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before the south carolina democratic primary. and he had some star power on stage with him. good evening. thanks for being here. i'm mike mccormick. we begin tonight in pickens county, where an investigation is underway after a fisherman found the body of a woman who'd been shot. officals say the fisherman called for help this morning, after seeing the body on the boat ramp off buckskin road near saluda lake. investigators say 35-year-old farah khan of townville had severe trauma to the head, from what appeared to be a gunshot. if you have any information that would help investigators, call crimerstoppers at 1-888-crime sc. now, we want to turn to the weather. beautiful. you can see the lights. a warm day out there, not too shabby for winter. we hope you enjoyed it, because there are changes on the way. chris justus is in the weather
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chris: a rainy few days, tomorrow, tuesday, and wednesday. we have clouds and showers moving across the area. let's turn on the radar. it is very spotty, not terribly heavy rainfall. we will see spotty showers and drizzle, some moving through haywood county, northern greenville county. that is about it. through the morning hours tomorrow, it will be a little cooler than we had today. 61 in greenville right now, 60 in elberton, 48 in asheville, first thing tomorrow, a transfer scattered showers. 55 in greenville, 48 in asheville. very cold on tuesday, and rainy. i will let you know what the rest of the week looks like in a few minutes. mike: thanks, chris. in commitment 2016 coverage now, a win in south carolina last night gives donald trump even more momentum going into the super tuesday primaries on march 1. jeb bush dropped out after last night's primary. that leaves marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich, and ben
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billionaire mogul. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders in the nevada democratic caucuses yesterday, giving her campaign a much-needed boost. the former secretary of state had 53%, while bernie sanders had 47%. thousands of supporters rallied for sanders today in greenville. the senator is now turning his efforts to the palmetto state, with the democratic primary only six days away. wyff news 4's corey davis tells us why supporters are backing the candidate. >> bernie! bernie! >> i want him to win. >> feel the bern. >> i'm feeling the bern. corey: energized and confident. >> feel the bern. corey: supporters of bernie sanders were fired up at the bon secours wellness arena. >> we traveled from asheville, north carolina, and i'm very excited. corey: the crowd carried signs, and chanted the senator's name. >> bernie! bernie! bernie! >> love him. i was a fan of
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corey: that longtime supporter says there's one key difference between sanders and his opponent, hillary clinton. >> i can't support hillary, because she voted for the war. >> i feel that he's very consistent in his belief system. i feel he's very genuine in his belief system. >> this is about changing. changing. corey: actor danny glover joined in to welcome the senator to the stage. >> to paraphrase abraham lincoln, this is a campaign of the people. by the people, and for the people. corey: sanders focused on the message of his campaign slogan, "a future to believe in." >> as a nation, we are going to invest in jobs and education, not jails or incarceration. [applause] corey: sanders didn't seem to flinch after losing the nevada caucus to clinton by 5
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>> this is a campaign that has the momentum. and we have the momentum, not only in the democratic primary process. if you look at national polls, and you want a candidate who is going to defeat donald trump, you're looking at that candidate. corey: supporters say they like the senator's passion, and his plans for the country. >> i like the way that he approaches what the economic problems are, and he's one of the few that i think will actually make some fundamental structural differences. corey: those who are "feeling the bern" fully believe sanders will be able to overtake clinton on primary day. corey davis, wyff news 4, in greenville. mike: the next republican vote will be the nevada caucus this tuesday. on saturday, south carolina democrats will hold their primary. a week later, it's super tuesday, when the twelve states highlighted in yellow will vote, bash highlighted in orange there will vote, on march 1st.
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edition of "matter of fact" on wyff 4. host fernando espuelas talks with experts about the influence of money on elections. that airs on wyff 4, right after wyff news 4 at 11:00. the army national guard helped anderson county deputies look for evidence in a double homicide case. the crime happened about 5 weeks ago, near pierce and amy road. officals say there is a possiblity that evidence from the homicides may be located along highway 184, near iva elementry school -- elementary school. the search, which spanned four miles, started this morning. deputies asked members of the national guard and the state guard to help out, as they trained this weekend. there is no word on if officals found anything during today's search. friends and family gathered in pendleton yesterday, to remember the lives of four people killed in a quadruple homicide. the vigil, to remember mike and cathy scott, barbara scott, and violet taylor, was held at veterans park in pendleton yesterday afternoon. you may remember, all were found shot inside their home last november. so far, no arrests have been
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earlier this month, anderson county deputies began consulting with criminal profilers with sled, hoping to gain some insight on the crimes. police in columbia say they're working to figure out whether or not a shooting at a crowded mall was gang-related. it happened at the columbiana mall last night. officers say two men were fighting, and then a third men -- a third man got involved. investigators say two of the men pulled out guns, shot into the air, and then took off. nobody got hurt. police have not identified the shooters, but believe the two men are between the age of 20 and 25 years old. in north carolina, troopers near raleigh say a driver will likely be charged for hitting four bicyclists. the crash happened yesterday in johnston county. troopers say the bicyclists were hit from behind by a ford crown victoria. all four were thrown from their bikes. two are in critical condition right now. the daughter of the driver told reporters that her mom came over a hill, and didn't see the bicycles until it was too late.
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able to get out of his burning home, thanks to his dog. the dog started barking, and that's what woke up the man, just after 12:30 this morning. when firefighters got there, there was smoke coming from the back of the home. the fire was in the kitchen area. officials say an electrical malfunction in the home heating system caused the fire. firefighters say the home did not have a working a smoke alarm. coming up, we are learning more about the victims of a random shooting rampage. police say the shooter was a driver for uber. chris: tomorrow, there will be showers, and that will be a problem in some locations. cloudy, 52 degrees in laurens. look for showers, especially in greenwood, 50 three. travelers rest, isolated showers
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more do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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police in kalamazoo, michigan mike: police in kalamazoo, michigan, say they've arrested an uber driver who went on a random shooting rampage. investigators say he opened fire at three different locations saturday night, shooting eight people, six of them fatally.
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dan: more than 24 hours after the first shots were fired, and the parking lot of an apartment complex. the gunman shot a mother with three children. she is in serious condition. four hours later and 15 miles away, shots fired at a car dealership. an 18-year-old man and his father, killed. >> somebody was driving around finding people and shooting them dead in their tracks. next 15 minutes later come more shots, this time at a popular restaurant. >> [911 call] shots fired at cracker barrel. >> a 14-year-old girl survived, rushed into surgery after she squeezed her mother's hand. she is in critical condition. the shooter had eight victims. six were killed. seven hours after the first shots were fired, police
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authorities found a gun and other evidence in his car. he is an uber driver. neighbors say he was a normal guy. >> would never have suspected anything. >> what connects the gunman, the locations of the victims? police say, nothing. >> the randomness is hard to deal with. that is one of the most bright -- frightening things. >> they are searching his home to find out why one man took so many lives. dan scheneman, nbc news. mike: a cyclone in fiji killed 18 and destroyed dozens of homes. 6000 people are in shelters. authorities imposed a curfew and declared a month-long state of disaster. wind speeds from the cyclone were estimated at 177 miles per hour. officials say this is the strongest tropical cyclone to
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chris: a few drops in the bucket today as far as rain is concerned.
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you contact on an inc >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: take a look at the time lapse from paris mountain. not a lot of rain in greenville, but it was gloomy with clouds. it was warm, though. that didn't stop people from getting out and about to downtown. here is a time lapse from the peace center, a lot of people out on main street, walking along the reedy river and falls park. not a bad day. it will be getting cooler through the next few days. cloud cover thick right now across satellite and radar. as we get closer on the live super d dpler, our radar situated off i-80 five picking up on a few showers along the greenville-henderson county border. and towards the mountains east of asheville, mcdowell, and yancey county seeing showers as we had through the night tonight. they will be sporadic.
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in the lower 60's in the upstate right now. upper 40's in the mountains. expect temperatures to cool a little bit tonight. lower 50's when things are said and done tomorrow morning. around 50 for the north carolina mountains with rain showers possible overnight. tomorrow, rain possible at any time through the day. it will be a bit cooler than today, lower 60's, 10 above where we should be. in spartanburg, we start off in the 50's, warming up to around 60 degrees by the afternoon. in anderson, cloudy skies, showers from time to time, 50 four by noon. asheville, look for cooler temperatures than today, but not bad. mid 50's with rain moving through in the afternoon. highs tomorrow, 50 in asheville, 48 in hendersonville, w wmer in the upstate, middle 50's. the further south you go from greenwood to elberton, lower 60's. above average again.
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let's show you the latest model. tomorrow, expect clouds, a frontal boundary to the south moves our way. we will see rain moving in, early evening. the rain will be heavy. overnight monday into tuesday, good sleeping weather, but it will be a soggy commute tuesday morning. with the northeasterly breeze taking over, it will be raw, very cold, temperatures in the lower 40's all day tuesday with scattered drizzle, rain, and that lasts into tuesday night and wednesday, as well. finally, a cold front moves through wednesday afternoon. that could have thunderstorms with it. 60% chance of rain tomorrow. 80% chance on tuesday. that is a cold rain. 46 in the upstate, 43 in the mountains. look what happens wednesday night. the rain gauges to snow in the mountains. it will not be a big deal, maybe north of i-40 an inch or two. we cool off towards the end of the week, but we will be dry.
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you may need a jacket, but mike, i think we will take that over the days of rain. get it over with during the week and be nice for the weekend. mike: no no more ice, so no complaints here. chris: tune into our second half hour, where we take a look at the models 10-14 days out. many are asking, is winter over? mike: he wouldn't tell me, so i have to stick around, too. thanks, chris. "star wars" fans are likely celebrated the birth of a goat in boston. look at this little guy. the franklin park zoo says a baby nigerian dwarf goat named "chewbacca" was born to leia and lucky. she weighed just four pounds, and was standing up within hours of her birth. the zoo says chewbacca is bright, alert, and active. these goats are noted for their wide range of color patterns and easygoing nature. they can be found all over the world, in both warm and cold climates.
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>> boogity, boogity, boogity! let's go racing, boys! marc: nothing says the green flag drops more than that. that is new baseball hall of famer ken griffey jr., getting them going at the daytona dale 500. earnhardt, jr. was interviewed right before the daytona 500. he was asked, what's it feel like to be the favorite to win the great american race? driver of the 88 said he didn't feel like the favorite, and thought denny hamlin was the guy to look out for today. turns out dale, jr. was right. 20-year-old chase elliott, leading them to green at the super speedway. the new driver of the 24 would go from first to last in a hurry. 20 laps in, elliott gets loose, and hang on. slams into the infield grass, all but tearing off the front of his car. elliott would finish 37th. that was just the start of the trouble for the hendrick boys. 30 to go, dale earnhardt, jr.
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wall, and his bid for a third daytona 500 title comes to an end. dale, jr. fans disappointed, as the race comes to a close. final lap, 4 toyotas running up front, led by matt kenseth. denny hamlin in the 11 gets a push from kevin harvick to get a run on kenseth and martin truex, jr. no more room, as kenseth heads into the wall. hamlin and truex, jr. racing to the start-finish line. hamlin wins a photo finish, edging martin truex, jr. by 6 inches to win his first daytona 500. >> this is such a team victory. joe gibbs racing, he told me a week ago, all these sidebar races are getting old. let's go win the real one. to win it for us after 23 years, there is no better feeling than what i have right now. >> wish we could have won. just going to have to watch that on the highlight reel for the rest
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we all want toin. this is competition. i would be lying if i said i didn't want to win. marc: you heard the end of it anyway. new clememn head coach monte lee won his first game as the tigers head coach on saturday. one of the people there to congratulate him, the guy he replaced, jack leggett. clemson taking on leggett's alma mater this weekend, tigers split the first two games with the maine black bears. the rubber match on sunday, winner takes the weekend series. maine grabs the early lead. tigers take it away in the bottom of the first. chris wiwiiams delivers the r.b.i. single. white scores to give clemson a 2-1 lead. same score into the bottom of the 4th. 2 on for chase pinder. he rips the first home run of the year for the tigers. 5-1 clemson. two batters later, clemson catcher chris oakey caps a 4-run fourth with an rbi single to left. the tigers hang 7 more runs in the 5th. all clemson today. they pound out 22 hits. tigers win 19 to 2, to take the series from maine. no midweek games for clemson this week. they go back to work
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madison. the usc baseball team, thinking sweep. gamecocks opened the season with back to back wins over albany. the brooms are out today. they're down 1-0 in the fifth. john jones, the clutch two-out single to center ties things up at 1 apiece. same score in the sixth. gene cone pinch hitting, rolls it over. could've been an inning-ending double play. instead, dropped at 2nd. 2-1, usc on top. same frame, now 3-1, bases loaded for jones. he delivers. 9 -- what a big weekend for jones. 9 rbi's in his first three games as a gamecock. south carolina finishes off a sweep of albany with an 8-1 win. usc does have a midweek game this week. they host app state tuesday afternoon. flip it over to fluor field, a good one between presbyterian and furman. bonus baseball in greenville. here's the end of it. check it out. crawford delivers the walkoff
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these teams play again on tuesday afternoon. should be another good one. a few more scores to pass along. wofford opens the season with a sweep of george mason. usc upstate opens the season with three straight wins. they beat george mason dayton, , and stony brook this weekend. baseball season is underway. frank martin and the south carolina basketball team exorcized some demons on saturday. none of martin's teams had ever beaten florida. usc, in the throes of a 7-game losing streak to the gators. michael carrera helped change all that. the senior forward scored 20 points, he was fantastic on saturday. 20 points and 15 boards in the gamecocks' overtime win over florida. usc now 22-and-5. they're sitting comfortably inside the ncaa tournament field. the clemson basketball team saw their ncaa tournament hopes take another hit on saturday. the tigers lost at nc state yesterday. they've got three games remaining in the regular season, and likely need to win all three to work their way back into the conversation for the big dance.
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trust open from riviera country club, bubba watson birdies the par 3 16th to move to 14 under par. he birdied the par 517, which means adam scott needs to hold to have a chance of forcing a playoff. and how about bottoms or scott? he is at 1400 -- 14 under. a simple two-part to grab the victory. the last time watson one the northern trust, he won the masters a few weeks later. food for thought. the swamp rabbits spending sunday in the low country. third game in three days between greenville and the south carolina stingrays. this one goes to the bad guys, the guys in the low country. they score late in the final two minutes to claim a two-one victory over the greenville swamp rabbits. coming up later in sports, more sports. we will take a look at what the most popular drivers in the
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of a be interesting to hear what kevin harvick said. mike: don't want to miss that. and you don't want to miss this. raccoons acting like they've had too much to drink. why they're causing a problem
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carolina. mike: north carolina has its first reported case of the zika virus. officials with the health department say the case was confirmed in an adult who traveled to a country with an ongoing zika virus outbreak. that person has since recovered. the virus is usually spread through mosquito bites. so far, there are no transmission cases in the u.s., beyond a possible sexual transmission in texas. at least two cases of the mumps have been confirmed in north carolina, and health officials say the cases are related. mumps is a contagious virus that is spread by droplets of saliva or mucus. symptoms include fever, headache, loss of appetite, muscle aches, and tenderness or swelling of glands below the ears. there is no treatment for it, but there are two vaccines that reduce the chances of getting
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morning could do more than just wake you up. researchers in the uk found that two cups a day could cut your chance of developing cirrhosis by 44%. it's often caused by drinking too much alcohol. but experts say more research is needed, and these findings are not an excuse to drink more booze. people in hendersonville say they're having a problem with sick raccoons. in the past couple of weeks, crews have been dispatched to five different sick raccoons displaying the signs of distemper. police say they appear wobbly, and even quite friendly. >> they almost act like they're drunk. they'll be very unsteady on their feet. they'll literally walk up to people. they don't seem aggressive at all, to the point where they'll walk up, and someone can actually touch them. mike: distemper is very contagious and deadly, and there is no cure. police say people with pets should make sure their vaccines are up to date. still to come in the next half hour, back on the trail again. presidentail hopefuls all over
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upstate. chris: the latest models justin, showing how much rain we will see over the next 36 hours. 1.2 inches travelers rest, 1.6 inches in landrum, one inch in
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>> you're watching live, local,
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mccormick, the weather with meteorologist chris justus, and sports with marc dopher. this is wyff news 4 at 11:00 in high definition. mike: checking in with chris for a look at the forecast. rain is on the way, right? chris: the live super doppler shows just a few sprinkles. we are concerned about the potential for a little bit of severe weather on wednesday. most of it will be south of us, but there is a chance of thunderstorm activity. over the next 24 hours, nothing to worry about. it is the wednesday afternoon timeframe that we will be looking for that to happen. zooming in on live super doppler, you can see a few showers across the mountains, but that is about it. most of the rain will move in tomorrow. you're out the door forecast first thing tomorrow, 51, 58 by
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hours, with showersrs possible at any time throughout the day. a soggy mess across the southeast with the low-pressure system taking pet -- taking shape towards texas. in dallas and louisiana, mississippi, alabama, going to see a lot of rainfall. here is a skycam firm louise -- from louisiana. this type of weather on the way for the next few days. cloudy, drizzly, foggy, potentially heavy rainfall. maybe a clapboard -- a clap of thunder. i will show you the extended outlook and a few minutes. mike: covering the carolinas now. a fisherman found a woman's body in pickens county, and right now, investigators are trying to figure out who killed her. officals say the fisherman called for help this morning, after seeing the body on the boat ramp off buckskin road, near saluda lake. investigators say 35-year-old farah khan of townville had severe trauma to the head, from what appeared to be a gunshot. if you have any information that would help investigators, call


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