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last 2-3 hours, i may have good news. this wedge of cool air i talk about a lot is wedged up all the way against the mountains. it is in the upper 30's in boone . it has become more established this evening, much stronger. system coming up from the we have had heavy showers that have tried to become thunderstorms in the southwestern mounds of north carolina, but they fall apart because they move into a cooler, more stable environment, which is on top of us right now. the key will become a will the wedge hang tough? this is what it looks like, at 1:15 a.m. tonight. the computer models are trying to print milder temperatures by 7:00 tomorrow morning which means this could be severe thunderstorms moving through right at rush hour in northeastern georgia. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, the whole system has raced east and will -- we will be in good shape. the potential for severe weather from greenville through the
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i have lowered the threat across the area, because of the fact that the wedges holding strong tonight. but still, medium to high risk for flash floods, damaging winds in the medium category, low-to-mid chance of a brief tornado south of i-85. more about that in detail later on. michael: don't forget, when bad weather hits, you can turn to the wyff 4 mobile app. it has all you need to watch the weather when the tv isn't on. you contract the storms and get , -- you can track the storms and get the latest on school closings and alerts. turning to commitment 2016 news. voting is underway in the next republican contest, the nevada caucuses. carol: these are live pictures from a las vegas caucus site. the polls close in nevada at midnight our time. donald trump is expected to do well in nevada. he hopes to build on his victories in new hampshire and south carolina. michael: the real battle may be taking shape for second place, between senators ted cruz and marco rubio.
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true alternative to donald trump. carol: now, the democratic race. hillary clinton and bernie sanders took part in a cnn presidential townhome. -- tom hall. michael: the town hall was held carolina in columbia, and that's where we find wyff news 4's patrick hussion. patrick? patrick: michael and carol, senator sanders is looking for a strong performance in this weekend's south carolina primary competitive against hillary he won in new hampshire, but lost to clinton in nevada on saturday night. tonight, on the usd campus, they both had a lot to say in the town hall meeting. both responded to president obama's plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay. take a listen. >> we look like hypocrites and fools to the entire world. what we have done is, locked up people in a way that is causing all kinds of repercussions around the world. people say, "oh, you're a
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locked people up in an island, and i think that has hurt us all over the world. obviously, if people are terrorists, they need to be confined, and we need to make sure that they stay in jail until whatever happens. but i think the president is right. i think we should shut down guantanamo. i think in the long run, it will help us significantly. >> there is no reason for us to continue to have guantanamo, which is a very serious, i guess, symbol for a lot of the people around the world who would do us harm, and try to recruit others to do us harm. so where they end up should be a matter of negotiation. i know that is what the president wants to do. i will say this. we've got a few places in the country that, not here, but the maximum security place that i think is in colorado, there is one in illinois, that hold some really terrible people
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crimes, including the mastermind the -- of the first attack on the world trade center in 1993. patrick: after south carolina, on saturday, clinton and sanders will face-off in the super tuesday contest on march 1. that, of course, is always a big day. but before the town hall here tonight clinton attended an , emotional forum just down the street. she met with five mothers of children who were victims of gun violence oakland -- or who died in police custody. gabrielle giffords, the former congresswoman, was also there. >> i say, my vote goes to hillary clinton. [applause] patrick: five mothers from different parts of the country, and their personal tragedies. it's part of a series of forums called "breaking down barriers," and tonight, they all met with hillary clinton in front of a mostly african-american crowd. >> we need comprehensive background checks. we need to keep more guns outta the wrong
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we need to close the charleston loophole, that let the killer there get a gun, even though he should have been barred. patrick: each mother talked about how they lost their child, and why they're voting for clinton this saturday. sybrina fulton's son, trayvon martin, died at the hand of a neighborhood watch officer. it happened in sanford, florida, in 2012. >> this person decided to pursue trayvon, to follow trayvon, and to murder trayvon. trayvon was clearly profiled. the media wanted us to believe that it was about the hoodie, but you guys know that everybody wears that hoodie. patrick: congresswoman gabrielle giffords became a victim of gun violence herself five years ago. she spoke at the end. >> speaking is difficult for me,
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these two words, madam [applause] patrick: that was at central earlier. those five women those mothers, , joined clinton here at the cnn town hall. week. clinton will primarily keep her focus here in the state for the rest of the week. senator sanders, however, is headed to kansas city tomorrow, and oklahoma before eventually making his way back here for the saturn -- the saturday primary. live in columbia, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. michael: one week from today is super tuesday. 12 states including georgia, and one territory, will hold primaries and caucuses in the race for the democratic and republican nomination. here is the list of the states holding the primaries and caucuses on the same day. they are alabama, arkansas, colorado, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, texas,
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the -- that is super tuesday. republicans only, alaska, north dakota, and wyoming caucuses. democrats only, american samoa caucus. carol: some important dates to remind you about. the south carolina democratic primary is this saturday, february 27th. in georgia, both primaries are on tuesday, march 1st. and in north carolina, both primaries are on tuesday, march 15th. michael: president obama is following through on a 2008 campaign promise. today, he unveiled plans to shut down the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay. most of the prisoners would be moved to other countries. others, though, would be moved to a new facility somewhere here in the u.s. that facility would cost up to $305 million a year to operate. this, after an initial $290 million to $475 million to construct. the commander-in-chief said today, the detention center in guantanamo bay undermines national security. >> guantanamo harms our partnerships with allies in other countries, whose cooperation we need against terrorism.
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leaders, they bring up the fact that guantanamo's not resolved. michael: the president estimates this plan would save up to $85 million a year. the plan faces an uphill battle in congress. the president has said he may resort, if needed, to executive action. carol: as we said, the plan doesn't specify where in the united states the remaining detainees would go, but south carolina is on the list of potential sites. one of the most vocal against the decision to close gitmo, is south carolina senator tim scott. here is the south carolina location where the department of defense is looking to move the 56 or so detainees who remain, the naval brig in charleston. it's not far from the charleston international airport, and just off interstate 526. >> if you bring 30 to 60 enemy combatants, the world's worst terrorists, you are also tracking their friends and their supporters, so you are putting a target on the back of a community. you are also going to have to upgrade or upfit a medium security facility,
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100-plus million dollars. but you can't take care of the national security concerns around that community. carol: governor nikki haley said she would fight the move to bring gitmo detainees to south carolina, as well. michael: president obama is expected to nominate a replacement for the late justice antonin scalia. but today, republicans on the senate judiciary committee said there will be no hearing on a nominee from the president. majority leader mitch mcconnell says the nominee should come from his successor. you may recall, scalia died 10 days ago. he was 76. today, we learned that scalia suffered from many health problems, including obesity, artery disease, and diabetes. john: a powerful storm system to the southwest and west, look at alabama, mississippi, and louisiana. this is all tornado reports. this is hail, and on the back edge of the storm system, in the ozarks, it is in the form of snow.
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hillary clinton: i do not believe we live in a single-issue country. the economy is rigged in favor of the top. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further. whether it's poison in the water... hardworking immigrant families living in fear... racism holding people back... wall street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence.
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i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers... because i think america can only live up to its potential when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton,
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neighborhood efforts to save tindal pa carol: neighborhood efforts to save tindal park proved to be all for nothing tonight. michael: the greenville county school district struck a deal with a developer to sell the 2.8 acre site. wyff news 4's john lyon says,
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on one family. >> it's hard to get down here. john: 6-year-old finn smith climbs down the pig's tail at the tindal park playground. >> sometimes, i play with my friends here, and i really like this park, because this is where i learned to ride a bike on the tennis court. john: it's the park his father also played at when he was a kid. >> it's a good place for parents with single kids, like us, to get out and have some sort of fun with other kids. john: the park, once an elementary school site, is no longer needed by the district. for sale signs went up, and residents started petitions and campaigns to save the park, trying to keep the playground, tennis, and basketball courts for their children. but tonight, those dreams died hard. >> it's a sad day for all of us that love that park, it's a sad day for people in this community that love green spaces. >> we aren't in the business of holding onto property. we are not in the park business. john: the district voted tonight
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for tindal park from new focus builders, a local company that has built in verdae. >> we feel like they will do a good job, and i know they are willing, they made it clear to us that they are willing to work with the community. they want to make the community and the neighborhood happy. that's what they do when they work on any project. john: finn, his dad, and the rest of the neighborhood will have to wait and see what develops here. >> there's not going to be much green space left, so yeah, i'd like to keep it around. john: the $1.5 million is going to help fund career centers throughout the county, and the sale of this property is expected to be finalized in less than 3 months. john lyon, wyff news 4, greenville. carol: last month, we showed you an amazing luminary tribute to a young greenville mother named lindsey motley. the hundreds of candles were visible from sky 4 as it flew over her neighborhood. lindsey motley had been battling colon cancer since the age of 26. she told her story publicly, and
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for the disease. according to the greenville news, lindsey motley died late today. she was just 29 years old. michael: to oconee county now, where the mayor of seneca says, that memorial cross on city property is not going anywhere. this cross was built into a stone wall outside seneca's water treatment plant. it's in memory of chuck keeler, who fell as he worked on the plant. the freedom from religion foundation out of wisconsin says the memorial should be religiously neutral, but the mayor disagrees. his statement, released tonight, quote, "while i appreciate the concern that some may think this display to be an endorsement by a public body of a certain religion, it is my opinion that this memorial, and remembrance to life lost, is anything but a religious endorsement." end quote. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: the radar is showing a dangerous situation through
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florida. boxes which continue through the overnight hours. sooner later, they will have to issue the storm prediction center, either further east into georgia, tornado watch boxes, or the -- will they move it into atlanta? we will watch it closely and see what happens in this area. eventually, maybe into our area. i talked about this earlier, our edge of cool, stable air has become very established and much stronger this evening. cool temperatures into gwinnett county and atlanta. that will block the severe weather from coming across our area, keeping it to our south late tonight and during the day tomorrow. it will be a close call and i will keep you updated on that. right now, we are in the stable air. we have had heavy showers move through atlanta, even lightning strikes there. it falls apart as a most through northeastern georgia and the western mounds of north carolina because of the fact that our
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still have heavy rain showers moving through northeastern swain county and haywood county. flash flood what continues overnight tonight through 6:00 tomorrow evening. an additional 1-3 plus inches run for rain is possible. rivers and streams running pretty high. it would not take a lot of rain to cause flooding's along the rivers and streams. also, street flooding is a possibility with the heavy thunderstorms that will rumble through late tonight and especially tomorrow morning. as you can see, the storm prediction center has us under the gun for a risk of -- from greenville or columbia and the midlands to the coast line, with the best chance in central and eastern north carolina. everything shift east and south of us from the storm system to the west. this is good news. northwest, you are not under the gun, but i would not be surprised to see the potential of severe weather in northeastern georgia and most of the upstate as we go through late tonight and during the day tomorrow. i have lowered the severe threat because the wedge of cool air on
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stronger and more established and it will protect us from the system coming in. but medium to high risk of flash flooding and flooding, along the rivers and streams. straight-line damaging winds, medium risk. i dropped the tornadoes to a low to medium risk. if we get instability, we could spot a brief tornado especially south of i-85. low risk for hail, that would be large hail. live shot from on top of the peace center in greenville, low clouds, fog, drizzle and rain across the area because the warm front remains to our south area the wedge of cool temperatures running away back and northeastern georgia. 47 in toccoa, 38 in boone. look at the wedge of cold air. all the way back into northeastern georgia, into the northeastern suburbs of atlanta. south of that, it is warm. 67 in macon, they will have a good chance of looking at severe weather. behind the system, it is snowing in the ozarks of arkansas.
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the warm up west of the mountains, and there is the wedge of cool air coming down mountains. the warm front is the key. will it lift to the northeast, or will it stay right where we are? between the warm front of the air. this is tomorrow morning. the computer model thinks the northeast, which means we could see severe weather tomorrow morning round rush hour. it races east tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night, cold air comes in. snow showers for the mounds of north carolina, especially along the tennessee line. most likely, we will issue a snow advisory during the day tomorrow. tomorrow night, and thursday. rain, drizzle, fog, thunder late. low 44. rain and drizzle, areas of fog, four-day to in the mountains. mara, windy with heavy thunderstorms, possibly severe, especially south of i-85. high 66. very strong winds, high 57.
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wind and cold temperatures
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will be dry in the upst >> now, wyff news 4 sports. marc: the clemson basketball team, in danger of falling off the ncaa tournament bubble. three games to play. tigers likely need to win all three to make a case for the big dance. clemson on the road tonight at georgia tech. tigers shooting the lights out in the first half. jaron blossomgame hits the three to put clemson up 12. tigers made 7 threes in the first half. blossomgame with 17 at the break, 22 for the game. clemson up by 12 in the final moments of the first half. jordan roper shoots and misses with 6 seconds left. here comes georgia tech. marcus georges hunt hits the three to cut into the clemson lead just before the break. second half, its tech with the hot hand. adam smith hits the three to give the jackets the lead. clemson would rally. dante grantham hits the big three for the tigers late in the game. just under 15 seconds to play as he hits the triple. we are all square at 73.
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georges hunt draws the blocking foul. he would hit both free throws to put georgia tech up 2 with three seconds to play. a last look for clemson, blossomgame gets a decent shot , but it is off the mark. georgia tech rallies from a 13-point second-half defecit to beat clemson, 75-73. we will get back to basketball in a moment. south carolina baseball, back in action today at founders park in columbia. usc opened the season with a sweep of albany. gamecocks hoping to move to 4-and-0 on the young season with a win over appalachian state. anderson's adam hill dealing for south carolina. hill retired the first 10 batters in his first ever appearance for the gamecocks. 11 strike outs for the former tl hanna yellow jacket. scoreless into the second, bases juiced for marcus mooney. he merely leaves the yard. still enough to get to runs home. greenville's clark scolamero adds an rbi in the 6th. south carolina in control in columbia, usc 5-0.
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basketball teams advanced to the upper state finals on monday. 4 more area teams with a chance to join them tonight. 4a upper state semi finals, blythewood battling byrnes. rebels trying to stay in position for their first boys basketball state title since 1990. all square at 17 in the second. tyrique glenn battles for the board. put back puts the rebels up, 19-17. blythewood regains the lead. again byrnes battles right back. , vonte wright, right on the money as the rebels move back in front. byrnes pulls away in the second half. rebels beat blythewood, 75-55. they punch a ticket to saturday's upper state final against spring valley. down to the 3a ranks. seneca and south pointe battling for a spot in friday's upper state final. first quarter, brayden galloway opens up the scoring with a three from the top of the key. later, xavier barmore also dials in from long distance. bobcats out to an early 6-0 lead. seneca goes on to beat south pointe, 77-72,
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state championship. bobcats facing the winner of ac flora and berea. fourth quarter, bulldogs down 4. with under a minute to go, jerrod duffin with the tip-in. berea now trails, 53-51. same score, final seconds. berea gets a couple of good looks at the basket, but ac flora's kendale hampton comes up with the loose ball, and seals the victory for the falcons. berea falls in a heartbreaker, 55-51. quick check of the scoreboard, the newberry girls are headed to the upper state finals after beating pendleton. bulldogs over the bulldogs, 54-45. dale earnhardt, jr. wasn't happy about his 36th place finish in sunday's daytona 500, but clearly, the driver of the 88 hasn't lost his sense of humor. >> [music playing] marc: dale, jr. tweeting, "those offseason piano lessons are paying off." i don't think fellow driver brad keselowski watched the whole video before tweeting back, he
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to play piano with so little time off. a player p.m., as you can see. it tricked me, as well.
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carol: john: cool, stable layer on top of us. hopefully that will protect us from the severe weather in alabama and through the florida panhandle but is moving quickly in our direction. we could see heavy thunderstorms late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we will keep you updated. chris and dale will be here tomorrow morning.
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security...
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...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin spacey.
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musical guest kygo. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 423 tennessee. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you! thank you very much! thank you! oh! oh. oh, my goodness! thank you so much. thank you. welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. come on, you made it. you're here. [ cheers and applause ] it's happening.


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