final stretch and headed to the finish line. the rubio campaign is reaching for the web. sen. rubio: unmasking for your vote because -- i am asking for your vote because everybody else
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john: playing to a crimson audience --clinton audience, he spoke to the students in the crowd -- clemson audience. sen. rubio: the conservative movement has been lucked out of -- locked out people that says it does not speak to them. it could not be further from the truth. john: he brought along a clemson grad and governor nikki haley. gov. haley: my fellow tigers, it is a great day in south carolina. [applause] but it will be a great day in america when marco rubio is president. john: fellow senator tim scott. >> i want someone who is prepared to revise the american economy for the middle class. marco lived the american dream. he's ready to do that. john: in his third of fourth
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over 300 that he's the right candidate for their future. sen. rubio: this is the one place on earth where no matter where you start off on life, you have a god-given right to go as far as her talent and work will take you. john: it's time to see if all the marco rubio racing results in a win, a place, or a show. john lyon, wyff news 4, clemson. carol: jeb bush and his mother barbara bush made campaign stops in the upstate. bush attended rallies in spartanburg, greenville, and central with his now 90-year-old mother in tow. bush, who finished fourth in new hampshire, is looking for a jump start. he told the crowd in central that his opponents aren't strong enough to be president. jeb: i hope you want someone that is running for president that intends to be president and intends to be a commander-in-chief that will lead our country forward rather than divide us. barbara: they say these other men are smart. they are smart, but they haven't
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he's on the most amazing things as governor. he is a great son, great father, great husband. he's a great friend. he's loyal. carol: jeb bush also said he was disappointed when longtime friend, governor nikki haley, endorsed opponent marco rubio. michael: from the bush dynasty to duck dynasty. reality star phil robertson campaigned in greenville tonight with senator ted cruz. robertson officially endorsed cruz last month in a video that shows them duck hunting. robertson has made waves in the past after he called same-sex marriage "evil and wicked." he says he believes cruz is the best bet for restoring the country to its christian roots. phil: unless we turn back to god almighty in repentance, confess our sins to him, and start following jesus as lord, we are going to lose america if we don't. sen. cruz: this election matters. it matters to me and my kids.
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matters to your kids. michael: cruz in myrtle beach joked about soap operas and being ambassador to the united nation. -- about phil robertson being ambassador to the united nations. carol: john kasich held a rally in mount pleasant tonight. he touted his accompaniments while in washington. gov. kasich: my message is that, you know, i've been a person who's not been in the establishment lane or the anti-establishment lane, but i do make the establishment nervous because i've been a change agent. i've been able to, in washington, balance budgets, cut taxes, and get in a position where we had job growth and better lives for everybody. carol: kasich has said he does not plan on staying in south carolina for primary day. he will be in new england, shifting his focus to super tuesday. michael: donald trump clashed with the pope this week. now he's taking on apple. during a rally in pawley's island, the republican frontrunner urged his supporters to boycott apple products. that is until the company agrees to help the fbi unlock the
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bernardino shooters. mr. trump: apple ought to give the security for that phone, ok. [applause] what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such a time as they give that security number. how do you like that? i just thought of it. boycott apple. michael: trump also spent time today in myrtle beach and in north charleston. carol: and doctor ben carson was also in north charleston. he took part in the veteran's patriot action conference. the organization looks to help veterans engage in the political process. carson also stopped by florence. he held a town hall there. michael: if this poll is on the mark, we're in for a night of who wins second tomorrow. but it's still shows a big swath of undecided's out there, so there's just no telling. clemson released its latest palmetto poll today. a survey of south carolinians who've voted in at least two of the past 3 state primaries. donald trump leads the field with 28%. followed by ted cruz with 19% and marco rubio with 15%.
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undecided. last fall, the palmetto poll showed trump as the leader with ben carson coming in at a strong second. carol: so where will the candidates be tomorrow? donald trump will be at marriot in spartanburg. marco rubio at the carolina haven in columbia. ted cruz at the south carolina state fairgrounds in columbia. jeb bush at the hilton columbia center in columbia. ben carson will be at the embassy suites in greenville. john kasich will be in massachusetts. michael: quick reminder -- wyff news 4 is your home for political coverage. tomorrow night, as soon as the polls close at 7:00, we'll bring you the election results right here on wyff 4 and on our mobile app. carol: and for app users, this is how you can get right to the latest during the primary. there is a special link in our mobile app that brings us to this page. it shows you where the candidates are during the primary, how many votes they have, and much more. michael: it is late. too late if you planned on casting an absentee vote for a republican. you have missed the deadline for tomorrow's primary.
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office says more than 5,000 ballots have been turned in. the deadline was 5:00 this afternoon. for the democratic primary you have until 5:00 p.m. next friday to cast an absentee vote in person. carol: just to remind you, on the republican side, donald trump won the new hampshire primary. governor john kasich came in while ted cruz won the iowa second, caucus. trump was second. on the democratic side, a razor thin finish in iowa. hillary clinton edged bernie sanders. she won by less than half a percentage point. meanwhile sanders defeated hillary clinton in a landslide in new hampshire. michael: on the democratic side, so many eyes are on nevada. less than 24 hours to go until hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off. and it's shaping up to be another close one. very close potentially. the latest a cnn-orc poll shows clinton and sanders in a virtual tie 48% to 47%, in nevada .
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sen. sanders: my immigration policy is to unite families, not to divide families. mrs. clinton: i was the first person to call out donald trump. i said, basta. enough of this prejudice and paranoia. michael: but polls in south carolina give clinton a strong, double-digit lead. the democratic primary is next saturday. carol: today, south carolina representative jim clyburn endorsed hillary clinton. clyburn says clinton is a fighter and has solid plans to handle important issues. rep. clyburn: hillary has devoted her life to early childhood education and affordable health care for all. hillary clinton's proposals for accessible and affordable higher education will relieve the crushing debt of college loans and preserve the value and viability of historically black colleges and universities. carol: clyburn says he's had the opportunity to work with both
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congress, and has enjoyed his experiences with both. michael: in north carolina, the u.s. supreme court threw a bit of a wrench into the state's march 15 primary, helping force the congressional part of it into june. the court refused to stop a lower court's order demanding that lawmakers draw a new map of congressional districts. civil rights groups have complained the current north carolina map illegally concentrates black voters in a handful of districts. on the house side, state lawmakers voted to move the congressional primary to june 7. north carolina will still vote in the presidential primaries, march 15. carol: how is the weather looking for voters tomorrow? michael: good question. there is the man with the answers, chief meteorologist john cessarich. john: i'm not sure i would have voted for this type of weather on election day. only a slight change in the shower. this is a 7:00 in the morning to 2:00 p.m. it warms up to 60 degrees.
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at 70 degrees. only a slight chance of a stray shower. more cloudiness than anything. at least it will be fairly mild. just a slight chance of a brief shower. on sunday, different story as a cold front gets closer to us. this cold front will move in at 7:00 in the morning. showers in parar of the mountains. watch what happens. we could have some heavy showers and thunderstorms at noon time on sunday. by sunday afternoon, showers started to make their way across the area. we will have to wait and see. the front settles to the south. a real mess as against next week. i will talk about that a little bit later on. michael: a somber day on capitol hill. the d.c. community said goodbye to supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama and the first lady paid their respects to today at the high court. as you may recall, scalia passed away last week. he was 79-years-old. scalia's body lay in repose today at the u.s. supreme court building. his funeral is tomorrow. republican presidential candidate ted cruz plans to attend.
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the fiancee of a man killed in a crash that followed a chase shares her memories. michael: also ahead on wyff news 4, remembering the woman who gave the world scout, calpurnia, and atticus finch in "to kill a
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michael: tonight the literary world is mourning a massive loss. carol: nelle harper lee died today. she wrote the pulitzer prize winning novel "to kill a mocking bird." she was 89-years-old. michael: she originally submitted her manuscript for to kill a mockingbird in 1957 and was asked to rewrite it. the novel, which defined the racial troubles of the deep south, was published three years later. it became a reading requirement for generations of students. carol: another novel called "go set a watchman" was published last year as a sequel for "to kill a mockingbird." harper lee was intensely private when it came to the media. but friends describe the author as friendly and social. michael: tonight we're hearing from the fiancee of a man killed in a crash. it happened yesterday in powdersville. 62-year-old stephen burnett was on his way to work when deputies were chasing another man. burnett worked as a truck driver at gbs lumber supply in mauldin for more than two decades that's where he met his fiancee.
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valentines day. i thought he was just being nice -- and i didn't know he was interested in me. michael: burnett was on his way to pick up his truck from penske on whitehorse road when he was hit by a car that was being chased by greenville county deputies. it happened at highway 153 and highway 81. burnett will be laid to rest sunday. dexter reeves, the man who was chased, was denied bond today. carol: expect some lane closures this weekend on interstate 85. sloan construction says starting tonight one lane of traffic in , both north and south-bound lanes between mile marker 63 and 67 will be closed. that's between the exit for highway 290 and highway 129 in spartanburg county. the road work will continue through sunday afternoon. drivers should expect delays and are encouraged to take another route if they can. michael: this may have you dusting off old comic books in the basement. how much would you pay for a comic book featuring spider man? one person just shelled out more
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the book is from 1962 and features the first appearance of spiderman. this is a record price for any public auction of a spiderman comic book. the man who sold the comic says he first bought it for #1200. carol: and it sold for 12 cents at the time. out west, visitors at yosemite national park are having fiery tricks played on their eyes. this is called a firewall. it looks like fire flowing off a cliff. but there are no actual flames here. park rangers say it's an optical illusion caused by the sun glowing through a waterfall. >> now your live super dave she forecast. -- live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: you continue to see clouds streaming in from the north. the winds in the upper atmosphere are starting to shift out of the north and northwest. they will become more westerly, zonal flow, which will take place into sunday.
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54 degrees at the gsp international airport. we want up to 60 degrees. started off at 49 at the asheville regional airport. 4 degrees above average this time of year. for the record high of 72 setback in 2014. pollen count -- in february is when we started to see the tree pollen show up. for the first time, we have gone from low category to the moderate category for trees. gases -- grasses and weeds remain absent. mold is in the low category as well. the air is so dry right now. live shot from on top of the peace center in dodotown greenville. a couple cars moving out. it is beautiful outside. temperatures overall not too bad. a chilly 49 degrees in greenville. mid-30's and franklin. 44 in dakoa. into the upstate, temperatures
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35 in bryson city. also 45 in cullowhee. -- 36 in cullowhee. the southwestern mountains, especially in the valleys, looking a bit cooler across the area to say the least. very little wind to speak of, except in hendersonville. a southwest breeze at 30 miles per hour. fairly light winds, humidity at 15%. greenville has more moisture in the south carolina mountains. 51 in columbia. mid 40's along the beaches of the carolinas and through atlanta. 60 in birmingham. not bad. 60 in little rock. this warmth will gradually come across our aerial. miami looking good at 70. nationally, this big ridge of high pressure bringing record temperatures. that is starting to flatten out. that allows clouds to comment,
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even if this hours, it's not bad. 68 in dallas currently. a few showers in a north georgia, maybe in the southwestern mountains. a chance of some showers around, 30-40% chance in the mountains. a slight change in the upstate on election day in south carolina. here comes showers and thunderstorms sunday morning. look how fast they march across with that front. this front settles down to the south on monday. northeast winds really kick in. then we start to see rain and cooler temperatures on monday. a chilly, raw day on tuesday with the northeasterly wind. mostly clear skies for the next hour or two. low of 40. 37 for the overnight low in the mountains. in the greenville-spartanburg-anderson area, slight chance of a shower. high temperature 61. we started 49, warming up into the mid-50's. asheville-hendersonville area, scattered showers in the afternoon.
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40-40% chance of -- 30-40% chance of rain. four day plus -- better chance of rain on sunday afternoon at the upstate. high to mature a milder 67 degrees. cooler with rain on monday. a raw nasty day with a northeasterly wind. precipitation on monday. no ice or snow, except from the wednesday night. there could be snow showers, but only for the hotel and mountains. otherwise it's just a cool rain. now back to you carol and michael. michael: how much do we love opening date? brad: college baseball season officially underway. the gamecocks off to a great start. clemson off to a tough start under head coach monte lee.
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upper sta the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job.
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...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. >> collele baseball season is officially here. the season opener today ushered in a new era in clemson. monte lee, just the third head baseball coach at clemson since 1958. lee and the tigers going with the orange tops for the opener against the maine black bears. yes, the grass is green and of the sun was shining. bottom of the sixth inning, tigers trailing 3-2. runners on the corners for weston wilson. the chopper to short. wilson beats the throw at first,
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okey. game now tied at 3. top of the still tied at 3. seventh, brett chappel lifts one to right center. looks like the final out in the inning, but chase pinder can't find the ball in the lights. it lands in right center field, allowing a run to score. bottom of the night clemson down , to its final out, the sacks loaded for preseason all-american chris okey. but he strikes out swinging. maine takes game one 4-3, spoiling monte lee's debut at clemson. >> it has been a tight ballgame. some little things that. we made two errors tonight that cost us two runs. but again, you have to give maine credit. they outplayed us tonight. brad: the gamecocks opening the 2016 season this afternoon in columbia, south carolina hosting albany. third inning, 1-0 south carolina. one of the new face in columbia, john jones, the switch hitting catcher, delivers with the bases loaded. jones drives in all 3 runs that gives the gamecocks a 4-1 lead
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they beat albany tonight in the season opener 10-1. chad holbrook says he was pleased with the way the guys played, and he said the most difficult part of the night might have been filling out the lineup card. >> i had to walk to mymyffice and look at my board, i saw 5-60 lineups with 13-14 different players. eventually i had to pick one. i picked up the good one. so i am 1 for 1. brad: the games -- the team plays again tomorrow. lots of college baseball being played in the upstate today, michigan state beat pc. furman lost to fordham. wofford beat kentucky in the season opener. and usc upstate came from behind to beat george mason. the daytona 500 is less than 48 hours away, and the lone sprint cup team that has called spartanburg home for the last few years decided to move to north carolina during the offseason. marc dopher has that story from daytona. marc: during nascar's infancy, spartanburg was considered stock-car racing's capital. that has shifted north to the
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the trend continued in january when h scott motorsports moved to the headquarters from spartanburg to mooresville. the last sprint cup team to call the upstate home has moved to north carolina. >> with clint, there is a lot more resumes that show up on the desk. guys can make the 20 minute drive that did not want to make the hour and 20 minutes drive. i think it opens the door to more resources. i know that our park guy is a lot happier. marc: this is a move of convenience for h scott motorsports. it makes it easier for them to compete at the sprint cup level. every time that race team needed a part, one the guys from the garage had to get in the car and drive them spartanburg up to charlotte. -- from spartanburg up to charlotte. marc dopher, wyff news 4. brad: marc, thanks so much. now to the high school festival playoffs.
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berea without running, out to a quick 8-0 lead. berea running the break again. finishing with the left hand. berea wins tonight 70-57. a 4a girl's second-round game. greenville high hosting riggio. up by six in the second half. the red raiders running the break. ridge view eliminates greenville high tonight 67-63. the upper state championships are just a week away. don't forget, clemson and south: a basketball have big games tomorrow. -- and south carolina have a big
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john: election day tomorrow, just a slight chance of a sprinkle or shower. sunny skies and pleasant temperatures. 30 percent chance of showers in the mountains. a 40% chance on sunday. 60% in the mountains. a cold front settles in and we say unsettled and cool monday, tuesday, and wednesday. john: carol: thanks for watching wyff news 4 at 11:00.
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always on [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston, demi lovato, musical guest, the weeknd, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 421, that's it! o! >> steve: and now, here he is,


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