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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm Saturday  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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carol: right up to the close of this election day, it is a working for the candidates, the final push to carry on. michael: we are looking at west as well. the democratic caucus will be held, where hillary clinton looks to be having a tight race. chris: some of you will be dodging some showers. i will let you know how long they last coming up. michael: the voters finally getting a say. it is one that counts. a look at the process underway in spartanburg. a look at myrtle beach as well. carol: we have a full line of commitment 2016 coverage. today, republican voters started showing up at the polls at 7:00 this morning. i'm carol goldsmith.
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carol: we have team coverage across the state with wyff news 4 crews in greenville county, spartanburg county, and columbia. here's a look at voting earlier at palmetto mill in school. election county officials reported trouble. many polling places say long lines because the machines were not working. the report below number of eltion volunteers this year. michael: sky 4 with a live look over the school. voters were asked to be patient and kind, and aware that voting will take longer because of the problems at the polls. carol: across the upstate, thousands cannot devote. the voting was not out with some scattered problems. wyff news 4 corey davis is live and local at riverside high school in greenville county. there is a good-sized turnout there? corey: this is one of voting precincts where things are going well.
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come through. that's roughly 25% of the registered voters in this precinct, a traditionally republican area. there have been elections where poll workers here have only seen 15 voters all day for a primary. definitely a big change for this go around. taking a look behind me, you may notice there are two voting machines. that is actually normal for a primary. they bring out fewer machines for these kinds of elections. no hiccups so far because of that number of machines. i spoke with a minutes at his weight was only 30 seconds. in taylors, a wrestling term and moved at polling location to a different part of the school. in simpsonville, a couple says a polling volunteer made a mistake, allowing the husband to vote in place of his wife when an address change didn't go as
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>> she won't be allowed to cast her vote in this state because somebody didn't do their job, and on top of that, they didn't think it was a big deal. they were just like, it's ok, you voted for her. well, we're not voting for the same candidate. >> i usually see more people at this time, but like i said, the directions are not clear. i mean, they need more signs out so people can really know where to go. corey: the director of the greenville county board of elections says there have been a few issues today, mainly with voters who did their address and county changes too late to vote. he says their resources are spread thin during primaries. he says anytime there's a saturday primary, they run into issues with precincts being changed to a new location. for now, live in greenville county, corey davis, wyff news 4 .
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corey. michael: a couple of candidates watching front-runners. one is donald trump. carol: wyff news 4's patrick hussion is live and local in spartanburg county with more. patrick? patrick: donald trump will be here at the spartanburg marriott in just a short bit. as is usually the case, every one of these rallies, the lines start early. they line up early around the block. that is what we have. these people have been told that they will be allowed in just about now. the line is beginning to move. trump began the day down in the low country. he was in charleston yesterday. i was told by his team earlier that today is considered a lax day for donald trump. it basically means no official visits before he arrives here tonight. all of the candidates, including trump, waited until the last moment to announce where they
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votes were tallied. trump's south carolina headquarters is in greenville. but it's not big enough, as you can imagine. there are a lot of people here. so they got this massive ballroom at the spartanburg marriott. we will be in there in just a short minute. i've been told it holds about 1500 people. be ready if you're coming down here, by the way. there are going to be a lot of people in the hallways, at the restaurant, at the bar, unit. coming up at 7:00, the polls will be closing. we will take a look back at how donald trump got to this point over the last eight months since he announced his run for the whitee house back on june 16. that is coming up at 7:00. michael, acarol? michael: the dancing has only started. marco rubio finishes up his campaign and colunga tonight. carol: wyff news 4 tim waller is live and local in columbia.
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tim: well, a meta-place called carolina haven. -- i'm at a place called carolina haven. if you haven't heard of it, it's a great big tailgating area for those wanting to tailgate for the carolina gamecocks. tonight of course, this will be ground zero for the marco rubio primary celebration. the last time we saw a rubio was last night, at least in the upstate, when he and governor nikki haley, as well as tim scott, went to clemson university to get out the vote. one day before this great big family here in south carolina. today, after that endorsement from nikki haley, we saw her going to her precinct in the lexington area, casting the vote, of course, for marco rubio. there has been a lot of talk about him and what the primary means to him. you look at what happened in iowa. a third-place finish there. that he did not do as well in new hampshire. a lackluster fish -- lackluster
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this is the south carolina primary, where he is essentially hoping to hit the reset button. he has all the weight behind him -- the endorsement from government nikki haley, trey gowdy, and u.s. senator tim scott. the next couple hours when quite a bit for rubio. will be here as those results come in. we will certainly be here when the man of the hour enters the carolina haven. tim waller, wyff news 4, live in columbia. carol: thank you tim. now to ted cruz. their campaign calls their work "aggressive." michael: tonight to their supporters will gather in the state grounds oakland you. that is where we find nigel robertson tonight. nigel: the doors open at 8:00 tonight. the cruz campaign expects a big crowd. after all, this is the night they have been waiting for. i have to tell you this -- the senator spent most of the day in
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he was up there for the funeral of justice antonin scalia. as soon as the polls closed and the numbers come in, i am told the senator will be back here in columbia and in this room. the cruz camp says this is the day they have been preparing for. they say they had an aggressive push on this gop primary day. they had 15,000 volunteers across the state trying to get people to the polls, as many final votes as possible. the campaign made 56,000 phone calls as well. we are told this massive push is similar to the massive push they had in iowa. if you remember, the senator won iowa. so they hope for similar results here in south carolina. we will be here all lifelong and bringing you all the latest from the cfruz camp tonight. michael: jeb bush will also
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carol: that's where we find wyff news 4 mandy gaither. she joins us now live and local at the hilton columbia center with more. mandy? mandy: we've put our tripod down inside to stake out our spot for the party tonight. check this out, the doors are now locked. that's because staff and volunteers are out pushing for last-minute votes. these doors will reopen around 7:15 or 7:30. this morning, bush was in the upstate along with his mother barbara bush, greeting voters at eastlan baptist in greenville. he also went down to the lowcountry to talk to voters there as well. throughout the week, bush has been talking to voters in the upstate about national security and how his family shaped him, but he's quick to point out that he's his own man. but talk turned to donald trump when aly myles caught up with bush this morning. jeb: trump can't win, plain and simple. this isn't about appealing to people's deep anxieties. he can't be president. a ton of people would be very
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language and with his inexperience in so many ways. the way he speaks, it's just pretty clear he hasn't thought it through. we are living in dangerous times. i think we need somebody who can be president from day one. mandy: bush told me this week earlier that south carolina is a good place for him because he says this is a state that believes in a strong national defense someone who can make , tough decisions and support the military. we'll see if all that resonated with voters tonight. bush's watch party will start here at the hotel at 8:00 p.m. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in columbia. michael: mandy, thank you. we will hear from mike mccormick, with the ben carson campaign, after a short break. still to come, our political analyst chip felkel will be waiting in. politics is his business. marc dopher has been recruited from the social -- from the
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watching social media tonight for us. chris: i'm watching live super doppler 4 hd. we have scattered drizzle across the area. if you are going out to vote one
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travelers w michael: we will hear from the ben carson camp in just a bit. but tonight, i chanced to observe politics from the inside out. carol: chip felkel will be with us to analyze politics all night. let's talk about the republican party. seems like a primary unlike any we have seen. chip: i think south carolina is a microcosm in the republican party. we are not new hampshire. we are a good snapshot of the competing elements naturally. maybe it is a bit of a reset. it is certainly something different. michael: how surprised are you at the strength of donald trump in the polls in this state? chip: not surprised now. if you ask me six month ago, i would have told you no way. i would have been in good company there. michael: what has changed??
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is out there. his ability to not worry about substance, but to connect with people in a way that has gotten them automated. -- them motivated. carol: will be interesting is to see who comes in second, third, fourth. chip: some folks will have to make hard decisions about where they can raise money to continue. the two and 3 slots what we will be watching tonight. carol: great to have you with us. we will talk to you later. chip: thank you. carol: ben carson will be in the upstate to watch the primary result. michael: we will see him later at the embassy suites. right now we see mike mccormick live in the local with more on the carson campaign. mike: then carson is actually here right now, inside the hotel. every secret service presence here. behind me is the set up for his watch party. they are setting up the food, they just set up the podium. we just got access to this room.
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sweep done by secret service. they have to inspect every piece of equipment brought in by any media. we just got access to the room. we are told they will let people in starting around 6:30. also includes extensive security access, metal detectors, pat down's, things like that. this is where dr. carson will hold his watch party. here's here at the hotel with his family. we talked with him earlier today. he made a stop at barnes & noble on woodruff road. he signed some copies of his book, met supporters, took pictures. he said he feels good about the way tonight will go. he says he visited a lot of polling places throughout the state. he was in fort mill early this morning, then came to the upstate, where he will spend the rest of the evening watching the results. we will send it back to you guys. carol: mike, think you very much. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is now projected to be the winner of the caucuses in nevada. this is a live look at she addresses voters in las vegas.
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about two thirds of voters told pollsters they were attending for the third time just for the first time. they were more likely to support bernie sanders over hillary clinton. more from the clinton on nbc nightly news. michael: back east now, where thousands of people pay their last respects to supreme court justice antonin's kelly a. he died a week ago. his son, a catholic priest, held the mass. try and of the immaculate conception. he will meet with his -- vice president joe biden and other dignitaries were there. his body late in repose at the supreme court building. scalia died at a texas ranch. he was considered one of the countries most influential conservatives. chris: wall street to journalists protecting a record shattering turnout. long lines at polling places are just part of the story. we will clue you in on the
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we have some drizzle, some fog, and laboring showers. commercials will stay chilly in the 40's.
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change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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>> now your live super doppler 4 hd with the forecast. chris: we had a drizzly, cool
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here is a live look from spartanburg. the clouds making the ground wet from the drizzle at 55 degrees. southwest went at six miles per hour. -- wind at six miles per hour. a few showers on the north line-tennessee border, also the upstate. they are just scattered. you might want to the umbrella for some of the heavier showers. certainly a cool 58 in greenville. 55 in spartanburg. 65 in alberton. 57 in asheville. 56 in hendersonville. overnight tonight look for temperatures to budge may be a degree or two. we are pretty much where we are going to be. lower 50's, 50's for the mountains. for tomorrow, we warm up to the 60's. a cool rain early, but with warmth in the 60's, we could have a thunderstorm by the afternoon. i do not expect widespread severe weather, but we could have some downpours. in spartanburg, 52 first thing, middle 60's by the end of the day with scattered showers.
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5:00. in asheville, mostly cloudy to cloudy skies with a chance for rain. temperatures in the lower 60's. look for high temperatures to be about 10 degrees above where you should be. for the south in abbeville, greenwood, over toward overton, close to 70 degrees for a high. monday, the rain turns a bit cooler. we see the rain continued to move our way, but by tuesday, high-pressure strengthens to the north, bringing in any inquiries. it's going to be a cold rain tuesday and wednesday, with temperatures only in the 40's. here is a look at the washout index. isolated showers, may be a thunderstorm tomorrow. drizzle on monday and tuesday with cold conditions. by wednesday, more widespread showers. here's a look at the latest computer model. we have the clouds in place, a couple showers overnight. here comes the thunderstorm chances by tomorrow afternoon. they will roll over the mountains. the mountains should break it up for the update.
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drizzle takes over monday night into tuesday. the front stalls out down towards the south. that is where the heaviest rain will be seen monday into tuesday from the midlands to the coast. then we see heavier showers as we approach tuesday night into wednesday. looking at how much we are going inches. the area. with the red in the upstate, some isolated areas could see 2.5 inches. four day plus looks like this -- 67 today, 58 tomorrow. on monday, then a cold rain on tuesday with sunshine e turned by friday, saturday, and sunday. your school pictures -- i was able too visit the fourth graders in greer. i also visited capture elementary in gaffney. this was the -- goucher elementary in gaffney. this was the fourth and second grade classes.
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winter going to be over? michael: we might ask later on. this is a multitalented man right here. this is the part of the newscast sports. carol: but we've put wyff news 4's marc dopher on special assignment for the night social media tracker. marc: if you followed our trips to the orange bowl, the national championship game, or the super bowl, you know i'm a social media junkie. is what i am here for. today, much of the buzz on twitter, facebook, instagram involves the first in the south primary. check out this tweet from the wall street journal. they're predicting a record shattering turnout for today's primary. they're basing that on the number of absentee ballots cast in south carolina. nearly 60,000 of you voted early. more absentee ballots than 2008 and 2012 combined. people around the state of south carolina are using social networking to talk about today's gop primary. this tweet comes from a fire chief from low country. says he voted for the candidate he disliked the least.
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this from van hipp. some folks in mount pleasant went to vote and found out their precinct had been relocated due to high voter turnout. a bit of traction on this tweet -- one voter said he went and bought these new tires to help them get ready for the mudslinging in the gop primary. all this and more coming up on our livewire tonight. it is on our wyff news 4 mobile app. all of that stuff is available to you all the time. it doesn't just cover the candidates or reporters, it also covers what you are saying, what your neighbors, what your family and friends are saying about the election. a lot of great people have chimed in on our livewire. you can check that out right on a bit. either way, a lot of great photos on there of people that show great photos of their families going to vote, and what they think about the candidates. we will update you tonight for the election on social networking. carol: thank you marc.
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all right, is winter over? we just wants to know, you brought it up. chris: we have a chance for snow in the upstate. the mountains might get a bit wednesday into the state. so maybe. may be that groundhog was onto something about a week late. they were all kind of crazy. it's going to be a cold rain tuesday. that looks like it". but mainly rain for the upstate. snow back into the mountains, may be an inch or so. sunshine returns next week. michael: no major winter storms on the horizon. chris: nothing on the horizon right now. carol: thanks for watching wyff news 4 at 6:00. "nbc negative news is next-- "nightly news" is next. carol: following is our primary coverage starting at 7:00 and lasting through our 11:00 newscast. we hope to see you then. michael: good night for now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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on this saturday night, high stakes. a big night in politics. the results on a critical test for the democrats in nevada. a republican showdown in south carolina.
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fighting for survival. final farewell. the large outpouring and powerful tribute at the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia. thousands of students at public universities worried about hirtheir futures. caught in the middle of politics. you want olympic gold. "nightly news" begins right now. >> decision 2016, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. it's great to be with you on saturday voting day in two key presidential contests. let's get to the democratic caucuses where nbc news projected hillary clinton will defeat bernie sanders. clinton able to hold back sanders' charge that followed his win in new hampshire and complicating his path to the nomination tonight. the polls will close


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