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night tonight, we will be socked in with a wedge of cool, stable air with a northeasterly breeze and off and on showers, drizzle, and fog continued to form. then, we also have a threat as the system comes in late tonight and especially wednesday morning, very heavy thunderstorms. a flash flood watch tonight or wednesday for the entire viewing area. four plus inches of rain. most of us have seen a couple inches of the last few days. the ground is saturated. the rivers are running high. we could see the last flooding. -- flash flooding. hickory to forrest city to spartanburg to greenville to anderson southeast through the risk of severe weather, large hail, damaging winds and possibly an isolated tornado. we will keep you updated. this evening, no problem. we will see showers. after midnight, very heavy thunderstorms and northeastern
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the mountains. they could be severe after midnight. this batch of severe thunderstorms possible in time for rush hour. we will watch this closely and will keep you updated. i will have the latest coming up now back to you. nigel: president obama proposed that congress close the u.s. prison for terror suspects in what horrible bay, cuba. -- guantanamo they, cuba. gabrielle: steve handelsman has the new back and forth on this old issue, and how it's spilling out onto the campaign trail. steve: for 7 years, president obama has tried to close the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay, cuba. >> it undermines our standing in the world. steve: u.s. allies want gitmo closed. isis uses gitmo as a recruiting tool, dressing hostages for beheading in orange, like gitmo prisoners used d wear. there's no need for a prison in cuba, where u.s. laws do not apply, says mr. obama. >> we can capture terrorists,
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and, when done right, we can try them and put them in our maximum security prisons, and it works just fine. steve: hundreds of terrorists are already held in the u.s. with no incidents. mr. obama did not propose which supermax prisons might take gitmo detainees, but congress voted last year to ban all gitmo prisoners from the u.s. >> he should know that the bipartisan will of congress has already been expressed against that proposal. steve: on the campaign trail today, republican ted cruz. >> don't shut down gitmo. expand it, and let's add some new terrorists there. steve: republican marcio rubio. >> they're going to guantanamo, and were gonna find out everything they know. steve: gitmo, that once held 680 detainees, is down to 91, 35 eligible for transfer. 46 face charges. 10 will never be released. 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed is at gitmo,
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washington. nigel: as soon as the president made the announcement earlier today, the us senate began speaking out. one of the most vocal against the decision to close gitmo is south carolina senator tim scott. take a look. here is where the south carolina location where the department of defense is looking to move the 60 or so detainees who remain, the naval brig in charleston. it's not far from the charleston international airport, and just off interstate 526. the president says it would save taxpayers $1.7 billion over 10 years. however, senator tim scott says it's not worth it. >> the defense authorization act is very clear. you cannot transfer enemy combatants to any location in america, much less a location in south carolina that is surrounded by schools, and is in fact a residential community. i can't think of a worse idea than putting a target on the back of south carolina in an
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promise. nigel: governor nikki haley said she would fight the move to bring gitmo detainees to south carolina, as well. hillary clinton will be in columbia tonight. there, she will be talking about the issue of gun violence. gabrielle: joining her tonight is gabrielle giffords. the former congresswoman was almost killed because of gun violence. wyff news 4's patrick hussion is live in columbia, with more on what we can expect tonight. patrick? patrick: this will be hillary clinton's 12th official visit to south carolina since she began her campaign. as we edge closer to the primary on saturday, tonight, mothers whose children were victims of gun violence or who died while in police custody will bee meeting with clinton. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who herself, was a victim of gun violence. earlier today, these five mothers, these women were at the rock of ages baptist church in
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each mother talked about losing their children, and why they're voting for hillary clinton. one of the mothers, sybrina fulton, lost her son, trayvon martin, in 2012. she says there needs to be a better criminal and judicial system. >> my son was not committing any crimes. my son did not have a weapon. my son did not murder and shoot anyone. so i can still sleep in my bed. the reason why the person walked away is because our justice system does not work. >> so no, she's not perfect. maybe she hasn't voted for every piece of legislation that benefits our community. but as a whole, she's worked very diligently on behalf of our community, and that's why we stand behind her. patrick: the mothers are touring 10 cities in south carolina before saturday's democratic primary. again, this is breaking down --
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him begins at 6:15. clinton and bernie sanders will take part in a town hall meeting in columbia posted by cnn. at 5:30, another potentially big endorsement out of south carolina for hillary clinton. i will tell you who, coming up. live in columbia, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. gabrielle: thanks, patrick. south carolina lawmakers are taking another stab at a road repair bill before time runs out. but a filibuster in the senate is holding up debate, and there are fears that if it doesn't end soon, it could be next year before a bill is passed. wyff news 4's tim waller is here, with the very latest. tim: gabby, the future of south carolina's roads and bridges, which a lot of people agree are in a state of disrepair right now lies in the state senate, , which met today, prepared to vote on a road funding bill. but senator tom davis of beaufort and jasper counties is continuing the filibuster he started last week. davis says he's opposed to
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would be generated through an increase in the gas tax, to the state department of transportation, which he believes is in major need of reform. >> and i think that is a poor way to handle the taxpayers' money, where you've got seven elected commissioners from seven different areas of the state, each trying to bring as much money back to their area as possible. that may be something the senator from horry thinks is admirable. i do not. tim: davis spoke for hours this afternoon. he has control of the senate floor through his filibuster, which is blocking any votes. senator larry martin of pickens told me today, it's possible a roads funding bill may not pass this year if disagreement in the senate continues for much longer. nigel? nigel: thanks, tim. one man faces a murder charge, and pickens county deputies continue to question two other people, in the death of a woman found on a boat ramp.
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latest in the investigation. myra: pickens county sheriff rick clark says investigators had found the victim's car at a greenville apartment complex. it was this dark-colored dodge charger. and while they were looking at the vehicle, the suspect showed up at the scene. >> i don't know exactly at which point they saw each other, but after a short foot pursuit, he was arrested. myra: 22-year-old kasey clayton waldrop is charged with murder, grand larceny, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. he's accused of fatally shooting 35-year-old reza farah kahn of townville in the head, on a boat ramp at saldua lake early sunday morning. >> miss kahn was the mother of four children. that's whahamakes this so tragic. myra: sheriff clark says it appears the victim and suspect were friends or acquaintances, but investigators are still working on a motive for the crime. they recovered what is believed to be the weapon. >> we're very proud of what we're doing to get our deputies, detectives, the things that they need to move forward, and take care of the cases that they get. myra: that includes a mobile fingerprinting device that
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within minutes, and cell phone technology that made it possible to recover evidence in the case. >> and our prayers and our thoughts, and our hopes for her children, are with them and the kahn family. myra: as pickens county investigators continue to question other individuals who might be connected to the crime. myra ruiz, wyff news 4. >> i want to see pictures. we were very family-oriented. gabrielle: an upstate family, heartbroken over the sudden death of their son. they're locked out of his iphone and ipad, and can't get the pictures on the devices. wyff news 4 investigates found out what they have to do to get access to those precious memories. >> it's like trying to run with only one leg. it's impossible unless you have the community's support. nigel: plus, coming up all new at 6:00, a plea for help from hollywild animal park. the non-profit is at a crossroads, and its leaders want to meet with you face-to-face,
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open. gabrielle: and new information on an suv found partially submerged in the saluda river. where it was reportedly stolen from. john: elisha looking down clemson boulevard, overcast with off and on drizzle and light rain.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america
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and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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one of the san bernardino shooters. apple says... the order would set a dangerous precedent. but the justice department argues that important data could be on that locked iphone. a greenville family... grieving the sudden death of their son... has been fighting their own battle with apple. they want pictures that are locked on their son's iphone and ipad. and they contacted wyff news 4 friday to respond to a court order that it help the fbi hack into a locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple says the order would set a dangerous precedent, but the justice department argues that important data could meanwhile, a greenville family, grieving the sudden death of their own battle with apple. they want pictures that are ipad, investigates for help. so we got some answers. 4 numbers, to make up a 4-digit pin. and possibilities. but it's a code john and cindyi jarvis cannot crack. >> we tried everything we could think of. gabrielle: they are locked out of this ipad and iphone, belonging to their son, bob. their son had epilepsy, and died in september at 31 years old. >> losing a child, you feel like
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gabrielle: the jarvis family knows that these devices hold snapshots of much happier times. >> i want to see pictures. we were very family-oriented. gabrielle: but so far, all they've been able to see are roadblocks. >> it's so close, but so far away. gabrielle: they called apple and asked for the passwords for bob's apple id account, and for his iphone and ipad. they also sent apple a copy of their son's death certificate. but they say apple told them they could not help, and eventually stopped responding to calls and emails. >> we just had a hard time understanding, why wouldn't apple do this? >> unfortunately, right now, the law is lagging behind advances in technology. gabrielle: greenville attorney hannah rogers metcalfe tells wyff news 4 investigates, the jarvis family's case is very different from the case involving apple and the fbi, because john and cindy jarvis are bob's successors, and they are acting on their son's behalf. she says right now, only a
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legislation giving people access to a family member's digital property after they die. south carolina is not one of them. she says everyone should write down their passwords to their online accounts, and give them to someone you trust. >> if you don't have a plan, your family and your heirs are out of luck right now, unless they have some way to get around it. and the providers, they have different policies. they have different service agreements with each one, and they have their own rules. gabrielle: we looked into the different policies. facebook gives users the option to name a "legacy contact," someone to manage your account after you pass away. and google lets you set up an "inactive account manager" to decide what happens to your gmail and cloud storage data. we called apple, and got some answers. a spokesman told us the jarvis family needs a court order to get control of their son's apple i.d. account, and they would not unlock the iphone and ipad. >> it is complicated, and in
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the privacy of the deceased. gabrielle: the jarvis family has contacted an attorney to get that court order. a small step, to give this grieving family access to precious memories. this is what you should do to plan ahead. make a list of your accounts and passwords, and give them to a family member, or someone you trust. have a will that specifically says what happens to your digital assets. and remember that a court order may be required to give loved ones access to your passwords and accounts. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: a powerful storm system to the southwest in lower mississippi will affect us late tonight, especially wednesday. in particular, wednesday morning. we have upped the high category.
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strong, damaging winds possible, in the high category. the tornado threat is now at medium. incredible amount of wind shear in the atmosphere, so lots of spinning motions. we could be talking about rotating supercell thunderstorms , especially south of i-85. the threat of isolated tornadoes and even a threat from low to medium of large hail possible with the thunderstorms. look at this powerful storm system moving through. we showed you video of the tornado in louisiana. these are tornado watch boxes from jackson, mississippi, to mobile, alabama, most of louisiana, this is nasty weather moving through here. supercells, potential for large tornadoes in these areas, which means they will stay on the ground for a longer time, which means more damage. dangerous situation here. as the system gets closer to us, as we go through the day tomorrow, it will weaken somewhat. still a lot of dynamics,
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we will watch and see when the wedge of cool air on top of us now retreats to the northeast. if it is a slow process, that protects us. but what will happen is, along the leading edge of the cool air, it acts, we could spin up tornadoes and severe weather. we are stable right now. just rain showers and low clouds. a couple claps of thunder, but not until late tonight. the big threat will be flash flood watch, which continues overnight tonight until 6:00 tomorrow evening for the entire viewing area. 2-4 plus inches of rain. we have had 1-2 inches. we have saturated the ground across the area. no place for the water to go, which is why the flash flood watches up. rivers and streams are running very high, so it won't take much to cause flooding of the rivers and streams and flash flooding on the streets. we will watch that closely. the system affecting louisiana and mississippi right now moves
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to our east. from forest city to spartanburg to greenville to anderson southeast, that will be a risk of severe weather, large hail, damaging winds, vb tornadoes. right now, very stable conditions. overcast skies in asheville, a couple sprinkles and a few showers but that's about it. temperature-wise, wedged in with cool temperatures. 40's except for 50 in clemson. a northeasterly breeze at 10-15 miles per hour makes it feel cooler. 40's all the way down there greenville into northeastern georgia. 74 in macon. there is the severe weather, the system will intensify as it gets closer to us. the low will track to the west of the mountains. tonight, rain, drizzle, fog, baby thunder late. low in the upper 40's, mid 40's for the mountains. tomorrow, windy with heavy thunderstorms, possibly severe. high 66.
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upper 50's in the bounds. cold air comes in tomorrow night, rain showers change to snow in western north carolina mountains. cold as we end the week. windy conditions will make it feel colder. pretty chilly over the weekend, milder on sunday. congratulations tammy miller, our umbrella winner from seneca. gabrielle: don't forget, for all of the latest weather headlines, watches, and warnings, download our mobile app. nigel: an suv found partially submerged in the saluda river was reported stolen. gabrielle: wyff news 4's mandy gaither has more from anderson county. mandy: no one was inside this suv when it was found, submerged in the saluda river. but where it was found caused major problems for crews trying to get it out. the first hurdle, trying to get a tow truck up this access road near holiday dam. the owner first had to stake out the area without the truck, to see if they could make it up there.
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pick-up truck, as well, just in case the tow truck got stuck. it was a bumpy ride, but eventually, everyone made it to the top, where this red ford explorer was found partially submerged in the saluda river. divers from the anderson fire department technical rescue team went into the water >> we looked first. throughout the whole car, making sure no one was in it. we checked seats, floorboards. we train on this type of situation, just to make sure we clear every inch of the car. mandy: there were signs from the beginning that this suv had been stolen, says dive rescue coordinator josh hawkins. >> when we got to the car, the steering wheel was actually tied in a specific direction, so they had it tied to the car to go in one direction. mandy: the team went into the water, and attached the wench for james whittington, owner of james auto repair and towing. >> this is about the hardest we've ever had. mandy: and after a while, the suv was pulled out, later
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laurens county. >> how you going to get back down? slowly? >> very slowly, haha. mandy: this suv will now be taken to a storage yard until
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anderson county. carol: in tonight's for your -- for your health charlie sheen's , announcement that he's hiv positive on nbc's "today" show last november has raised public awareness about the disease. researchers monitored news reports mentioning hiv, and google searches related to hiv, in the hours following sheen's disclosure. they found that news reports mentioning hiv increased 265% that day, and the number of hiv google searches were the highest ever recorded on a single day in the united states. experts believe sheen's news could aid the public in learning more about hiv and hiv prevention. a new study suggest driving distractions -- suggests some driving distractions are riskier than others. researchers used cameras, sensors, and radar to collect data on the real-world behaviors of more than 3500 drivers. applying makeup or interacting
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little impact on accidents, but driving while angry, sad, or emotional created almost ten times the risk of a crash. speeding was the most dangerous driving behavior, increasing the risk of an accident by 13 times. driver-related factors that included fatigue, error, impairment, and distraction were present in 90% of crashes. a new gallup report ranks naples, florida, as the number one overall community for well-being in the u.s. the rankings are based on interviews with more than 350,000 americans during 2014 and 2015. in the carolinas, myrtle beach, conway, north myrtle beach, and raleigh ranked in the top 50, and at the bottom of the list included hickory-lenoir-morganton, north carolina. and the least healthy community? charleston, west virginia, with
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health and financial problems. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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adlib live john: a live shot from laurens, overcast with sprinkles and showers. big-time thunderstorms on the way. we will talk about that coming up next. nigel: plus, the head of the department of labor talks about clinton. gabrielle: commitment 2016, while the democrats are moving to south carolina, the republicans are getting ready for the caucus in nevada.
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breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel: we are talking about the weather first up. this is just more of new orleans . a live look outside, where it is coming down rain, wind, and even reports of possible tornadoes. gabrielle: we want to show you these pictures. this is the system that john cessarich says we need to be watching as well. john joins us in the studio. john: we will have to watch it during the day tomorrow especially, and probably especially in the morning. new orleans remains under a tornado watch. there are warnings around louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. we are very stable. we have the warm front to the southwest, so we have a northeasterly breeze. we are just looking at rain showers across the area.


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