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northeasterly breeze behind the front. we are cooling down dramatically . upper 30's in boone, 39. upper 40's in asheville and hendersonville, low 40's in the upstate. -- low 50's in the upstate. a lot of rain, then later during we could see dense fog across the area. rain likely with areas of fog and drizzle in the upstate, temperature 49 when you wake up tomorrow. rain, drizzle, with valley fog in the mountains, temperature 43. the main storm system arise down the road and we could see heavy thunderstorms and maybe even severe thunderstorms. now back to you. michael: we've been telling you about the controversial idea of a quik trip store in greenville's west end. it was approved by the city council. carol: the site is at the corner of academy street, near the intersection of markley street. wyff news 4's john lyon says, the opposition to the convenience store project didn't fade away quietly.
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settle for the lesser of two evils, but to fight for the greatest good of my community. thank you. preserve the past, plan for the future, and put greenville first. john: a plea to the greenville city council to reject a quik trip convienence store on academy and markley streets, near the kroc center and a.j. whittenberg elementary school. >> the addition of this qt, in my opinion, will will accelerate -- will accelerate the demise of our unique character, and opens us up to the highest bidder. >> you put the qt there, you bring in a great deal of traffic, so you end up harming children. john: qt runs over 700 stores in the u.s, and unveiled plans for the west end location in november. and the company says it's held 25 informational meetings, dealing with questions about security, traffic, and landscaping. >> i think this plan has been approved by the vast majority of people who live in the area, who work in the area, and who own property in the area.
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coming into my neighborhood. you know, i've been living in the area for 44 years. john: diane keller would rather see a qt than more high-rise condos. >> and that is what my neighbors, there, they sit right there, worried about another set of apartments coming in to overshadow them. john: the city council agreed, 4-2. >> i'm voting for the neighborhood who lives there, and the people i serve and i represent. john: qt still has to submit plans and make some site changes, but once construction begins, the company says it will only take 6 months. john lyon, wyff news 4, greenville. michael: turning to commitment 2016. following donald trump's win in south carolina, in the primary, many eyes turn to nevada. tonight, a shakeup in the ted cruz campaign. today, cruz called for the resignation of his campaign spokesperson. this comes after one of his campaign members tweeted a story
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bible. >> the news story was false. that staffer deleted the tweet, apologized, and pulled it down. although i've spent this morning investigating what happened, and this morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation. i have made clear in this campaign, that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. michael: this all happened while cruz was in nevada today. he held rallies in both reno and elko. cruz was joined by the nevada attorney general adam laxalt. carol: marco rubio is fighting back, against this. rubio told reporters in las vegas that cruz needs to hold staffers accountable for their tactics. a cruz staffer apologized sunday to rubio in a facebook posting. this, after the campaign called attention to a video with subtitles that inaccurately portrayed rubio as dismissing the wisdom of the bible. >> i know exactly what i said to that young man. i said, "the answer to every question you'll ever have is in that book."
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of proverbs he was reading, and i said, "particularly that one, because it's a book of wisdom." and then, for them to take a video and to transcribe words on it that are the complete opposite of what i said? it's incredibly disturbing. carol: he went on to say that cruz's campaign has a pattern of, quote, "flat-out just lying to voters." michael: donald trump won in south carolina on saturday, but some would say that governor nikki haley and marco rubio won as well. her late endorsement of marco rubio may have been exactly what the senator needed to pull out a second-place showing. the final numbers show rubio defeated senator ted cruz by only 1,091 votes. donald trump carried almost the entire state, except two counties. there are on the coast, that is one county, charleston county. and richland county. carol: and besides governor nikki haley, marco rubio has snagged the support of several republican establishment members, former senator bob dole, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty, and arkansas governor asa hutchinson.
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support came after jeb bush dropped out of the race on saturday. greenville mayor knox white, congressman trey gowdy, and senator tim scott all endorsed rubio, as well. michael: donald trump has a strong lead in the polls ahead of tomorrow night's nevada caucuses. earlier today, he was in elko, at a convention center. tonight, it's las vegas at the south point arena for trump. he also weighed in on the cruise and rubio controversy on twitter. he said, "ted cruz has now apologized to marco rubio and ben carson for fraud and dirty tricks. no wonder he has lost evangelical support." end quote. carol: meantime, john kasich is looking ahead. he moved his campaign to virginia today. the ohio governor held a number of events in the state, including town halls in richmond and fairfax. there, he talked about the first time he ran for state legislature, back in 1978. he said he got help from, quote, "many women, who left their kitchens." end quote. his campaign later clarified, saying support for kasich has always been what they call, quote, "homegrown affairs."
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time in california and nevada. according to his campaign website, carson held a town hall at piper's opera house in nevada. he also hosted a volunteer training session in redding, california. carol: on the other side, less than 1 week to go before the south carolina democratic primary. senator bernie sanders made a stop this morning in sumter. he spoke before a group of supporters at a cafe. he asked them to help continue his, quote, "political revolution." michael: former president bill clinton stumped for his wife in texas. he held public events in laredo and dallas. bill encouraged supporters to vote for hillary ahead of super tuesday, and to take advantage of early voting, which lasts until the 26th. carol: a large number of ballots were cast in saturday's republican primary. 25% of all registered voters in south carolina voted for one of the six gop contenders. compare that to 2012, when 22% cast ballots for nine republican candidates. and look at voter turnout in these upstate counties on saturday, compared to 2012.
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union, cherokee, pickens, laurens, and anderson counties, flocking to polls. the same increases in abbeville, spartanburg, greenwood, oconee, and greenville counties. michael: turning to news across the upstate. in spartanburg, a deadly wreck involving a moped and tow truck. it happened at around 3:30 this afternoon, at the intersection of north pine and east daniel morgan avenue. the coroner says 51-year-old keith harrelson was driving a moped, when he was hit by a tow truck. carol: to pickens county now. new details on a woman's body found yesterday by fishermen. officials are trying to figure out who 35-year-old reza khan was with saturday night. khan was found shot in the head sunday morning. two fishermen found khan at the saluda lake boat ramp off buckskin road. investigators have not made any arrests as of now. michael: now to the mystery out of kalamazoo. prosecutors say and labor driver
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ber driver confessed to shooting six people. it all started saturday evening, in kalamazoo. on this map, you see the 3 shooting locations, a townhouse, the parking lot of an automotive dealership, and a restaurant parking lot, as well as where the suspect, jason dalton, was arrested. jason dalton appeared in court today by video monitor. he is charged with six counts of murder, among other things. the judge denied bond. he will stay in jail. authorities believe it is random. they have yet to discuss a motive. eight people were shot. the victims included a father and son looking at vehicles at the car dealership, four people in the parking lot of a cracker barrel. two people remain hospitalized, among them a 14-year-old girl. carol: new details out of hawaii tonight. the 16-year-old passenger on board the helicopter that crashed in pearl harbor, has died. the teen and three family members visiting from canada were aboard a tour helicopter. it crashed thursday. witnesses rushed into the water to help pull the victims to shore. federal agencies are investigating the crash. michael: bill cosby's wife was deposed today in a defamation suit against her husband.
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by spousal privilege in massachusetts. as you may recall, bill cosby is being sued. he stands accused of defaming seven women in connection to sexual assault allegations. they all have accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. the comedian has denied any wrongdoing. carol: the back-and-forth between apple and the justice department continues. the fbi is demanding apple help break into the san bernardino shooter's phone, but apple's ceo, tim cook, is refusing. apple has until friday to respond to the court order. today, cook emailed his staff, thanking them for their support. he went on to say, quote, "it does not feel right to be on the opposite side of the government, in a case centering on the freedoms and liberties that government is meant to protect." end quote. meanwhile, today, the director of the fbi spoke out for the first time. james comey defended the justice department's decision. he wrote, quote, "the san bernardino litigation isn't about trying to set a precedent, or send any kind of message. it
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justice." end quote. michael: quite a site here. a 106-year-old woman from south carolina could hardly contain herself after this special meeting at the white house. >> she's dancin'. come on. so, what's the secret to dancing at 106? michael: you heard the president say 106. that is her age. that's virginia mclaurin, dancing her way into the hearts of the first family. the white house posted this video, as mclaurin met president obama and first lady michelle obama last night. virginia mclaurin was there to celebrate black history month. >> that's me, yes. >> i am here to celebrate lack history. -- black history. michael: in 2014, mclaurin began a social media campaign to meet the obamas. she filmed a youtube video, which was accompanied by a white house petition, and a facebook page. carol: the fight to have a memorial removed from city property. why the family wants it left
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michael: also ahead development , in downtown spartanburg. a look at the different proposals that could mean new places for you to live, work, and eat. john: live super doppler showing heavier showers moving through northeastern georgia. also, the eastern upstate, moving through laurens, wickmayer, spartanburg county, cherokee county. i will be right back. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much
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this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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seneca officials carol: senna can officials are expected to discuss tomorrow a request to remove a memorial cross on city property. this cross was built into a stone wall along a patio, outside seneca's water treatment plant. it's to memorialize chuck keeler, a worker who fell while helping to build the plant. he died. the freedom from religion foundation says the memorial should be religiously neutral. keeler's daughter says the fight against it opens up wounds that haven't had time to heal. >> it's just disrespectful to my father, and disrespectful to my family. we've suffered enough. and i think that it needs to end. we don't need to suffer anymore. >> the display of a cross on government property is unconstitutional, because it shows preference for one religion over all other religions. carol: city officials are expected to go straight into executive session on this matter during a work session tomorrow
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michael: a couple new development projects are a step closer to coming to downtown spartanburg. the city council approved first reading of a plan that would sell two pieces of city-owned land to developers, for a dollar each. the plan has to undergo one more reading. one developer is proposing retail space and 30 apartments at the corner of daniel morgan and west main. the other developer wants 50,000 square feet of office space, in the area behind the george dean johnson school of business. existing business owners say they're excited about the progress. >> people come in here all the time, and they'll go, "we haven't been downtown in years." so everything that's going to happen, it's going to generate more interest in coming downtown, which should help everybody overall. michael: the corner of daniel morgan and west main is currently a parking lot. the city plans to make up for the loss in spaces by offering 65 spaces at the corner of spring and broad streets. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast.
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to the south. it is right about here in the southern upstate all the way back into around atlanta. heavier showers and thunderstorms right along the front and south of it. are there north, more of a steady rain as the wedge really starts to build in and cooler temperatures come in from the north. i will show you those in a moment. the live super doppler showing heavier showers scattered around south of i-85. north of 85, a steady rain. it will continue overnight and all the way through the day tomorrow.. heavier rain moving for union county, western newberry county, eastern greenwood county, and very heavy downpours through northeastern georgia south of i-85 here it carnesville, hartwell, danielsville, elberton, it is all moving to the northeast quickly. everybody is socked in and western north carolina with rain, a steady rain across the
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earlier, we also had thunderstorms moved through with the cold front as it pushed from the mountains through the upstate. nothing strong or severe. this was not severe, the only reports as far as storm reports, in madison county in mars hill, we had pea sized hair -- sized hail briefly. 1.25 inches in spartanburg, 1.5 inches in greenville. we could see an additional 1-3 inches of rain tomorrow night and through wednesday. 610 seven inch in anderson, it a half-inch of rain at the asheville airport. a live shot from towns -- town square in laurens, current temperature, let's see here, computer is running slow. keep on going. there we go. 53. the -- 50 in greenville. chilly air coming in. 48 in rutherfordton, 39 in
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there is the wind out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour in greenville. 14 miles per hour in anderson. the wedge of cold air will back up against the mountains and we will be socked in with chilly temperatures tomorrow. 46 in greensboro, 47 in raleigh. that is upstream, where the cold air is coming from. 58 in atlanta, 39 in cincinnati, not bad, 68 in orlando. there is a front that pass by early today. we'll be stationary tomorrow morning. this is the main severe weather storm system, in texas, snow on the back edge in the texas panhandle, new mexico, and colorado. that gets closer to us. we continue with a northeasterly wind. rain, drizzle, fog. between the stationary front of the cold front, that is where the unstable air is. they time thunderstorms tomorrow during the low -- in the low
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do we stay wedged in with the stable area go that will be the question on wednesday. let's hope it hangs in there. that way, we do what -- we don't have the potential for severe weather. but it will because. the prediction center has a moderate risk for mobile, alabama, into southern mississippi. damaging winds and large tornadoes associated with the system, even a risk for severe weather through tomorrow night as far northeast as metro atlanta. it weakens as it moves across the area. still a risk south of i-85 of when -- of severe weather on wednesday. 40's tonight, rain with drizzle and fog tomorrow. more of the same tomorrow. breezy and cooler, high 48, temperatures through the 40's with a northeast wind. high 49 with rain and drizzle, dense fog in the mountains. the for-day plus, showers and thunderstorms on wednesday, windy and cold are at the end of
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st the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: south carolina moved up
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baseball top 25 poll. the gamecocks out to a 3-0 start to t t year, after sweeping albany over the weekend. usc hosts appalachain state tomorrow at 4:00. clemson won its first series under first-year head coach monte lee this weekend. the tigers took the rubber match sunday against maine. clemson hosts james madison this weekend. the series begins this friday. eight new members will be inducted into the south carolina athletic hall of fame. the inductees announced today, and headlining the 2016 class is former new england patriot and three-time super bowl champ troy brown. joining brown, former gamecock basketball standout bj mckie, ananformer clemson b-ball standout greg buckner. the complete inductee list can be found on our wyff 4 mobile app. the enshrinment will take place on may 16 in columbia. switching to the hardwood the , clemson men's basketball team sits in the "next four out" category, in the latest bracketology released today by espn's joe lunardi. clemson, fighting for its tournament lives after suffering a setback saturday at nc state.
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on track at georgia tech, tomorrow night at 7:00. clemson knocked off the yellow jackets back in greenville 9 days ago. the gamecocks, on the 7-seed line in today's bracketology. south carolina rebounded from the loss earlier last week to missouri, by picking up an overtime win over florida on saturday. usc hosts tennessee wednesday night at 9:00. the south carolina women in action tonight in tuscaloosa, facing alabama. and the gamecock inside duo of a'ja wilson and alaina coates bawling in the first -- balling in the both with double doubles. first half. wilson, 16 and 10. coates 13, and a career-high 18 rebounds. usc up 10 at the break. fourth quarter, gamecocks in control. bianca cuevas with the steal. a little back-and-forth with tiffany mitchell, nice behind-the-back feed to mitchell for the lay-in. the senior guard mitchell, also in double figures with 10 points. south carolina rolls, 66-46, and they improve to 26 and 1 on the year. a handful of upstate girls hoops teams can punch their ticket to
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tonight. will start things off in the third round of the three a playoffs eastside hosting , dreher. third quarter, lady eagles trailing, 44-23. the drive and drop off to kennedy taylor for the deuce. lady eagles down 21. but all dreher in this one. jaelynn murray with the finish. eastside falls one game short of the upper state championship, 62-33. the defending 1a state champs christ church hosting mccormick tonight. first quarter, lady cavs get off to a fast start, crashing the boards. lauren cook with the harm and the hoop. the three-point play puts christ church up early, 6-0. later, a great outlet pass to north carolina commit shayla bennett. she dropped 30 tonight. christ church moves on to the upper state final with a 75-40 win. two other scores to pass along, dorman falls to spring valley in the 4a qrters, 95-46. wren moves on to friday night's upper state championship to face dreher, after beating lancaster
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one-hundredth of a second between victory and second place. denny hamlin, experiencing the former after his thrilling photo finish win in the daytona 500 sunday, his first daytona 500 win of his career. hamlin edging martin truex, jr. for the checkers, in the closest finish in the history of the great american race. >> i'm just proud of my other teammates for us being so miles today. that was very rare today, that you see selflessness that you saw, even with two laps to go. it's crazy. it happened so fast, i literally had to watch it back to figure out what in the world happened. ricardo: i think we also the replace multiple times. spectacular. the circruit moves from daytona to atlanta, for the folds of honor quiktrip 500 next sunday. one of the best finishes i have seen in a nascar race ever. i was yelling at the tv, going, wow! what just happened?
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say about late-night? sese: hi, michael and carol.
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i will be chatting withthanks for watching wyff news michael: well, tonight? john: rain. rain tonight, and tomorrow will be like london. breezy, cooler, rain, drizzle, fog, highs in the upper 40's. temperatures may be dropping through the 40's in the upstate with the northeasterly breeze. a chance of showers and heavy to severe thunderstorms on wednesday. carol: thanks for watching.
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michael: we are always [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in
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of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taron egerton and hugh jackman. audra mcdonald. musical guest daryl hall and john oates. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 422, we're back! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody! glad to see you. that's what i'm talking about. new york city, please, please,


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