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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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allyson: some school closings and delays this morning. graham county, madison county schools, all on a two hour delay. as the school closings come in, you will find him on the bottom of your screen in the ticker. geoff: happened today, severe weather cleanup. we take a look at some of the damage and waverley, virginia, where strong storms killed four people overnight. geoff: also presidential hopeful , hillary clinton talks gun control. we spoke with her exclusively. right now, many people in the area in the dark. duke energy reporting over 3004 hundred people with no power in greenville.
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in anderson, a little over 800. in rutherford, nearly 1000. geoff: let's check in with dale gilbert. we had quite a wednesday. still being impacted with power outages. dale: scary weather yesterday and today, snowy weather causes problems with delays. a couple districts from jackson two-hour delay. check the bottom of the screen and their website, , for the latest. it is that same system. it is pinwheel he was the center just east of the ohio valley area. look at the snow being drawn down into the north carolina mountains with flurries of snow early. cold temperatures feel colder with the wind. mid-to-upper 30's and most of the mountains with lunette 29 and 35 to 40 mile per hour -- with bootnne 39 and 35 to 40 mile
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the mountains will struggle to get up to 40, a b 42 at best and chilly with the wind. we will truck about the rest of the week in a few minutes. allyson: thank you. today will be a busy day for cleanup in the carolinas. severe weather blanketed the carolinas. the wind created most of the damage left behind. wyff news 4's aly myles with a look at some of the damage live from west main street in spartanburg. aly: i can tell you the wind is still extremely windy but not as windy as yesterday. it is cold. cold enough for my eyes are watering. yesterday, it was taking down trees, broken limbs, and you can see where the roof pr -- blew off
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three businesses were open at the same time. an insurance agent who ensures that building happened to witness the destruction. >> sitting at the stop sign, all of the sudden a gust of wind hit the roof and i watched it blow off and then a power line disconnected and sparks were jumping everywhere. aly: drivers were not safe in the wind either. a limb fell on a moving car's windshield. on that same road, a tree fell onto an suv. both drivers are ok. another impact from the wind. you guys mentioned earlier a lot of power outages. some utility poles were actually snapped in half, like the ones you see here on southport road. the good news, duke energy crews are out this morning. they're continuing to work to get the power back on. aly myles, live in spartanburg. geoff: all right. those power outages also affected traffic lights. this happened in greenville along highway 25 at roe ford
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firefighters tell us two vehicles collided after the traffic lights went out. two cyclists who were riding in a group also got hit by a car. however, no one was seriously hurt. the strong winds are blamed for the death of a man in the pee dee. he was killed yesterday in darlington county. officials say the man was walking when a strong gust of wind took down a tree branch. it fell on top of the man, killing him. and check out this tornado video from henderson, north carolina. that town is northeast of raleigh. our meteorologists say that tornado was traveling at a speed of 60 milers per hour. as we monitor the weather, so can you. you can download our wyff mobile app keep an eye on the weather, , track the storm, and get the latest weather warnings and alerts. in other news, we have hillary
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she met with embers of the sorority, and among the cast, steve heard, one of the father of one of the emmanuel nine who was killed. clinton spoke with news 4 about gun violence. mrs. clinton: we lose an average 90 people a day. that is 33,000 people a year. i just find it appalling, and i am going to keep working on it. geoff: you can see the entire interview with nigel robertson and hillary clinton on our to be like that for app. allyson: bill clinton will be in the upstate on the half of hillary. he will be involved in that 2:00 and is scheduled to attend a get out and vote probably at 4:30 at the gb hodge athletic center at usc upstate. for the democratic primary, you
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compared to the republican candidates. the have made fewer than 30 visits and the majority are not in the upstate. >> i don't know if you have looked around your neighborhoods, there are not a whole lot of democrats in the upstate. we have a few pockets of them, but if you survey the elected officials, you find there are very few democrats. allyson: clinton and sanders have no scheduled trips north of columbia before saturday's primary. you may not realize there is third person running. geoff: dr. willie wilson is on the ballot and stumping for votes in the upstate. he held a town hall meeting last night at the phillis wheatley community center in greenville. wilson spoke and answered questions from a crowd of 150. wilson says part of the reason you might not have heard of him is because of his own party. >> been totally unfair. they kept me off the debates. they said they haven't sanctioned me, so therefore they say i am not a democratic
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entitled to the rights and privilege as those ones they sanction. geoff: wilson will be on the ballot in south carolina and 10 other states. happening tonight all remaining , republican candidates will take the stage for a final debate before super tuesday. the debate kicks off at 8:30 tonight. cnn will air it from the university of houston. allyson: we went from strong wind the snow this morning. we have some schools with two-hour delays. dale: yes, it piled up enough in the mountains to cause problems. as we take a look at the southeast, you can see that same system that produced the stormy weather yesterday. it is kind of swinging around the backside of that storm of cold air being drawn down from canada, creating snow and coming down pretty good in parts of the virginias, another the cause
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therefore, quite a few delays or closings for the counties along the tennessee-north carolina border. you will want to check her website or check the bottom of the screen for the list. you still have a little time to do that this morning. be careful traveling across the mountains because they will be slippery spots. amateurs this morning in the 30's. it will feel much colder with the wind blowing. we are seeing anywhere from 15 to 30 plus mile-per-hour wind across the southeast. 29 in boone, 35 in franklin, so must are just above freezing but it feels colder with that 15 to 25 mile-per-hour wind. spartanburg feels like 30. feels like 34 and abbeville this morning with the breeze, so dress warmly. we will get up to low 50's today in the upstate, 40 to 42 in the mountains. over the weekend, it gradually
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look at sunday. 59 in the mountains, 63 in the upstate, and mild temperatures through the middle of next week. >> good morning, we are looking ahead to the next republican debate in houston. it should be fireworks filled. that is because marco rubio has amped up what you could call policy attacks on donald trump. expect to see more on those on the debate stage. ted cruz looking ahead to super tuesday in texas, his home state, trying for a win and hoping to get it. really needing it. donald trump continues to dominate and we have a look at his wife and what she has been doing on the trail. geoff: a look at our anderson skycam this morning. it is cool and breezy, but there
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closings and delays they served our country. our country should serve them better. bernie sanders cracked the gridlock with john mccain to help clean up the mess at the v.a. and strengthen veterans' healthcare.
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and that's why he'll never rush to put our men and women in harm's way. judgment. integrity. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. for the first time in ten geoff: for the first time in 10 years, the south carolina debate -- gamecocks team has 23 wins. the gamecocks lowing past the tennessee team last night in columbia. four players were in double digits in scoring, including a double-double from senior michael carrera, with 16 points and 10 rebounds. south carolina over tennessee, 84 to 58.
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mississippi state saturday. the south carolina baseball team continues to cruise through the early part of their schedule. the 15th ranked gamecocks belted out six runs in the first inning alone against winthrop, including this massive homerun by t.j. hopkins. south carolina goes on to win 16-4. the gamecocks play a weekend series with penn state starting friday. no mid-week games for the clemson baseball team. the tigers start a series with james madison, tomorrow at doug kingsmore stadium. and we're just a week away from the annual clemson south carolina series. that it includes a game that fluor field on saturday. allyson: the u.s. olympic committee prepares their athletes ahead of brazil, a country where the zika virus is spreading rapidly.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:47. here is our own skycam. showing you the snowy conditions, windy conditions in the mountains of north carolina. this is representative of what a good bit of western north carolina experiences, especially along the tennessee-north carolina border. there are closings and delays at the bottom of the screen. at stake a broader look as ago to our graphics. it is the same system that produced the stormy weather we experienced yesterday. now, on the backside of that big pinwheels drawing the cold air from canada and creating flurries of snow across the region's, kentucky and into the mountains of north carolina, you can see some of the first snow. it will cause some slippery driving conditions, so winter
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until 7:00 a.m. this morning. slippery driving with russia snow in spots. it is not that cold. it feels colder because of the wind, but 36 and asheville, mid 30's and franklin and andrews. that is a good thing because temperatures will climb to upper 30's and low 40's in the mountains. 15 in hendersonville, 41 mile-per-hour wind gust in boone. it is 12 to 18 mile per hour wind across the upstate, so it feels like in the 20's and asheville, 30's in spartanburg, so everybody needs to dress warmly. normally, we get up to 59. today will be more like 54. the record is 79 in 1930. the mountains will struggle today to each low 40's. low 50's our average. we will be colder than that today. by the end of the weekend, after
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couple of chilly days and then things start to warm back up by sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week will be above normal as far as our temperatures. the 50's in the upstate for a high today in the mountains struggling to get above 40 with clouds and flurries early. looking ahead, it clears up. chilly mornings and cool days who saturday. upper 50's in the mountains and low 60's in the upstate, so a nice ending to the weekend and pretty weather to start next week. allyson: thank you. severe storms tore through the hampton roads region of virginia. state police say several key roads in waverly are impassable due to storm damage, as well as flooding and high water. police are asking drivers to avoid the area for the time being. storm damage was also reported in the town of newport news. six people, including four children, are without a place to live after a large tree fell onto their home. geoff: a young family escaped from their home just moments before severe storms ripped off their roof. the home in wayne county, north
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was under a tornado warning. the national weather service in raleigh is investigating whether a twister caused the damage. the family fled to the neighbor's home before the full brunt of the storm hit. in addition to losing its roof, the mobile home also received significant rain damage. it's not known yet if it is a total loss or not. allyson: severe storms caused major damage to homes in one florida neighborhood. the roof was torn off of this home located in port charlotte. that's 100 miles south of tampa. strong winds sent pieces of debris and ceiling insulation flying across the yard while cars and trees were also damaged. other homes in the neighborhood also suffered damage to screen porches, roofs, and trees. currently no injuries have been , reported. geoff: turning to news 4 your health now, the u.s. olympic committee is preparing its athletes and staff ahead of the olympic games in brazil a country where the zika virus is spreading rapidly. a usoc doctor, along with public health officials, testified
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committee hearing yesterday. >> we expect many travelers returning to the united states to have zika virus infection, but we are doing what we can to prevent the severe complications. geoff: the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases predicts it will have a zika vaccine ready to go into phase one clinical trials this summer. researchers built the vaccine based on previous work from another mosquito-borne virus, west nile. allyson: kids may have an easier time learning math and spelling if they step away from their desks and jump around. researchers in the netherlands tested the impact of combining moderate to vigorous physical activity with classwork. kids in the second and third grades participated in various forms of exercise while learning the subjects several times a week. after two years, the kids did better than other children on spelling tests and performed faster and better on math tests. the increases in scores were equal to four extra months of
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geoff: turning to consumer news now, ups is looking to get goods to consumers faster. ups is investing in same-day delivery company deliv, which works with macy's, kohl's and other retailers to deliver online orders within the same day. deliv has not specified how much ups has invested, but ups says the investment will help it observe the same-day delivery market. shoppers are increasingly expecting speedy deliveries and deliv's founder says same-day delivery is becoming the new standard. allyson: imagine never having to look for your car keys again. volvo says it plans to sell cars that don't need them. instead, the company says it would use the bluetooth technology in your smartphone to open and start your car. more automakers are offering keyless entry options at every price level. geoff: selfies are not just for fun anymore. you can use them to pay for things and maybe help prevent fraud. mastercard says, unlike traditional passwords, selfies
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they've created an app called identity check that allows you to take a selfie each time you make an online purchase. so even if thieves steal your information, they won't be able to use it. and mastercard isn't stopping there. it's also researching how to use your heartbeat and eye scans, to protect your money. incredible technology. an upstate upset on wednesday in the college basketball world. three top 10 teams were upset in colorado. and colorado buffalo fans stampeded the court to celebrate. the number nine arizona wildcats had a chance to tie colorado with three seconds to go, but the shot was no good and a sea of humanity headed straight for the hardwood to celebrate the 75 to 72 win. you are going to see it here. the biggest upset of the day came in cincinnati. the number xavier brought down five top-ranked villanova, 90 to 83. eighth ranked iowa also had a 16-game home winning streak snapped as wisconsin came into iowa city and left town with a 67 to 59 win. there should be quite a bit of movement when the new college
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monday. allyson: a question you have probably never asked, one with an answer. how much would everything from amazon cost? that is next. geoff: coming up at 6:00, flames
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. yesterday, it was thunderstorms and this morning, slippery roads because of snow in the mountains of north carolina causing quite a few delays and if you closings. let's take a close up look. you can see blowers one the tennessee-not a border -- tennessee-north carolina border and snow action in rabun county and western oconee county. it is cold in winter weather guys who is will continue until 7:00 a.m. for the potential look slippery spots on the road.
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to see if your school is closed or delayed. just north carolina schools. upper 30's in the upstate climb to low 50's and the wind will make it feel colder. the mountains will climb to the 40's at best. we still have got impact from that storm today. it is snowy weather and windy weather will continue for a good bit of the day and into the evening because of the big system impacting the country. geoff: i am assuming that you have never pondered this question. how much would it cost to buy one of everything on amazon? allyson: one computer science answer, nearly 12.8 $6 billion. mn and jerod says he does bring related research and determined there were 479 million items available on amazon in 2015 and then he determined the average
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geoff: dale, you will check listings, right? dale: the amazing thing is they can get it to you the next day. allyson: have you ever school to amazon? it takes forever. geoff: absolutely. we are checking the numbers now. let's get to the morning headlines. allyson: cleanup begins in the carolinas and georgia after severe weather marches to the south east. one man was killed in darlington county by a falling tree limb. geoff: outages are causing traffic lights to be out, including greenville. allyson: rutherford county with 990 six outages. in the upstate, anderson with a little more than 1100 outages and greenville over the 4400 mark. spartanburg also more with 3400 outages. geoff: a live look from our scooter -- our woodruff road skycam. we also have some school
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as dale talked about, what can we expect? dale: the upstate mostly sunny and breezy day for the mountains of north carolina. flurries of snow in north carolina. that big system has an impact for good bit of the country and we see that blowing snow causing slippery road conditions and you can see some of that snow falling right now. a few spots in the foothills, northeastern georgia getting a flurry or two in rabun county and western oconee county with light flurries. the higher elevations of north carolina have decided to close today and you will see that information at the bottom of the screen. if you are driving, it will be slippery, so be careful. by the afternoon," struggled but get into the low 40's for the mountains -- by the afternoon, it will struggle but get into


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