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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  WYFF  February 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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mike: a cyclone in fiji killed six people and destroyed hundreds of homes. authorities in fiji have imposed a curfew, and declared a month-long state of disaster. wind speeds from the cyclone were estimated at 177 miles per hour. officials say this is the strongest tropical cyclone to hit fiji in recorded history. back in the states now, new hampshire emergency crews rescued a woman stranded in a fast-moving river. it was all caught on camera. take a look at this video. when crews got there last night, they saw the woman's head
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ladder for the woman to hold onto as they waited for a rescue boat to get there. it was hard to see the woman because she was dressed in dark clothing. there, they are taking her to an ambulance. investigators are looking into how and why she got into the river. in north carolina now, trooper southeast of raleigh says a car kit four bicyclists. officals say a 1992 ford crown victoria approached the cyclists from the rear saturday afternoon and hit them, throwing them from their bikes. it is unknown if the driver of the car will face charges. a man in gastonia woke up to his dog barking, and his home on fire. in just after 12:30 a.m. when crews got there smoke was , coming from the back of the home, where the kitchen was. investigators believe an electrical malfunction sparked the fire. the manager his dog got out and are doing -- the man and his dog are doing okay tonight.
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brings us dry weather. not this time. it will send in a chilly northeasterly breeze early this week.
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which means a cold >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast.
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network strategically praised -- placed around the area. in anderson, rainfall going on there. the lake, 62 degrees there. towards asheville, dry conditions, clouds and fog in the distance. 57 degrees. laurens, hefty rainfall. mostly cloudy, 63 degrees there. hendersonville, sunshine today, from time to time. a warmer day. 57 degrees and dry. in greenville, clouds, rain from time to time, a mild 65 degrees, well above where we should be. in spartanburg, 60 four degrees, dry conditions for now. most of us will see rainfall before the night is over. the live super doppler shows a batch of rain affecting anderson towards laurens. that is the heaviest of the rain in southern greenville county, headed towards downtown laurens. newberry, about to see rain, as well as union. towards anderson, heavy rainfall
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into downtown on 85 here. same story for stephens county, franklin county, and hart county in northeast georgia. heavy rain in carnesville and livonia as it pushes towards the south and east. in the mountains, spotty, isolated showers. not a lot going on, but this will start to fill in headed into the overnight hours and tomorrow and tuesday and unfortunately, wednesday. it is mild right now. 65 in greenville, 71 in elberton . tonight, cool conditions, but really, today has been warm from top to bottom. we started off the morning at 50. 48 in anderson, a cool start in asheville at 38. we warmed up nicely, a mild day. 67 the high in greenville. in anderson, 68. 10-15 degrees above normal. tonight, temperatures will fall into the upper 40's in the mountains, lower 50's in the
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tomorrow, look for scattered showers from time to time. they won't -- it want be a cold day tomorrow, but cooler than today. temperatures in the lower 60's. 59 in spartanburg at 11:00, chance for rain at any time throughout the day. in anderson, 55 to start, 64 to end the day. cooler air moving in in asheville, starting out at four-day eight, 56 by the end of the day. look for afternoon temperatures to be cooler than today. around 54 the asheville area. upper 50's for the northern part of the upstate, lower 60's for the southern part. that changes as we head into tuesday. high pressure begins to build to the north. here is the latest model. monday afternoon, we will see rain, a front to the south starts to move north again, giving us rain showers there. some of the rain could be heavy overnight monday. good sleeping weather. tuesday morning, rainfall. then another round moves up from the south tuesday night into wednesday.
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rainfall could fall wednesday afternoon. this is the end of it. we start to dry back out by thursday. as far as how much rain we will see, the latest models showing in red, 2.5 inches possible along the i-85 corridor from greenville towards asheville. everybody seeing at least an inch. four-day plus, 62 tomorrow, 46 on tuesday. a cold rain then. a chilly rain on wednesday as well. that rain changes over to snow showers in the north carolina mountains north of i-40, maybe an inch up there. no big deal. we drive back out and it stays cool headed into next weekend. but mike, it will be dry. we will be able to enjoy it with a jacket on. mike: glad it is not snow. chris: we are all clear for now. mike: thanks, chris. mascot convention of sorts brought together furry fanatics from near and far. 138 mascots doing the electric slide.
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a charity called "mascots for a cure" raises money to combat childhood cancers. they brought together the costumed characters in philadelphia, to try and break the guinness world record for the largest gathering of mascots in one location. who knew that existed? they believe they did it. now, the guinness people just need to verify it. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> drivers, start your engines. marc: the most famous words in motorsports fires up one of the world's most famous races. another battle at the beach. it is race day at daytona. the 58th addition of the great -- the 58th edition of the great american race was a sellout and , fans at the daytona 500 certainly got their money's worth. chase elliott leading them to green at the superspeedway. the new driver of the 24 would go from first to last in a
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elliott gets loose and hangs on. slams into the infield grass, all but tearing off the front of his car. that was the start of the trouble. 30 laps to go, lmr junior gets loose. the eight -- dale earnhardt junior's bid comes to an end. fans clearly disappointed at the superspeedway. final lap, four toyotas, led by matt kenseth, denny hamlin gets a push to get a run on kansas. -- on matt kenseth. denny hamlin and martin truex racing back, and it is denny hamlin that will edge out martin truex junior by a narrow margin. look at this. denny hamlin wins the daytona 500 by about six inches. >> i don't know where that came from. i don't know what happened. i can't figure out what i did. but it all came together and i got the push.
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this wasn't toyotas sticking together all race. >> i did all i can do. i had a lead build. i felt i started the daytona on the wall and it could've been 20 feet from the line. i should have run him up a little bit more. but i thought we were close enough that i could keep that foot or so. but i couldn't. marc: opening weekend of the college baseball season. maine beat clemson friday. tigers returned the favor on saturday. that means a rubber match on sunday, winner takes the weekend series. maine grabs the early lead. tigers take it away in the bottom of the first. chris williams drives in eli white to give clemson a 2-1 lead. that is williams' first career hit that clemson. same score into the bottom of the 4th. 2 on for chase pinder. he rips the first home run of the year for the tigers. 5-1 clemson. two batters later, clemson keeps coming. this time, catcher chris oakey caps a 4-run fourth with an rbi single to left.
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they pounded out 22 hits. tigers win 19 to 2, to take the series from maine. no midweek games for clemson this week. they go back to work next friday, against james madison. the usc baseball team, thinking sweep. gamecocks opened the season with back-to-back wins over albany. south carolina, trying to bust out the broom today in columbia. they're down 1-0 in the fifth. john jones, the clutch two-out single to center ties things up at 1 apiece. same score in the sixth. gene cone, pinch hitting, rolls it over. could've been an inning-ending double play. instead, dropped at 2nd. 2-1, usc on top. same frame, now 3-1. bases loaded for jones. he delivers. 9 rbi's in his first three games as a gamecock. what a weekend for jones. south carolina finishes off a sweep of albany with an 8-1 win. usc does have a mid week game this week. they host app state tuesday afternoon. flip it over to fluor field, presbyterian playing furman. tied at three in the top of the fourth.
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the infield hit is enough to push the blue hose in front, 4-3. furman gets it back. crawford with his first home run of his college career and the first home run of the season for the paladins. trading runs in the ninth, they are all square at eight at floor field. we will update you on the score at 11:00. a few more scores to pass along. wofford opens the season with a sweep of george mason. usc upstate opens the season with three straight wins. spartans beat george mason, dayton, and stony brook this weekend. baseball season is underway. frank martin and the south carolina basketball team exorcised some demons on saturday. none of martin's teams had ever beaten florida. usc in the throes of a 7-game losing streak to the gators. michael carrera helped change all that. the senior forward scored 20 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in the gamecocks' overtime win over florida. usc now 22-and-5. they're sitting comfortably inside the ncaa tournament field. the clemson basketball team saw their ncaa tournament hopes take another hit on saturday.
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yesterday. they've got three games remaining in the regular season, and likely need to win all three to work their way back into the conversation for the big dance. the swamp rabbits spending sunday in the low country. third game in three days between greenville and the south carolina stingrays. this one goes to the home team. it is the stingrays scoring a goal with two minutes to go to edge the swamp rabbits, 2-1. bubba watson just wrapped up a victory, his ninth career win. the last time he won that tournament, he won the masters that april. keep an eye on bubba watson. mike: and keeping an eye on the rain? chris: it will be active over the next several days. 60% chance tomorrow, 80% chance on tuesday, 90% chance on wednesday. a cold rain on tuesday especially. we clear back out by the end of the work week. next weekend, talking sunshine and cool temperatures.
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half hour of wyff news four at 11:00, many have asked, is winter over? we will take a look at the models and any disturbances that may move in. positive answer for us. chris: or you will run me out, right? things look interesting for the mountains. mike: that word. but you did use the word extended, tonight will be one hour. we will be with you 11:00 until midnight. we will offer you an extra half hour of news, weather, and sports. looking forward to it, and looking forward to seeing you back here at 11:00. have a great night. see you then.
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nation bamberg: i was one of the leaders in the house to take charge and say the flag has to come down now.
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addressing issues with civil rights, criminal justice reform, income disparities. change needs to happen and it needs to happen now. we need a leader like bernie who is not afraid to go against the status quo. for years he stood up against wrong, even when it wasn't popular.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. good evening. on a night when donald trump is still riding high off a big victory in south carolina and jeb bush is out of the race, the question tonight, does trump have the republican nomination
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and in the democratic race, a similar question. is hillary clinton slowly making her way to the nomination with a win in nevada yesterday? we begin tonight with katy tur in atlanta, where trump held a rally today. >> it's beautiful, thank you. >> reporter: donald trump's grip on the nomination is getting tighter, and he knows it. to a crowd of more than 5,000 in atlanta. >> we won with everything, tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> reporter: trump sweeping all of south carolina's congressional districts, banking all of the states' 50 del grats, despite marco rubio's high profile endorsement and ted cruz focus on evangelicals. 34% to cruz's 26%. trump may have won, but it was a rocky week starting with him calling the last republican president a liar. >> they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: by thursday, smearing the pope as disgraceful. >> no leader, especially a religious leader should have the
6:51 pm
religion or faith. >> reporter: and on friday, in his last rally before the vote, recounting an internet myth praising mass killing by a u.s. general more than a century ago. >> and he took the 50 terrorists, and he took 50 men, and he dipped 50 bullets in pig's blood. >> reporter: exit polls showing that like in new hampshire, the majority of trump's voters decided on him months ago, meaning his myriad of controversies and outrageous statements just didn't matter. and nighter do his inconsistencies. on republican hot button issues like funding planned parenthood. >> planned parenthood does a lot of good -- a really good job in a lot of different areas but not on abortion. so i'm not going to fund it if it's doing the abortion. i am not going to fund it. >> reporter: and what he meant in a 2002 howard stern radio interview where he staid he supported the iraq invasion. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. >> reporter: today unable to clarify where he stood. >> i really don't even know
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ago and who knows what was inside my head. >> reporter: that same exit polling showed nearly half of south carolina voters did not decide until the last minute and they mostly did not decide for donald trump. that means going forward, since the field is winnowing, he's going to have to gain not just maintain support. and if this crowd here in georgia is any indication, the campaign is comfort they'll be able to do that. >> thanks so much. among the democrats, new momentum for hillary clinton today after caucus voters in nevada decided to place their bets on her. clinton's victory over bernie sanders puts her in a stronger position going into the democratic primary in south carolina next saturday. we get more on that tonight from kristen welker. >> reporter: hillary clinton riding a wave of fresh momentum. >> is this a great night or what? >> reporter: after a decisive victory in critical nevada. >> some may have doubted us, aboutbut we never doubted each other. >> reporter: to bernie sanders, the loss is a big blow, today
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at a baptist church in south carolina. >> reporter: and it was black voters who largely delivered clpt's victory, choosing her by a chopping 76% to 22% after she aggressively engaged them. and rallying with congressman jim clyburn and morgan freeman, who released a new ad today. >> just like she's always stood with us. >> reporter: secretary clinton's embrace of president obama's policies as well as her increasingly up close and personal style may have also propelled her, evident during the nsnbc telemundo town hall, speaking to a woman who's husband had been deported. >> i want to tell you i will end the three and ten-year bar provision so that you do not have to face that ever again. >> reporter: but there were also obstacles she must overcome. latinos chose sanders by single digits, and younger voters picked the vermont voter by 72%.
6:54 pm
people, when working class people come out. >> reporter: today clinton celebrating her victory, but also questioning some polls, showing a sanders' lead among latinos. >> there's a lot of evidence we did very, very well with every group of voter. >> reporter: both candidates now looking forward to south carolina, where clinton has a big lead and super tuesday when 12 states will be in play. >> if she wins big in south carolina, as some people think she will do, then she's going to have tremendous momentum going into next weekend and the super tuesday states. so i think it's just a real problem for bernie sanders. >> reporter: clinton is now on a two-day fund-raising swing in california, and while sanders outraised clinton for the first time last month, clinton has more than twice what sanders has on hand. kate. >> kristen welker, out of las vegas. thank you. when we come back, one little girl's emotional plea for
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he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. this is of course president obama's last year in office, a fact that has at least one of his supporters quite upset. watch what happens when this 4-year-old girl's grandmother, caprina harris, explains that mr. obama will no longer be the president. >> no! >> i know. he can only serve two terms, and his term is up. >> no! no!
6:58 pm
we've got to vote for another president. >> i'm not ready. >> huh? >> i'm not ready for a new one. >> the video has had well over 2 million views on facebook. even the president himself responded, saying, the girl should dry her tears because i'm not going anywhere and that once i leave the white house, i'll be a citizen just like her, and when she grows up, she can get involved right alongside me. speaking of the president, a pair of bald eagles who happened to be known as mr. president and the first lady are nesting a pair of eggs at the national arboretum in washington, seen her on a 24-hour eagle cam. they're expected to hatch in the middle of next month. the eagles built their nest in 2014 and raised one eagle last year. these are the first bald eagles to nest in the national arboretum in almost 70 years. and that will do it for "nbc nightly news" on this sunday. lester holt will be here
6:59 pm
york, and i'll see you tomorrow on msnbc from nevada on the eve of the republican caucus. for all of us here at nbc news, have a great night. what is going on? why are they calling for crime scene tape? i felt helpless. i started crying and screaming
7:00 pm
fear. >> a beloved couple found murdered. >> it definitely seemed to be personal. >> their bodies found in their home along with a lifetime of curiosities. >> i remember seeing bayonets and cannonballs and all kinds of stuff. >> was there any connection between the memorabilia and the murder? >> did you ever wonder about that stuff there? >> it was time for police to start collecting suspects. >> who was going to benefit by these two deaths? >> jessica was the only child. >> the sole heir? >> the sole heir. >> was there someone else who stood to gain? >> it was by far the most important piece of evidence in the case. >> the clue that would reveal a mind blowing betrayal. >> i don't know how someone could have predicted this. >> but first, a very different kind of "dateline" mystery. one every family needs to see. >> she was a rare gem to have as a friend.


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