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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm Sunday  NBC  February 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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yes, sir. (vo) don't be a settler. get a $100 reward card when you switch to directv. >> doc: the proud old jersey from the 1967-68 team that norris star jerseys, making a save. piled on him as the blackhawks always liked to do. they would harass the goalie. jeremy roenick, a high point getter. a physical player. even in an alumni game. a smile on his face, no mouth guard. still not worried. here this afternoon is j.r. somewhere. >> hey, doc, it was a great day yesterday. i didn't wear a mouthpiece when i played so i wouldn't we are juan last night. i remembered having the 20 on 20 brawl in warm-ups before we even started. i scored my first goal against
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so that jersey just love that jersey. last night was great. mike what danault still looks like he can play. what a night. chelios. this crowd was off the charts. this place was full for us old guys. a little slower and heavier, but it was a blast nonetheless. >> doc: it was loud in here as it was in the early stages of this game today. minnesota well in control by a score of 5-0 as we have gone past the ten minute mark of the third period. >> eddie: a lot of -- it was a little rough. that's what happens when you get old and slow. i was young and slow, so i could relate. >> doc: one guy played in one of those, said it's unwise to let the big bodies slow down too fast. kind of have to do it gradually.
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and controlled back out again. >> eddie: this is great. i played here for a long time. the north star/blackhawks rivalry one of the more underrated ones. pierre mentioned there were some brouhahas almost every night. >> pierre: chuck norris -- >> eddie: net bloomington or the old chicago stadium. >> doc: it was basil mccray who did not last the warm-up. he was ejected before the game started. so he was interviewed on television and they asked him what happened and he said, boys will be boys. direct quote. jamming one wide is patrick kane. kane working to the outside turn around shot. that is geared away by dubnyk. >> eddie: good idea by kane to fire off the net. >> doc: score!
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that comes from patrick kane. goal number 35 of the year for kane. second in the league. >> eddie: kane starts the whole play by firing a the net. simple play. from our weather tech robo cam. kane fires it. circles the wagon. quick shot, kane on the right part of your screen. he finds the back of the net. >> pierre: not fancy. just hard. there is no room there. >> eddie: i thought he banked that in off of devan dubnyk. no room there. you see that super skill level of the buffalo, new york, native. leading scorer in the entire national hockey league. it started with a simple play by kane to fire that puck to the net. there's a second chance
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>> doc: so the blackhawks have at least dented the scoreboard. darling flexes out the glove and grabs. van riemsdyk and toews get the assist on kane's 35th. he has 84 points. his career high is 88. mathematicians will tell you he's only four away from that. but we are a quarter of the season still to go. and that's why what crawford has fashioned this year with 32 wins is so impressive. because that ties his career high and lots of games down the stretch for him. >> eddie: interesting to see how they both react to the trade deadline coming up. the 29th of february. a week from tomorrow. >> doc: what do you think would be on bowman's wish list in chicago?
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have enough depth on the defense, not knowing the salary cap they have, for me, doc. one or the other, a top tier defenseman with 20 other teams to look for. i would be looking more as a forward to play with the injured marian hossa and jonathan toews and slot in shaw. he's so versatile that way. but for me, you need depth up front. as you know, you have that line of panarin and kane. and anisimov. look, if kane and anisimov, panarin had the hat trick the other night, that line kind of slowed down a bit. it will be interesting to see how quenneville manages the minutes of those guys moving forward. for me i'd be looking at a top six forward if i could. >> eddie: what's the injury situation with marian hossa? you're down four goals, he's
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the right of dubnyk. i don't expect that to be longer than that when quenneville addressed the media. they need a guy like hossa because the world class player he is, both offensively and defensively get him in the lineup. >> doc: after it to make this game credible here. six attackers. shaw trickled one in front. dubnyk is able to come up with that. a skirmish after the whistle. all the defensemen have come in below the dot. i'm not sure if that will be assessed as a face-off outside or not. >> eddie: the referees were letting seabrook not to engaged in the pile, because the face-off won offside. shaw to the jaw of panarin, and he doesn't like that. team toughness this is what you want. somebody is getting a shot in on one of your star players. you need somebody to come to the
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you're having a rough afternoon/early evening. you have to stick together and both sides doing that just that. because carter took exception to panarin giving a little bit of the business to his goaltender. >> pierre: rough pack mentality that's what you have to have. especially if you don't have a designated enforcer. relying on the skill and roughness and speed. >> doc: five attackers for the blackhawks to try to shorten this wild lead. a save made by dubnyk. >> eddie: a real good stop there for dubnyk. i'm not sure if jonathan toews moved out at the last second. look at thais in front of the net. there's brent seabrook. he didn't move at all. an outstanding save by devan dubnyk. not only have to worry about the
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blistering side by dubnyk. >> doc: seabrook on across again. seabrook will have to recoil at center ice. >> eddie: whenever coyle has to recoil for a puck, how would you do that? i'm just curious. >> doc: don't handcuff me here. very good. a steal and an empty net ahead. taken down, it will be a goal. >> eddie: well, we talked about the inability of blackhawks to manage the puck through the middle of the ice. patrick kane not able to get that puck in. haula off to the races and
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you see the official pointing to the net automatically. empty netter. >> pierre: another one of the minnesota tie-ins, born and raised in finland. haula. >> doc: automatic goal and that the net is empty and the foul is ruled from behind. so parise gives it across, darling is back in the cage. zach parise brought it ahead. half a dozen goals for the wild. 21 in the last four games. dumba tried to play it ahead. protecting pretty well and being a pass to danault that time was
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and quite a week for usa hockey. lots of things going on. wear your jersey day was friday. a lot of people did that. including the school. led back across. folin a shot. that stunned van riemsdyk he is trying gallantly to stay on the play. comes back again for a shot. and he is in bad shape. he's going to try to get to the bench. we're a little preoccupied with him and his health and he gets there finally. seabrook controls the puck. so now it is dropped on back. by teravainen and it can be handled defensively. in the last 4:40, rasmussen able to bring it ahead. scrappy play by carter. twisted back along now for the
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desjardins. granlund ran by a couple. folin moves to the front of the net to protect as this comes on across. it comes across to keith that one is deflected away. comes back along now for desjardins. up against the boards by mike reilly. jammed back by desjardins, held by keith. delays and fires and another kneeling save made by dubnyk. that one is directed away. >> eddie: a great shot from andrew desjardins and dubnyk with the good luck pad save. >> doc: keith and then hjalmarsson. a strong game by dubnyk. hjalmarsson had that one blocked right down and carried back up and laid back in by carter and he comes to the bench for a change. >> pierre: a strong game, carter, outstanding game.
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he would be one of my three stars today. >> pierre: agreed. >> doc: angled back for seabrook. he must go back to center. now. thursday when they'll host nashville. then they will go to washington sunday and a week from wednesday at joe louis arena in detroit. our wednesday night rivalry game. eddie and i will buy the ice cream. >> pierre: sounds good. >> doc: played to the outside. another save made by dubnyk. >> eddie: good chance there. kane to seabrook. defenseman. jumping into the high slot. >> doc: the last 2:40 of the tilt here, niederreiter holds it up along the board. >> eddie: we talked on the blackhawks, what do you think for the wild to create --
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i think the biggest -- they get the top six forward i know they have had discussions with tampa bay about the tampa bay player he's not reported to the american hockey league. >> doc: sent by koivu. ricochetted in front. >> pierre: i don't think they're the only team in the league that had discussions. >> eddie: more of a distributor than a finisher. in the nhl who thrive playing with jonathan drouin in the league. >> doc: they'll go to philadelphia on thursday and washington on friday. >> pierre: couple minnesota guys coming back, and they're talking about those names. two real good players obviously for the islanders.
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pass with 1:30 to go. well, what about those gophers, thomas vanek, a goal. two shots. haula, a goal, two assists. mike reilly an assist and he's played 12:54 thus far. out of 58-30 of playing time. but more importantly, the wild who did not have a home victory in calendar year 2016, they have one today. even more importantly they will pull to within one point of the last wild card and here is a chance for coyle. getting out the leg to cut him off was darling and another shot is blocked down. scramble for it there. lifted along by sea brook and carried ahead by desjardins. shaken back in.
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played. the second to the last big cheer of the night barring a further score by the home team. that will salute them at the end. it is hjalmarsson drifting. firing it on across. danault up with it there and then hjalmarsson. looked like he wanted the one timer. that one blocked by coyle. settled down and played along by reilly. and back down and no icing. all over but the shouting. let's hear some. dubnyk hangs on. he may want to keep that goalie mask going for future games but he was pretty strong leading into this. so maybe there's no superstition there. >> eddie: well, if you can get support like the wild have given devan dubnyk in the last couple
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under john torchetti the interim head coach for the minnesota wild, you can get five goals -- five goals plus in four straight games, you mentioned a team record. it will take a lot of pressure off your goaltender. >> pierre: if he's watching in the minnesota wild dressing room a lot of teammates are thinking about you, jason zucker. >> doc: and that's popped up by haula. rasmussen one more play. let's listen to this crowd. the home team has won. final score in the game, 6-1 the wild.
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nbc sports thanks you for
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the national hockey league. live, local, breaking news. >> this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. mike: new at 6:00, a fisherman finds a body at an upstate boat ramp. tonight, we're learning more about the victim, and how she died. >> i'm feeling the bern. mike: energized and confident, with the south carolina democratic primary less than a week away. how supporters are rallying behind bernie sanders in the upstate. good evening. thanks for being here. i'm mike mccormick. new at 6:00 tonight, an investigation is underway in
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fisherman found the body of a woman. officals say the fisherman called for help this morning, after seeing the body on the boat ramp off buckskin road near saluda lake. investigators say 35-year-old farah khan of townville had severe trauma to the head from what appeared to be a gunshot. if you have any information that would help investigators, call crimerstoppers at 1-888-crime sc. taking a look outside now from our skycam's, pretty nice day out there today, right? kids in my neighborhood were out playing basketball. hopefully, you got out to enjoy the warmer weather, too. the question is, how long will it last? wyff news 4 meteorologist chris justus, in the weather center with the answer. chris, what can we expect? chris: the warm weather is headed out, rain is moving in. the heaviest is moving through
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it will continue to chug east at 30 miles per hour. it will be in clinton at 6:24 come across keys and 6:40, union at 7:03, and monarch at 7:07. drizzle and fog this evening, temperatures cooling and the middle 50's. in asheville, we continue to see showers, on the lighter side. around 50 degrees. a cold rain, in a several-day span. mike: thanks, chris. in commitment 2016 coverage now, with a win in south carolina last night, donald trump has even more momentum going into the super tuesday primaries on march 1. the gop field continues to shrink, with jeb bush dropping out. that leaves marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich, and ben carson chasing after the billionaire mogul. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders in the nevada democratic caucuses yesterday, giving her campaign a much-needed boost. the former secretary of state
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had 47%. speaking of bernie sanders, he is wrapping up a rally in greenville. we want to give you a live look at the bon secours wellness lots of people there as bernie sanders speaks. he is focusing on his campaign slogan, "a future to believe after losing the nevada caucus yesterday to hillary clinton by 5 percentage points. our corey davis is in there, covering this. he is there as bernie sanders speaks. the top bowl of the arena is open, but the lower seating area is filled with supporters. hundreds and hundreds of supporters carrying signs and chanting the senator's name. one side would yell "bernie," the other, "sanders." these people are energized, and confident he will be able to rebound with a win here in south carolina on saturday. >> we are gaining momentum,
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tired of the same old same old establishment politics, and establish met economics -- establishment economics. and what the american people are demanding, is a government that represents all of us, not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. = mike: corey davis is in there covering that. we will have more tonight at 11:00. sanders says he believes his recent loss in nevada was because of low voter turnout. he hopes he can inspire south carolina voters to head to the polls this saturday for the south carolina democratic primary. again, corey davis is in there as bernie sanders is speaking at
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he will have a full wrapup of the speech and we will hear from supporters coming up later tonight at 11:00. this week, hillary clinton spoke to radio listeners in the upstate. on friday, she called the kelly mac show on 107.3 jamz. on the radio show, clinton said her plan as president is to continue the positive momentum created by president obama. >> i'm going to build on his progress to increase investment in jobs, education, and health care, and will also continue to do all i can to counter systemic racism, to create opportunities in all communities, particularly communities of color. because i think we have a real opportunity here to go for it, go for the kinds of changes and reforms we need in criminal justice, keep building on the affordable care act, which has meant so much to so many americans particularly african americans, , because of the decrease in the
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improve education. make college affordable. help people pay down their student debt. mike: clinton ended the phone call on 107.3 by asking south carolina voters to support her in saturday's democratic primary. the next republican vote will be the nevada caucus this tuesday. on saturday, south carolina democrats will hold their primary. a week later, it's super tuesday, when the twelve states highlighted in yellow will vote on march 1st. covering the carolinas, the army national guard and deputies look for evidence in a homicide case near pierce and amy road. there is evidence possibly in
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the search was over four miles. officials asked the national guard and the state guard to help out, because they were apparently training at the time anyway. there is no word at -- no word of whether officials found anything during the search. a fight led to gunshots at a crowded mall in columbia. it happened at the columbiana mall last night. officers say two men were fighting, and then a third man got involved. investigators say two of the men pulled out guns, shot into the air, and then took off. no one was hurt in the shooting. officials believe the shooting was gang related. police have not identified anyone involved, but they believe the men were between the ages of 20-25 years old. covering the nation now, and a developing story in kalamazoo county, michigan. authorities there say an uber driver went on a random shooting spree, killing six people. police say they arrested 45-year-old jason dalton after a six-hour manhunt. investigators say he had several weapons in his car. the ordeal started saturday night. detectives say a woman was shot
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complex. she is expected to recover. hours after, two people were killed while sitting in their car at a car dealership. then, just 15 minutes later, five people were shot at a cracker barrel restaurant, four of them died. a 14-year-old girl, who was with them, is fighting for her life. >> the connection between these three incidents, between these three cases, is the defendant, is mr. dalton. there is no connection though we are aware of between the three different sets of victims to each other or to any of the victims -- or from any of the victims to mr. dalton. they appear to have been chosen at random, because they were available. mike: authorities say they expect to charge the suspect, jason dalton, tomorrow. uber's chief security office -- officer says dalton passed a background check to become a driver with the company. two new york cops are recovering, and said to be ok after a massive police chase this weekend.
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were responding to a shots fired call in the area, when all of a sudden, that suspect rammed a cruiser head-on, then fired at the officers. police say they shot back at the suspect, who is in critical condition. still to come, a cyclone makes landfall in the pacific ocean. we'll show you the scene on the island of fiji. wait until you hear the wind speeds it spawned. plus, a river rescue caught on camera. why first responders had a hard time finding a woman in the water. chris: feeling nice out there, 65 in greenville, 71 in elberton. compared to yesterday, we are 5-7 degrees warmer.
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tomorrow, we cool down and it there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon.
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can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,


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