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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel: we are talking about the weather first up. this is just more of new orleans . a live look outside, where it is coming down rain, wind, and even reports of possible tornadoes. gabrielle: we want to show you these pictures. this is the system that john cessarich says we need to be watching as well. john joins us in the studio. john: we will have to watch it during the day tomorrow especially, and probably especially in the morning. new orleans remains under a tornado watch. there are warnings around louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. we are very stable. we have the warm front to the southwest, so we have a northeasterly breeze. we are just looking at rain showers across the area.
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the breeze brings in cooler temperatures. we need to get unstable for severe weather. late tonight and early tomorrow morning, we will break down the wedge. besides the potential for severe thunderstorms, we could also have the potential for flash flooding. most of us have seen a couple inches of rain. the ground is saturated. expecting 1-4 plus inches of more rain as we go through the next 24-36 hours. the severe weather threat runs spartanburg, greenville, anderson, starr-iva, although a to the midlands. potential risk for severe weather across the area. more about that severe weather later on. now back to you. be in columbia. she is scheduled to be there in less than an hour. gabrielle: that's where we find wyff news 4's patrick hussion. he is kicking off 26 -- commitment 2016 coverage.
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hillary in columbia before heading to the townhall meeting. she will be at this forum on this stage with five mothers whose children were victims of gun violence, or who died in police custody. this begins at 6:15. again, former congress woman gabrielle giffords will be here. another potentially big endorsement for clinton, she picked up and indulge -- an endorsement from tom perez, who met with members of the hispanic business community in the upstate. there, he talked about immigration, minimum wage, health care, and why he is stumping for hillary clinton. >> she has a very inclusive and optimistic vision for america that works for everyone. an america where everyone has access to quality educational opportunities, good jobs, retirement, security, and she's going to be fighting for the things that keep people up at night.
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than an hour. there is a big line of people outside waiting to get in the church, which is not too big, but a lot of people closing in at this time. as i mentioned, she will head over to the townhall at the usc campus. she is speaking after bernie sanders tonight at the townhall meeting on cnn. live in columbia, patrick huhuion, wyff news 4. nigel: we are four days away from the south carolina democratic primary, recent polls show clinton has a strong lead over bernie sanders in south carolina. according to real clear politics, in an average of the eight most recent polls, clinton leads sanders, 57% to 33%. we will have full election results saturday night as soon as polls close, on the wyff news 4 mobile app and on gabrielle: now to the gop. super tuesday is one week from today. but first, republicans are caucusing in nevada tonight. nigel: the gop candidates have been making last-minute appeals for support.
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washington. sally: donald trump this fresh off a win in south carolina. he moves into nevada with a sizable lead in delegates. donald trump is expected to win tonight's gop caucus in nevada, where 30 delegates are at stake. >> i mean, give me a break. sally: the feud continues between trump and rival ted cruz on social media, at campaign stops, >> when you hold up a bible, you don't then put it down and go around lying. sally: and on the airwaves. >> donald trump wants to keep big government in charge. that's ridiculous. sally: cruz is running an ad hitting trump over nevada land rights. >> whenever anyone points to his actual record, he screams, "liar." sally: marco rubio held a morning rally in vegas, before heading to minnesota. he's touting a flurry of new endorsements following jeb bush's exit from the race. >> these people have now realized that, all right, he wasn't our first choice, but now he's our best choice.
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not in the silver state today, governor john kasich, who campaigned in georgia. kasich has been taking some heat from the gop establishment for staying in the race, taking support away from rubio. >> why would i be feeling pressure from them? they ought to be consolidating around me. sally: ben carson, who's lagging in the polls, also says he has no plans to call it quits. it's important to note that there hasn't been much polling in nevada, and polling for caucuses can be unreliable, so anything could happen.
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wyff news 4. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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nigel: seneca officials are expected to discuss a request to remove a memorial cross on city property tonight. we told you about this yesterday. this cross was built into a stone wall, along a patio outside seneca's water treatment plant. it's to memorialize chuck keeler, a worker who died while helping build the plant. the freedom from religion foundation says the memorial should be religiously neutral. gabrielle: the controversial plans to put a quick trip gas station in greenville's west end are one step closer to reality. last night, the greenville city council approved zoning changes on the lot at markley and academy streets, clearing the way for quik trip to seeks building permits from the city. people opposed to the plans told the council that they are concerned about traffic and safety. quik trip says it held over 25
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designing its plans, and once the city approves those plans, construction is expected to take about 6 months. nigel: pendleton high school held a breakfast to recognize some future farmers. it's part of the national future farmers of america week. university recruiters were on hand for the celebration this morning. they say it's not just men getting into agriculture. they're seeing more and more female students in their programs. >> certainly, ffa has seen an increase in female participation. certainly, we've seen an increase in females in our agricultural programs, specifically agricultural education. some areas are still dominated by males. forestry, turf grass. but certainly, animal and veterinary science is dominated by females. nigel: the eight students reconized will study agriculture at clemson university next year. michael: coming up, all new at 6:00, hollywild animal park is at a crossroads, and its future is in your hands. >> we had to put it out that
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but we're really counting our -- counting on our community to say, "no, that's not what we want." michael: the park's leaders want to meet with you face-to-face, to hear ideas. for the first time, they're launching a major fundraising campaign. why they haven't done it before, and how you can share your thoughts about this place in the upstate. that is all new at 6:00, right here on wyff news 4. john: severe thunderstorms rumbling across southern mississippi and the eastern part of louisiana. a big-time thunderstorm just north of new orleans. a couple tornado warnings in the red boxes. tornado warning continues for
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tornado hillary clinton: i do not believe we live in a single-issue country. the economy is rigged in favor of the top.
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but i want to go further. whether it's poison in the water... hardworking immigrant families living in fear... racism holding people back... wall street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers... because i think america can only live up to its potential when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. gabrielle: south carolina highway patrol troopers are looking for a hit-and-run driver. they say a tow truck driver and customer were hit on the side of the road in anderson county. officials say it happened just before 11:00 this morning, near airport road. they say a driver from action towing was in the middle of picking up a car. another vehicle hit the customer, and drove off. the tow truck driver and customer both had non-life-threatening injuries. they are -- there are few
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nigel: now to greenville county. the school board is considering an offer for tindal park. the park sits on a 2.8 acre lot, owned by the greenville county school district. the board put the land on sale last april. according to greenville online, the buyer and sales amount will be revealed after the school board meets tonight at 7:00. the money generated from the sale of these properties will go toward school building improvements. gabrielle: someone in the upstate has a lottery ticket worth thousands. a $300,000 palmetto cash 5 ticket was sold in spartanburg for monday night's drawing. the ticket was purchased at sam's corner on chesnee highway. the palmetto cash 5 ticket matched all five numbers, and here they are, so you can check. 2, 13, 29, 30, and 37, power-up 3. the winner has 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim the prize. nigel: 350 new jobs are headed to henderson county, gf linamar plans to build a brand-new manufacturing facility there. north carolina governor pat mccrory was on hand for the
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gf linamar manufactures car parts. gabrielle: free shipping just got a little harder to come by for amazon's non-prime shoppers. if you spend enough money on the -- if you don't have a prime membership, you will have to for free. that's a 40% increase from the previous minimum of $35. amazon prime memberships are not affected. month, american girl has released a new african-american doll. she is 9-year-old melody, and she grew up in detroit during the 1960's civil rights era. doll designers, historians, educators, and a civil rights activist collaborated on the doll and her story. melody will go on sale this summer for $115. gabrielle: candy bar maker mars is recalling candy bars and other items in europe after bar in germany. snickers bars and milky way
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europe are impacted by the recall. nigel: a fire leads to crane to collapse at a construction site in southeastern australia. watch this. the crane arm collapsed when a fire spread. no one was injured. firefighters believe an electrical fire started in the motor of the crane. they say the fire is now out. gabrielle: this is all the remains of a home in washington state. people there say the explosion was so big it could be heard from several hundred yards away. crews do not know if anyone was home during the blast. they can't find the homeowners right now, and the cause of the explosion is under investigation. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: a powerful storm system coming in tonight and tomorrow. here is the severe weather threat. not just on wednesday, but as far as flooding, flash flooding, flooding of rivers and streams in the high category for
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during the day tomorrow. we could see heavy showers and thunderstorms develop especially after midnight tonight. strong straight-line winds are a possibility with that thunderstorms. that will most likely be late tonight into northeastern georgia, and then across the entire area, especially the upstate, through the morning hours on wednesday. morning hours on wednesday, a medium threat of isolated tornadoes. incredible wind shear going on, a lot of spin. we could see supercells ahead of we will have rotating thunderstorms that could possibly spawning brief tornado. a dangerous situation. a low to medium risk of large hail possible as we go through the day on wednesday with the line of nasty thunderstorms moving through. right now, they are affecting mississippi, southwestern alabama, back into louisiana. they will continue to intensify and move through downtown new orleans as we go through the
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i showed you the warnings around mississippi. those are the only warnings right now except for north of new orleans, and those will move this evening. he dangerous situation. we are socked in with low clouds, drizzle, and rain, as we are wedged in with a northeasterly wind. we will stay very stable most of the night tonight, but we could see heavy showers develop overnight tonight, especially in the mountains. if that occurs, we have already had a couple inches of rain across most areas in the mountains. the ground is saturated. there is no place for the extra water to go. running very high right now. we will watch that closely. flash flooding possible late tonight with that thunderstorms moving through into tomorrow morning as far as street flooding goes. we will watch that. flash flood watch from now until 6:00 tomorrow evening. expect an additional 2-4 plus inches of rain across most
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areas. the storm prediction center says, from greenville to columbia to the midlands to the coast, a risk of severe weather we could see severe weather moving in as early as late tonight through norththstern georgia, then spreading across wednesday morning. this is where the storm prediction center has it. there is a chance outside the mountains in the upstate, and into northeastern georgia, of early tomorrow morning. we will watch this closely for morning. chris will be in tomorrow morning with dale to keep you updated on the threat. a live shot in hendersonville, socked in with low clouds, fog, and drizzle. to time. cool temperatures. this is protecting us. let's hope the cool, stable environment can hold on, this wedge, as the storm system comes in it will gradually break it
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but will it be a slow process? it might just be the western and southwestern upstate and northeastern georgia and the southern part in the upstate has the best chance of severe weather, and that will be the key. you can see the wedge. 45 in raleigh, 47 in charlotte, greenville, all the way back into northeastern georgia. 74 degrees south of the front in macon, georgia. there is the severe weather. here is the low. it will intensify and move west of the mountains over the next 24-36 hours. of the back edge of the system, it will be cold enough to produce snow in the mountains. rain, drizzle, fog, thunder late, low 48 in the mountains. rain, drizzle, heavy rain later tonight, tomorrow windy conditions, strong winds. heavy thunderstorms, possibly severe, possible large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes especially south of i-85. showers and storms inin the mountains. windy conditions.
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winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour, we could see trees topple over especially in the mountains tonight and tomorrow. be aware of that. you can see how much colder it gets into the early part of the weekend. now back to you. gabrielle: a lot of kids stream of becoming astronauts and , traveling into space. but apparently, even the final frontier gets boring from time to time, have you seen this video, posted kelly? just watch. soon you will see someone in a guerrilla suit -- a gorilla suit bursting out of a bag on the international space station, and terrorizing a crew member. can you believe? what if you saw that? nigel: who carries a guerrilla -- a goriilla suit into space? gabrielle: just a quizzical tweet from kelly, stating, "i thought you said you had things under control up there." he has a sense of humor. nigel: singer rihanna, now third on the list of most number-one
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thanks to her latest number one hit, "work." rihanna now has 14 number ones. that's one more than the legendary michael jackson. the 28-year-old singer now trails mariah carey, w w has 18, and the beatles, who have 20 number one hits. rihanna's first number one was in 2006. gabrielle: an unusal rescue off the coast of jacksonville, florid,a on sunday afternoon. two off-duty jacksonville sheriff's deputies saved a leatherback sea turtle. look at this. it was tangled in a crab trap line. the rope was looped around the turtles not. a buoy was still attached to the trap. the deputies say it was tightening every time the turtle tried to dive.
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free the turtle the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security...
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...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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nigel: and oklahoma teacher is trying to figure out how to keep it class of third graders focused. gabrielle: she says the key is to keep her students moving. will dupree has the story. >> okay, so what's the title? will: after more than two decades of teaching, >> what kind of a story is it? >> it's a mystery. will: deanna smith is still
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full of third graders focused. >> and what did they do on their snow day? will: right now, she says the key is to keep her students moving. >> we have so much curriculum we have to cover, so we don't get a lot of time to do that. so anytiti i can find ways to make them move, and not disturb the classroom, that is a benefit for us. will: smith asked the school's art teacher to help her come up with a way to keep students alert and active, even when they haveveo stay seated. >> okay, who's dropping the bucket? it's down here. >> and she jokes that she can see it, but she doesn't know how to make it. but i can see what's in her brain. i make it. will: the two initially thought about getting a desk with a treadmill attached, but the cost would be way too pricey. a better idea came along, though, when someone sent the two friends this video on facebook. >> and it's just rows and rows of children, just gently, quietly swinging their feet. and it just [snap] i saw it in my brain. i saw how to build it. will: the product they built can
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desks. they're swinging footrests that the teachers are calling "busy bars." >> did you finish yours? will: two students say they wish they would have had a busy bar sooner. >> because they help me move when i'm sitting down and doing my work, and i'm not up bothering people. >> it's just really fun for me, because i feel like i'm on a swing, just, outside. will: one class got five busy bars installed about a month ago, and the teacher says she can already see a difference. >> i mean, seriously. it's amazing how just a little bar that sways can be soothing. will: each busy bar only costs about $5 to make, and other schools within the district are placing orders. >> we had one teacher who asked for two, and then she asked for five, and now she wants another five. will: another school district is even interested in buying a few now. >> bryton? will: but smith says she's unsure if the busy bars will become a business venture. >> maybe down the road. will: for now, she wants the busy bars to solely benefit their students.
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just academic performance. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. >> i can't think of a worse idea than putting a target on the back of south carolina. carol: senator tim scott has strong words regarding the president's plan to close guantanamo bay, and place prisoners in south carolina. michael: first, the threat to the southwest. severe weather caught on camera. this is texas. incredible lightning storm there. the system is headed our way. carol: on the left, a live look from louisiana. tornadoes all over the place right now. on the right, only some clouds so far in greenville. michael: john cessarich, when does the mess that here? -- get here. john: the threat for flash flooding will be overnight tonight and also during the day
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right now, we are stable with a northeasterly wind. we have a stable environment, cool temperatures with off and on showers and even a few patches of drizzle and fog. also, overnight tonight through tomorrow, flash flood watch for basically the entire viewing area. lots of us have seen a couple inches of rain especially in the mountains over the last few days. the ground is saturated. there is no place for the water to go. the rivers and streams running very high. expect an additional 2-4 plus inches of rain across the area. from greenville through the midlands to the coast, a risk of severe weather as we go through the day tomorrow. i think northeastern georgia, you could see the severe weather late tonight, early tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, it spreads rapidly across the upstate. the best chance will be south of i-85 with the storm system. this evening, everything is quiet. if you heavy showers possible after midnight tonight. 1:45 in the morning, look at the heavy showers and thunderstorms
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just in time for rush hour, we could see heavy thunderstorms and severe weather move rapidly across the area from the southwest. more in detail about the storms later on. now back to you. michael: thanks, john. president obama says he's going to make one last effort to shut down the detention center at guantanamo bay in cuba. he wants to transfer the remaining detainees there to a facility in the united states. the plan doesn't specify where that would be, but south carolina is on the list of potential sites. one of the most vocal against -- outspoken opponents of that is south carolina senator tim scott. here is the south carolina locatiti where the department of defense is looking to move the 60 or so detainees who remain, the naval brig in charleston. it's not far from the charleston airport, and just off interstate 526. here is the senator. >> if you bring 30 to 60 enemy combatants, the world's worst terrorists, you are also tracking their friends and their supporters so you are putting a , target on the back of a community. you are also going to have to upgrade or upfit a medium security facility,


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