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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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just in time for rush hour, we could see heavy thunderstorms and severe weather move rapidly across the area from the southwest. more in detail about the storms later on. now back to you. michael: thanks, john. president obama says he's going to make one last effort to shut down the detention center at guantanamo bay in cuba. he wants to transfer the remaining detainees there to a facility in the united states. the plan doesn't specify where that would be, but south carolina is on the list of potential sites. one of the most vocal against -- outspoken opponents of that is south carolina senator tim scott. here is the south carolina locatiti where the department of defense is looking to move the 60 or so detainees who remain, the naval brig in charleston. it's not far from the charleston airport, and just off interstate 526. here is the senator. >> if you bring 30 to 60 enemy combatants, the world's worst terrorists, you are also tracking their friends and their supporters so you are putting a , target on the back of a community. you are also going to have to upgrade or upfit a medium security facility,
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100-plus million dollars. but you can't take care of the national security concerns around that community. michael: governor nikki haley said she would fight the move to bring gitmo detainees to south carolina, as well. carol: a bill to repair south carolina's crumbling roads appears to have hit a major roadblock. a state senator who opposes the bill is continuing his filibuster, threatening the chance for any road repairs this year. wyff news 4's tim waller has been watching the debate all afternoon long. tim: carol, senator tom davis of beaufort says he's aware of the -- he is filibustering as we speak, and he says he's aware of the horrible shape our roads and bridges are in. but davis says he's opposed to raising the gas tax in south carolina by $0.12 per gallon, and giving it to an agency he believes is in major need of form. he's talking, of course, about the state department of transportation, an agency he says is not accountable to taxpayers. davis says the agency should be placed under the governor's control, instead of seven d.o.t.
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he also takes issue with a proposed hike in the gas tax. >> what i'm saying to you is this. i will respond to your question. as we're sitting here to do the people's business. in regard to taking care of the roads and bridges in this state, we ought to be looking at every single available dollar before we raise gas taxes. tim: this went on for hours this afternoon, and continues right now, with davis in control of the senate floor as he continues his filibuster. i spoke today to senator larry martin of pickens. he said it's possible we may not see a road funding bill this year if disagreement in the senate continues for much longer. michael: thanks, tim. we're four days away from the south carolina democratic primary, and recent polls show hillary clinton with a strong lead over bernie sanders across the palmetto state. according to real clear politics, in an average of the eight most recent polls, clinton leads sanders, 57% to 33%. carol: clinton and sanders are meeting tonight in a forum at the university of south
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but first, clinton is meeting with the mothers of victims of gun violence. wyff news 4's patrick hussion is live in columbia, with more. patrick? patrick: michael, carol, we arrived at central baptist church a little after or :00. there was already a long line of people waiting to get in. this is not a large church. i believe we are at full capacity now. tonight, on this stage, five mothers will be meeting with hillary clinton, and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. they are mothers of children who were victims of gun violence, or custody. these five mothers are traveling around the state, talking about how they lost their children, and what they want to see happen after this election. each woman talked about their personal loss, and explained why they were voting for clinton. >> when you lose a child, it's
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losing your sibling. that is someone that has come from your womb, so when you lose a child, there's a whole other dynamic you can't explain to another person. >> no matter what you hear, no matter what rhetoric you think that you hear from people outside of the democratic party about what hillary clinton is or is not doing, do know, weve been -- we know. we have been given the information. we have the resources and we can promise you that hillary clinton is working on your behalf. patrick: these mothers are touring 10 cities in south carolina before saturday past democratic primary. coming up at 11:00, we will bring you more from this breaking down barriers for him in columbia. we will have live coverage from the campus. live in columbia, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. michael: bernie sanders campaigned in virginia today before tonight's cnn forum.
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scope arena. the vermont senator addressed the economy, unemployment, making college more affordable, familiar themes for him. virginia will hold its primary a week from today, on super tuesday. carol: one man is in custody, accused of fatally shooting a woman on a boat ramp in pickens county. investigators say kasey clayton waldrop killed reza farah kahn early sunday morning. he's charged with murder, grand larceny, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. deputies found the victim's car monday night, at an apartment in greenville county. investigators say the suspect showed up at the scene, and tried to run away, but got caught. >> at this time, there is no clear motive of why this happened. we're still investigating that, to see why or what happened that would bring about this tragedy. carol: the sheriff says investigators recovered the gun believed to be used in the crime. they've also detained two other people who might be connected to the shooting. michael: an suv, reportedly stolen from laurens county, was found partially submerged in the saluda river in anderson county.
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with why getting it out was a -- was not easy. mandy: we're on our way back down the an access road after crews were able to remove an suv found submerged in the salute a river. as you can see, it is bumpy. that was just the first hurdle that had to be cleared. it was a slow, bumpy ride up, but somehow, this truck from james auto repair and towing made it up the hill, and to this red ford explorer, about chest-deep in the saluda river near holiday dam. divers from the anderson fire department technical rescue team already determined no one was inside. >> luckily, we got the gear to protect ourselves from the cold water, so we can get in and get out and get our job done quick, so we don't have to stay too cold. mandy: dive rescue coordinator josh hawkins says someone tied the steering wheel to make the suv go in this direction. he and others also helped get it out. >> i'm thankful for these boys here that hooked it up for us, so we didn't have to get in the
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y'all. mandy: anderson county deputies will now be in search of the suv's owner. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, in anderson county. mike: hollywild animal park needs your help to roar into the open. we'll tell you a special opportunity to share your suggestions or your support. john: a live shot from asheville, overcast and fog, drizzle, patches of light rain off and on. very stable atmosphere. we will become very unstable
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tomorrow is a po do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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wild animal park is in your hands right now. carol: new at 6:00 tonight, wyff news 4's mike mccormick, with the way you can share your ideas and your support. >> what we talked about, and thought about, was extending all this, moving everybody. mike: hollywild animal park wants to run wild with improvements. but that can't happen without you. >> we don't want to have to face tough options. mike: following a devastating fire, bad weather, and criticism from peta, the park is at a crossroads. without a commitment from the community, the park, which is a non-profit, could be forced to close. >> we're really counting our community to say, "no, that's not what we want." mike: hollywild needs to raise $500,000 in 2016. the park has never done a full-fledged fundraising campaign. >> when it was converted to non-profit, the leaders said, we want to share our strengths. it's very hard to ask for help and share your strengths at the same time.
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leader, sees strength in admitting the park needs help. >> we really want to have a clear, transparent message of who we are, that we do take great care of these animals. mike: hollywild has a new curator, >> i've been in the zoo world over 30 years. mike: who's looking after the animals, and training the staff. >> there are so many resources that are not being used, that we can use, and we will. mike: what they can and will do, depends on you. >> it's like trying to run with only one leg. it's impossible unless you have the community's support. mike: if you would like to meet with hollywild's leaders to share your suggestions, your hopes, or your opinions for the park, you can do it right here at the spartanburg area chamber of commerce, tomorrow morning at 8:30. the forum runs at least an hour. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, in spartanburg. carol: next on news 4, the debate georgia lawmakers are starting, over who should be
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john: a live shot looking down clemson boulevard in anderson,
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drizzle and fog off and on the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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michael: imagine this. the title of top dog is up for grabs in the state of georgia. and there's some conflict. nice sweater. last week, the house approved a bill to make "the adoptable dog" the official state dog of georgia. lawmakers, hoping to encourage folks to adopt pets. but now, a georgia state senator has proposed the english bulldog become the state dog.
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black, the university of georgia paper. the english bulldog serves as the mascot for uga. the video you see here, "uga ten," the school's current mascot. carol: several upstate women will be awarded next month for making history. the greenville cultural exchange center announced the 12th annual "women making history awards" today. they'll receive their awards at a ceremony march 28th. one of those honorees, our own jane robelot. jane hosts our "chronicle" programs, and has worked in local and national media throughout her career. >> what the greenville cultural exchange center is doing is looking at a lot of women who really live out of the limelight, but make such a difference in this community. and so it's espcially nice to see those women honored in such a public way. carol: other honorees serve in the healthcare, media, and education fields. >> now, your live super doppler
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john: we have a very stable environment right now with a northeasterly breeze. not expecting thunderstorms are severe weather. but here is what will happen over the next 24 hours. severe weather threat, not just on wednesday but even overnight tonight, a chance for flash flooding. a lot of rain. the last few days. the ground is saturated, rivers and streams running high. we could be looking at flash flooding. i am putting strong winds pretty high. straight-line winds from the thunderstorms that run through in northeastern georgia, spreading across the upstate through the day on wednesday. we have moved the tornado threat up. an incredible amount of wind shear in the upper atmosphere means rotation. we may get supercells with rotating thunderstorms. we could spot an isolated tornado mainly late tonight, most likely during the day on
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also, because of the thunderstorms, we have cold air aloft. we could see a low to medium threat of hail. we head into the southwestern gulf of mexico, if we can get the maps to go. it is a process. i have a lot to talk about. come on. i don't need the computer to jam up on me now. here we go. these red boxes are tornado watches from just -- jackson to new orleans. these heavy thunderstorms, tornado warning just north of new orleans. around the lake, we will go live and take a look. wow. look at those cars of the bridge. oh my gosh. talking about a marine warning because of severe thunderstorms moving over the lake right now. winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour with these powerful thunderstorms. a dangerous situation especially in louisiana and also into
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this system will weaken before he gets here, they goodness, but we still have a great of severe weather. right now, very stable. showers, low clouds, a northeast brees gusting up to 20 miles per hour. drizzle, fog, precipitation. overnight tonight, the potential for heavy rain. expect to-four plus inches of rain. the ground is already saturated. we could see runoff and to the rivers and streams and they could flood. we could also see street flooding. flash flood watch continues overnight tonight until 6:00 tomorrow evening. the storm prediction center, from downtown greenville to the coast or the midlands, risk of severe weather across the area. a live shot from on top of the piece center, cloudy skies with fog and drizzle continuing to develop. we are wedged in with chilly air. 45 in greensboro and raleigh, charlotte, although we back and northeastern georgia.
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when will the wedge break down? here is all the warm, moist air coming up quickly from the southwest. the low will intensify tomorrow morning and move west of the mountains. will the warm front lift north? if it doesn't, we will get unstable tomorrow morning and week -- we will see thunderstorms. tomorrow afternoon, windy conditions and colder air comes in behind the front. tomorrow night, we could see significant snowfall of the western north carolina mountains, all the way through a -- through thursday. tonight, rain, drizzle, thunder late. dense fog, what a out for that. windy conditions. heavy thunderstorms, possibly severe. high 66 to marlin the mountains. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour in the mountains. strong winds could knock over trees with the saturated ground. it gets colder and windy thursday and friday. now back to you.
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marc: the south carolina baseball team is wrapping things up. the clemson basketball team, warming up in atlanta. the latest on both teams in just a moment. and the south carolina men's basketball team hosts tennessee tomorrow night. usc head coach frank martin tells us what he doesn't like
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hillary clinton: i do not believe we live in a single-issue country. the economy is rigged in favor of the top. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further. whether it's poison in the water... hardworking immigrant families living in fear... racism holding people back... wall street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers... because i think america can only live up to its potential when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton,
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. marc: the clemson tigers are in atlanta this evening, preparing for tonight's game against georgia tech. the tigers and yellow jackets tip at the top of the hour. brad brownell says don't be
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the jacket have what three of four. >> we are not surprised. we played them all the time. they have good players. they are prepared, they scout, the coaches have been in good positions. it is like anything, a matter of winning close games. marc: south carolina men's basketball looks to be a lock for the ncaa tournament. the gamecocks are 22-and-5 heading into wednesday night's game against tennessee. 9:00 tip tomorrow night in columbia. frank martin doesn't like the late start time. >> i am not a fan. if i get in trouble for that, it is what it is. i am just not a fan. i understand the tv contracts and that is a big part of what we do . i get it. i understand. i wish there would be a better solution than 9:00 starts. marc: south carolina baseball, back in action today at founders park in columbia. usc opened the season with a sweep of albany. gamecocks hoping to move to 4-and-0 on the young season, with a win over appalachian state. anderson's adam hill dealing for south carolina.
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he had 11 strikeouts this afternoon. scoreless in the bottom of the second, bases juiced for marcus mooney. he launches it to deep left. doesn't leave the yard, but it's enough to drive in the first two runs of the game. greenville ads and r.b.i. in the sixth. south carolina and control, usc wins 5-0. 20 area college football players, making their way to indianapolis for the 2016 nfl combine. check-in started today. interviews begin tomorrow. workouts start friday for 8 players from clemson, 8 from georgia, and 4 from south carolina. click on the wyff news 4 mobile app for a complete list of area players participating in the 2016 nfl combine. the wren lady hurricanes and the christ chuch lady cavaliers, the first area teams to punch their ticket to the upper state basketball championships. 4 more teams will try to join them tonight. byrnes, seneca, berea, and the pendleton girls trying to secure a spot in this weekend's games at the well in downtown greenville. the rebels hosting blytewood in duncan. south point squares off with seneca. the winner of that game plays the winner of ac flora and
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newberry and penleton play in 2a girls. blacksburg battle abbeville on wednesday night in 2a boys. we'll have highlights from around the upstate tonight at 11:00. the elite eight of high school basketball. michael: thanks c cld get dangerous, right? john: especially late tonight and tomorrow morning. tonight, we cluld see flash flooding especially in the mountains. heavier showers and thunderstorms possible overnight. the severe weather you see in mississippi and louisiana and alabama, those are tornado watches. that could race across the area late tonight and early tomorrow morning around rush hour. chris and dale will keep you up to date tomorrow morning. carol: thanks for watching.
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michael: breaking news tonight. state of emergency as tornadoes explode across the south. millions under a severe threat. fears the town could be demolished in the dark. trump towers as nevada votes tonight and can he win three in a row? and can anyone stop him. murder mystery, chicago images of the uber murderer in a gun shop hours before prosecutorses say he went on a shooting rampage. a popular sports skast e fights back after being secretly videoed in a room next door. could someone be watching you. and eating natural. millions look for on the label, but what
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amid calls for a crackdown, an answer that might surprise you. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. a violent and unseasonable weather outbreak is happening right now in the south. already several tornadoes have touched down in louisiana. the first images showing a trail of damage and destruction, and forecasters say the risk will continue overnight. at this hour tornado watches are posted across parts of three states and several others are under flood watches with heavy downpours predicted. the national weather service calling this a particularly dangerous situation. up to 19 million people are in the potential danger zone with alabama, mississippi and louisiana facing the worst of it right now, and louisiana is where we begin with nbc's jacob rascon. >> reporter: tonight a monster winter storm is wreaking havoc


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