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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 20, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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the polls have closed in south carolina. right now, it is too close to call. we can tell you it's a three-way race. appears to be a three-way race among trump, cruz and rubio. the other candidates are well behind. too close to call in the south carolina gop primary. also today, the democratic caucus in nevada. nbc news projects hillary clinton will win. hillary clinton holding back a charge by bernie sanders who came out of new hampshire with a lot of momentum. again, it looks like hillary clinton will carry the day. let's bring on moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd right now. walk us through what we have seen in nevada and this tight race in south carolina. >> i think we got the news out of nevada. this will be known as sigh of relief saturday nor hillfor hillary clinton. this was the best chance sanders had to prove he could win. he came close. but he could not win. now when you look at the calendar, hillary
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belt. she could string together a bunch of of this nomination in a way that people thought she would a few months ago. on the republican side, i think those results show us our future for a while, lester. we could be seeing those three candidates, those three names fighting for every contest from here to june. i think it's possible we're looking at a three-way race for some time, no matter what the order of carolina. >> chuck todd, we will have updaytes throughout the evening. reports as warranted throughout the night and coverage on holt, nbc news, new york. michael: back to nbc for e night. welcome back to everyone to wyff
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coverage. the gateway to the south -- the very first primary and south carolina. we will bring them to you. we have team coverage from columbia. we have you covered. every candidate is in the state tonight with the exception of john kasich. michael: it seems like somebody is waiting to us. we want to tell you about some of the candidates. carol: we start with b biness mogul donald trump. trump is the organizer, chairman, and president of his own corporation. is married with 5 children, a presbyterian, and he is the author of "the art of the deal." wyff news 4's patrick hussion kicks off our team coverage. he is live in spartanburg with the trump campaign. patrick: the results showed that it donald trump is in the first tier a result.
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about 1500 people. if his past rallies are in the -- are any indication, you can tonight. this was the night that his supporters -- and i was just talking to these volunteers -- they have been waiting for this night for a long time. they're competent. -- they were competent. donald trump stopped by wyff news 4 earlier. we had a look at the last eight months since he has run for the presidency. mr. trump: i'm officially running for president of the united states. [applause] and we are going to make our country great again. patrick: in june last year, donald trump begin the transformation from mogul and tv start to republican candidate in a race for the white house.
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the talk of the political world. mr. trump: they are bringing drugs, crime, they are rapists, and some, i assume, are good people. patrick: that was his june 16 announcement speech. mr. trump: we can't worry about being politically correct. we just can't afford anymore to be so politically correct. patrick: only december, after the tragic terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino, trump released his plan to stop future attacks in the u.s. mr. trump: donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> what donald trump said yesterday is qualified -- disqualifies him from serving as president. patrick: he spent the last eight months battling with those who disagree with this vision for america. there is the media-- >> you call women you don't like that fakes, -- fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. patrick: other influential
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>> it can be tending to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> you know how to make america great again? told donald trump to go to hell. mrs. clinton: donald trump-- [laughter] you know he does traffic in prejudice and paranoia. patrick: of course, president candidates from his own party. >> you want to talk about weakness? it is week to disparage women. it is weak to disparage women. sen. cruz: he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. that is a matter of principle. mr. trump: i will tell you, you are probably worse than jeb bush. sen. rubio: donald doesn't outline any policy. patrick: knocking -- now he can include francis to that list. >> person that only things about building walls and not building
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patrick: when is all said and done, donald trump has led in nearly every republican poll since july last year. mr. trump: by the way, the original polls that just came out here -- we are through the roof. we are high. [applause] >> i like that he's not politically correct. >> i dislike what he has to say. he is brave and bold. -- i just like what he has to say. patrick: he came into the race as tv personality, businessman, and author of several books. the billionaire real estate mogul is self-funded, and quick to remind his supporters that he has turned down tens of millions of fundraising dollars. mr. trump: no, i don't want it. i want to do something else. i want to be greedy, but for the united states. we want to bring money into the united states.
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for an exclusive interview in the days leading up to the south carolina primary. mr. trump: is politics, i understand. i've only been a positive vision since june 16. -- politician since june 16. i will consider calling myself that. it's hard to get used to. patrick: in greenville, trump blamed a former president still popular in south elena, george w. bush, for 9/11. the crowd booed. mr. trump: he is the one that got us into iraq. i can't say that i am thrilled. what you see now -- the migration and problems -- it is all caused by going into iraq. that is what started it. it was a chain of events. it is a shame.. i don't know the president. not. it was a tragic mistake. patrick: in recent weeks, of the candidates have targeted trump the campaign trail. mr. trump: i would bomb the --- out of them. [applause] patrick: now he says that will
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mr. trump: i will use a little bit salty of a word. some of the words, i go like like. and then they will bleep me. all 3 of them on network television, they think i used the actual word. patrick: win or lose, i asked trump how he will look back on this time in his life as a presidential candidate. mr. trump: honestly it has been amazing. but if i did not win and could effectuate these changes that will make life better for people and lower taxes for the middle income people who are getting killed, and also for business, which is leaving the country -- we have the highest tax rate in the world. pfizer, big company's are leaving the country. i would consider it, pretty much a waste of time. patrick: he says a waste of time if you does not win. the polls are closed. we are just getting started at the spartanburg marriott. i am looking at a wall of media.
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people waiting for donald trump to her life. will be talking to some voters and supporters coming up. michael, carol? michael: and the polls just closed. we will see you in just a few. we are profiling all the candidates. next up, ted cruz. carol: he is a united states senator from texas. cruz was the longest-serving solicitor general of texas. he is 45-years-old and he has 2 children. cruz is a southern baptist. michael: now let's go to wyff news 4's nigel robertson. he is live with the cruz campaign in columbia. nigel? nigel: michael, it has not been an easy road for senator ted cruz. we won iowa then became the target of the republican candidates. he will say they have targeted him as well. -- they would say he have targeted them as well. the run started with a ted cruz win. the texas senator beating out a crowded field in the iowa caucus. less than 24 hours after that win, cruz was in south carolina talking with me.
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the party, how did you do it? sen. cruz: this was a victory for the grassroots. what we saw from the ground was together. we had a coalition of pastors, republican women, young people, college students, young business owners. people that are passionate to turn our country around. i don't think anyone was going to win iowa or south carolina from a tv studio in manhattan and d.c. i think you win on the grassroots. you win meeting wh people one here. talking with people directly, looking them in the eye and answering their questions. this is a job interview. i think something else that was powerful that we saw yesterday coalition coming together. we saw conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats are coming together. nigel: with all due respect, as senator, did you unite the party?
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if you look at the american people, absolutely yes. i have said many times, the biggest divide we haven't politics -- is not between democrats and republicans. the biggest divide is between career politicians in washington in both parties. nigel: reports surfaced that the cruz campaign in iowa allegedly spread false reports that ben carson had quit the race before the polls closed. both were going after the evangelical vote, who, some say, stole votes from carson. sen. cruz: the information that was passed on by the team was true and accurate. it was relevant to the election. it was in fact what dr. carson did. he did not come to new hampshire, he did not come to his afterlife. he went to florida. -- he did not come to south carolina. and carson is a good and honorable man. he's decent and someone that i like and respect. in the political process, the voters are entitled to know the truth of what has occurred.
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hampshire primary, cruz had his eyes set on the palmetto state, running as the evangelical candidate. he had to energize that base in a big way. here is talking to a crowd of more than 1000 at the td convention center. sen. cruz: south carolina is going to play such a pivotal role in the next three weeks. south carolina's role historically has been choosing presidents. and south carolina this year is going to in short that the next republican nominee and next president of the united states is a true conservative. nigel: then came in february 9, the new hampshire primary. ted cruz not only lost to donald trump, he came in third, behind john kasich. making the fight for a win in south carolina that's much more vital. that fight evident in the gop
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trump: ted cruz a liar and marco rubio classing with cruz over immigration. cruz taking issue with something review had said in a spanish-language interview. sen. rubio: i don't know how he does what i said on univision. he does not speak spanish. [laughter] [applause] sen. cruz: [speaking spanish) nigel: cruz also pounced on trump for what he called liberal's past position. mr. trump: you are probably worse than jeb bush. you are the single biggest liar. sen. cruz: donald has this weird pattern. when you point to his own record, he screams liar, liar. nigel: all week long, ted cruz has canvassed the state, speaking to "-- speaking to big and small crowds. knowing that a small showing in the upstate a given a strong showing statewide. backout live, i'm going to step out of the way.
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you can see the crowd of people beginning to assemble here at victory party. people young and old gathering. the excitement in the room is building. back talking politics. the crew's campaign said what they did in south carolina, the ground game the same that they had in iowa. the polls in south carolina are now closed. we will soon see if what worked in iowa will work here in south carolina. back to you in the studio. carol: to marco rubio now. according to, marco rubio spent most -- outspent million. win or lose, rubio has resonated michael: rubio has earned several key endorsements, including that of governor nikki haley. tonight, tim waller on rubio's remarkable rise in the palmetto state. he is live in columbia. tim?
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certainly hoping this primary will be his breakout moment. free big endorsements in south carolina, including that of governor nikki haley. -- three big endorsements in south carolina. he hopes to become the mainstream candidate. sen. rubio: the experience is not just what you did, but how it worked out. tim: life in portal fast lane has not always been easy for marco rubio. >> you have not been involved in consequence of decision where you have to be held accountable. you simply have not. tim: is a success in south carolina-- sen. rubio: granted by the lessons of her history, but inspired by the promise of our future, ins my candidacy for president of the united states. tim: became apparent with notable endorsements. >> after 12 presidential town halls, i wanted to make sure that if i was going to endorse, i would endorse the one candidate that i believe was head and shoulders above the rest. tim: senator tim scott and congressman trey gowdy made a push for reveal as the
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>> national security and public issues to date. there is nobody better than marco rubio on those issues. tim: the u.s. senator from a florida began his career in the florida legislature. at age 44, the youngest candidate to run for president on the gop ticket. he is married with 4 children and his roman catholic. sen. rubio: i believe that in this primary in this state, we will help transform not just our party, but our country. tim: since containing for president, rubio has been criticized for working with democrats on a failed immigration bill. he was also accused of memorizing his lines during the new hampshire debate, which earned him the title of "robot." sen. rubio: lettuce dispel once and for all that barack obama does not know what he's doing. barack obama does not know what he's doing. this notion that barack obama does not know what he's doing. anybody who believes barack obama is doing what he's doing a purpose does not understand what you with your. tim: foot has gained support on
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sen. rubio: the most powerful intelligence agency in the world is going to tell us where isis is. if you capture any of them alive, they are getting a one-way ticket to guantanamo bay, cuba. we are going to find out everything they know. >> help me welcome the next president of the united states. tim: many see rubio is a comeback kid, who has learned from his mistakes, and has the ability to unite the party. sen. rubio: south carolina will be definitive and determinative. i.e. government. -- i need your vote. tim: he also appealed to many social conservatives, with a strong message on family values. job any of us will ever have is to be a parent and a spouse. we should never have any government policies that undermine marriage, ort that undermine family formation. when i'm president, we will not. [applause] tim: now with some of the states most influential endorsements-- gov. haley: if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great
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tim: there appears to be no stopping rubio, at least for the foreseeable future. let me show you the very large crowd developing here at the carolina haven in downtown columbia. a couple hundred people here to support rubio on his primary night celebration. you look at what rubio has faced in the past -- iowa third placed finish. new hampshire, lackluster fifth-place finish. his supporters very much hoping for a third or second, certainly a third -- first place finish. we will find a very soon. timm waller, wyff news 4, live in columbia. carol: we are seeing a lot of people showing up for these parties tonight. next, we take a look at former florida governor jeb bush. if bush wins the nomination and the presidency, he would become the third bush to serve as president in the last 25 years. but bush contends he's his own man. carol: jeb is not his own name, it's an acronym for john ellis
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he's named for family, and the family legacy he's carried into south carolina is as big as they come. jeb: i am sick and tired of him going after my family. michael: south carolina helped to grow the bush's into a dynasty. former pres. bush: my dad told me -- labels are for cans. michael: in 2000, george w. won the state with 53%. his younger brother needs no reminder. jeb: it's a great state with great tradition in present of politics. and a great connection to the bush family, i might add. michael: their father also one south carolina -- twice. >> south carolina is going to reset this race. michael: senator lindsey graham seed -- seemed to nod to that on
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sen. graham: we are going to give jeb bush the momentum that he needs and deserves to win the nomination. michael: around the state, jeb bush kept the trail hot. but his numbers stayed cool. the polls leading up to the primary would not make him a favorite. >> i want a president who understands that they have to go back to washington dc and bring a conscience back to our republicans. michael: bush admitted when governor haley endorsed marco rubio, he suffered disappointed. jeb bush traveled on and worked to harness and emotion of the candidates to master. jeb: i think people are legitimately angry. i give you statistics that are deeply troubling to me. it's more important in the human context of having to live paycheck to paycheck. michael: having earned his first paychecks in a family dynasty in the 1990's. two term governor of florida. a all caps at tournament with
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>> my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. i'm proud of what he did. s a certain new york real estate man hit that legacy hard in the peace center debate. mr. trump: when the world trade center came down-- michael: bush took on the trump attacks. jeb: my mom is the strongest woman i know. mr. trump: she should be running for president. i lost hundreds of friends. the world trade center came down during-- he kept us safe? that's not safe. michael: he's relied on the jeb style of retail quality -- retail politics. jeb: i guess it is politically correct to suggest that a husband and wife, a man and woma n, better organized around loving their children is just one choice. michael: the man who attended
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the peace center debate has at times found himself in what feels like a schoolyard fight. jeb: when you debate a guy like trump, you have to have the last word. because he is a bully. he does not stop talking. i actually saw on tapes. she just -- it's not what he says. it's just that he says it louder and louder. you just have to keep talking through it. it's not a skill set i ever envisioned being necessary to aspire to the presidency. but i've gotten better at it. [laughter] [barking] michael: he has kept to his older brother's political playbook. compassionate conservatism. jeb: is not strong when you denigrate women. it's not strong when you cast aside hispanics as though they are not worthy. michael: and in spanish on jimmy fallon-- jeb: [speaking spanish] jimmy: whoa whoa whoa, holds the
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michael: the bush dynasty keeping to its own toys -- its own choice for fighting. the ultimate word is yours -- the voter. we are glad to have chip felker out analyst this year. does nikki haley's endorsement signal backroom politics? chip: it was highly soft. she is governor of the state. -- it was highly sought. but if he finishes second, great, it does a lot of good. if he finishes third, then we will see whether the endorsements matter or not. it was a big timing. could not have done better if you had asked for it. carol: a lot of people observed her and questioned her about the jeb bush endorsement. he actually commented it hims elf. disappointed. but there are things bigger than friendship. time.
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ds in the pulling data. i know the bush people thought that she might endorse anybody. that was an interesting decision on her part. michael: lindsey graham's endorsement of bush. what does that do to him? chip: some voters for graham have been bush people anyway. it was just a transference of that vote. call it establishment, i hate that term, but they will be likely bush voters anyway. whether or not we see these endorsements of howdy, -- of gowdy, of scott, of haley, doesn't push him into second place? then it matters. carol: it's going to be an interesting night. we will talk about this in the hours to come. michael: chip, as
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going to say hello to the live watch party in spartanburg. carol: more commitment 2016 coverage after the break. first, let's took a list of the results. michael: trump following along the template of the polls. he's leaving, with marco rubio -- leading, with marco rubio at 18%. carol: as you can see, these are very early numbers. than carson, 5%.
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these numbers will continue to change as we go through these hours. we want to tell you more about the candidates. next is dr. ben carson. wyff news 4's mike mccormick is live in greenville. he is with the carson campaign. mike: the official ben carson watch party is underway at the embassy suites. that is the podium back there where he's expected to address his supporters later on tonight. this is a night that carson and his supporters have been working for for a while now. ben carson came to spartanburg in april, before he announced he would be joining the race for the presidency. even then he had a focus on leading. dr. carson: we have to lead. when we don't lead, it's like having a third grade classroom with no teacher.
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mike: as america's leader, ben carson wouldn't bring political experience to the white house. his experiences in the medical field.carson study that he'll and john hopkins --studied at yale and john hopkins, where he went on to direct pediatric neurosurgery for 29 years. he is married with three children. he is a seventh-day adventist. he's been awarded the presidential medal of freedom, the highest civilian honor. carson and his wife founded the carson scholars fund, which rewards students. carol: we want to interrupt quickly.
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winner of the democratic -- the republican primary for president. carol: followed by marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich, and ben carson. one of the remaining candidates can clean experience as a governor, and present a candidate. michael: john kasich made a strong showing in the venture primary, coming second to donald trump. carol: he has been busy since new hampshire, and confusing himself to the voters of south carolina. gov. kasich: i have decided to run for president of the united. carol: john kasich has actually attracted protesters do at least one appearance. planned parenthood upset over his vow to defund planned parenthood in his estate. >> why do you hate women's health? carol: it did not seem to interrupt kasich. gov. kasich: i always like when young people can show up
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protest, you ain't livin'. we don't-- we're-- we fund women's health very aggressively, including the fight to reduce infant mortality. >> why are you doing that by cutting off women's health? gov. kasich: we are not going to do that. planned parenthood themselves in this pickle. carol: when the most experienced politicians seeking the nation. serving his second term in ohio governor. he served in the house of representatives from 2003 . was a ranking member of the house budget committee. he began his political life as a ohio state center at 26 are sold, the youngest ever elected to office. gov. kasich: i know how to get spending under control, how to change the regulatory environment, how to lower taxes for people. carol: he announced plans in 1999 to run for the presidency.
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caucuses due to poor fund-raising. he worked for fox news and wrote 3 books. he also worked as a banker. gov. kasich: rational regulations-- carol: on tuesday, he met with several hundred supporters in greenville. he said as president, he will cut taxes, balance the budget, and eliminate regulations that hurt small businesses. gov. kasich: when government at all levels is not sensitive to the needs of small business, then we end up doing things that hurt small business and their ability to create a jobs. while we think about the big people, we think about all the big companies, the bulk of the jobs get created by small business. candidates are focused on rebuilding the economy. he acknowledged the importance in america. gov. kasich: this is a praying state, they tell me. that faith in god is a very of south carolina.
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of the foundation of america. it needs to be renewed, not have to apologize for believing that there is a greater who gave us life. carol: the 63-year-old kasich he's married with two children and a christian, a number of the america. michael: junkies against me to point of not attacking --john kasich has made a point of not attacking his fellow candidates. springs. many called him the rational candidate. jeb bush we watching the return of supporters and carolina. michael: mandy gaither joins us live at the hilton columbia with more. mandy: the doors just opened at the jeb bush watch party. there are a lot of supporters, including the main standing next to me, anthony rivera. you drove all the way up from miami. i want to show our viewers at home some video of bush going to
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you were at the polls in greenville as well this morning. telling what you heard from people. >> it was very positive for the governor. people know that he's the candidate of experience, leadership, hope. he has the best record of any governor, really, anybody in this race. very conservative. people are hopeful and ready for governor bush to fix this country. carol: you and i just talked about this moments ago. we all party heard that some organizations are calling for t rump at this point. >> i think the night is very early. i think we will exceed expectations. the governor has a campaign that is built to last. you will see that he is the candidate to take back the white house in 2016. i really strongly believe that south carolina is jeb bush
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after doing a lot of hard work-- we've had the best ground game of any other candidate. we've hit over 100,000 words, made tons of butter contact. is going to pay off tonight. governor bush is campaign is the strongest. mandy: anthony, go have fun in there. we are about to join him and will have more intimate. mandy gaither, wyff news 4 in columbia. michael: yes, donald trump has just been declared the winner of the south carolina republican primary. 34% of the vote. carol: one of two candidates and the upstate, the other being ben carson. patrick hussion is with the trump campaign and joins us now. patrick: carol, as you have just announced, he is declared the winner. i'm not going to life, -- to lie, these are a lot of trump supporters, if you cannot hear them. i have someone of that drove
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to only about your --tell me about your day so far. >> i decided i had to vote for trump, so i drove three hours to be here today. carol: michael: what is going through your head? >> i am excited. i am actually shaking right now. i got to meet him last night in charleston for the event. i declaratively wanted to vote for him, meeting him last night in person. patrick: why is donald trump the best candidates for south carolinians? >> for me, on the college student. i'm coming out of college looking for work. i know that he can turn the economy around. that is what i need right now. patrick: thank you so much. michael, carol, this is just one supporter. much more to talk about. a lot of reaction in this room right now. much more from the spartanburg marriott coming right up. michael: thanks patrick.
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one weekly on saturday, february 27. michael: and in georgia, both primaries on tuesday, march 1. in a north carolina, both primaries march 15. ship fell, our analyst. are glad to have him with us . carol: now that trump has been declared the winner, the focus will be on who came in second and third. chip: the polls have been indicating that. the real cononst is who can finish second and third? does cruz have the ground game? does not seem to be getting new vote. or could those endorsements propel rubio into the second slot? it will be a longer nate to make that determination. michael: we willlle watching. chip, you said much of the trump candidacy acts on a single motion.
7:42 pm
frustration or even anger, take your pick. at "them," whoever they are. they are frustrated about the economy, the party. they receive it as not being responsive to their positions. carol: do you think trump, whether you like him or not, has actually opened up everyone to discuss these issues more than they might've? chip: he would claim that for immigration, although we have been talking about that for 30 years. after mitt romney lost, there was an autopsy done by the republican party. that was the term they used. one of the plans they came up with -- none of the plans they came up with have been enacted, including an appeal to latino voters. whether this translate to a general election, if this is the path to win the nomination, that is what you have to talk about.
7:43 pm
people back to the process. one in 10 so-called lost voters are now coming back. how do we account for that? is it the anger factor? chip: i think it is. 's not about the messenger, it is the message. they know the messenger is somewhat flawed. they do not care. they like that he is giving a middle finger to people in certain things. that is how they feel. michael: they like that blunt style. chip: they like it, and they don't care who it offense. it's all about the lack of political correctness. carol: as we head into the break, here's a look at the latest results. michael: we will keep these flowing to you throughout the night. the polls closed in south carolina at 7:00. just reminder, trump was called by nbc news the winner at just about 7:30 tonight. carol: this call is being made by nbc, also the new york times, several news organizations are calling it. more numbers from tonight's contest.
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that is a decisive margin of victory right now. let us see that holds throughout the night. carol: it will be interesting to see where the votes came from. here is a look at voting from palmetto middle school in williamston. michael: right over our shoulders, election officials reported some troubles. some of the machines simply were not working. the reported a low number of election volunteers. carol: corey davis is live and local in greenville county. how long were those lines? corey: people did not have to wait long at all her at riverside high schoole. the poll workers just starting to clean up. there was a large turnout here. more than 575 voters. that is about 25% of registered voters in this precinct. look at this video. the crowd was steady throughout the day. poll workers says the voter
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primaries in the past, where they have seen as little as 15 voters in one day. >> i showed my id, selected my choice, and that was it. corey: how do you feel now that you have made your boat? >> good. -- your vote? >> it's nice to make your voice heard in any little weight. >> i just got out of town and i have some absentee ballot. i'm going to cap -- to carry that down to 301 university bridge. corey: that voter you just heard from was heading to the county voting offices to get that sorted out. from what we were told, the machines at riverside high all worked well. there was an issue at the wall lights brings -- the walnut springs precinct. that backed up the line for about 20-30 minutes.
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we will track that county out to see how many of them decided to cast a vote in today's primary. corey davis, wyff news 4, live in greenville county. michael: we look what more time at the result. they continue to come in. carol: this went down slightly. michael: 32% for trump. 20% for cruz. gov. kasich: carol: we greenville in spartanburg. but there are other upstate counties that have only reported partial results. night. after this. i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung,
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do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . carol: we turn now to our social media tracker, who has his sleeves rolled up. michael: the man, marc dopher,
7:52 pm
tracker for tonight. marc: people use social media for also the reasons. but it's a great way for princes of candidates to get the word out. donald trump says he has been able to get the word out because he has a bigger presence than his competitors. donald trump was the projected winner of the primary. the palmetto state prides itself on voting for the eventual gop nominee. only once in 36 years has eight candidate won -- has a candidate won the south carolina primary and failed to get the national emanation. it's also important who finishes second, third, and fourth. the winner will get 29 delegates. the other 21 will be divided up among congressional districts. here is how this factors in across the country. if we clear the board, we can go to the national scene. iowa had 30 delegates.
7:53 pm
here is our 50 in south carolina. the ultimate goal is for one of these candidates get to the magic number of 1237. that person will then run for the presidency as a democratic candidate. we are pretty much everywhere on air and online as we tracked the south carolina republican primary. you can check out our mobile app . it has everything you can use. up-to-the-minute results, you are doing in the field, you can see how many votes the candidates have and much more. carol: marc, thank you very much. as we head can to break, donald trump at 34%. ted cruz at 22%. marco rubio at 21%. jenna bush with -- jeb bush with 10%. michael: march dopher winning the search leave vote tonight.
7:54 pm
donald trump with 21.5%. rubio leading in greenville county, according to politico, but that is just with a few votes. carol: i misspoke a moments ago, i said some counties had all of the results. that is not true, for everybody, it is mostly partial results. they come up with these results by looking at bellwether county's. and those counties have donald trump as the winner tonight. michael: we have a prize fight going on for second place between marco rubio and ted cruz.
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
are back -- that
7:57 pm
staying pretty steady, with some jockeying between second and third place. john kasich and ben carson have remained steady as well. chip felkel joins us now. what are you thinking right now? chip: you are looking at the results as they come in. you see some consistency in terms ofhe lower three candidates -- bush, kasich, and carson. although it's something that their supporters will not talk about, as this consolidates, the three-way race will have to make decisions. that is not one for anybody to talk about. -- not fun for anybody to talk about. reality is settling in for the next 24 hours. carol: many candidates saying that south carolina is going to be the make or break state. chip: kasich did not have the organizational structure in
7:58 pm
them time and money here. don't think he has enough time. jeb has spent an inordinate here. if this trend continues tonight, there will be a lot of pressure on him to make a decision.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
michael: we are back. it is 8:00. the polls have been closed for about an hour, and we have team coverage. carol: we have reporters in columbia, spartanburg, and greeneville as well, all waiting to hear from candidates. patrick hussion is with the trumpet camp. -- trump camp. michael: how is the crowd at the spartanburg marriot. patrick: i have been pushed off of the main floor at this point. we will work on that. i have been told that ououide right now there are more than


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