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why she's worried the state could be affected. nigel: first, to the weather. strong winds knocked out power, and is even responsible for at least one road being shut down. west washington street near the post office in downtown greenville, has been shut down since last night due to power lines and poles. needing repair according to greenville police. duke energy hasn't given an estimate for when repairs will be completed. gabrielle: now let's take a live look outside at what is happening right now, through our woodruff road sky cam. the winds were not as strong as they were yesterday. nigel: wyff news 4's chief meteorologist john cessarich is in our studio right now tracking
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john: ticket all of these wins. yesterday, we had winsds gusting around 46 miles per hour. today, around 39 miles per hour. we had sustained winds of 25 miles per hour. you can see the highest wind gusts in anderson. in the highest elevations, they are well over 40 miles per hour. snow showers in the county. even some of these snow showers could move into the western part of coney county. some pretty good snow showers moving through. this is up through barton county. i showed you those pictures earlier from the live shot. the temperatures continuing to come down.
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it is a very wet snow. the winter weather advisory continues through the night tonight. total snowfall acumen clay -- accumulations, probably 1-4 in ches. the heaviest the closer you get to the tennessee line. we will look at it again further ahead. nigel: tonight, people still without power. progress is being made. at its peak, 127,000 people were without power in the carolinas. gabrielle: now that number is down to 27,000. 3000 in south carolina. duke energy expects you have midnight. nigel: and some of the hardest restored until friday. former president bill clinton is in the upstate. while his wife hillary clinton campaigns through the midlands and lowcountry, gabrielle: wyff news 4's patrick hussion has been following him today,
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you said it although hillary patrick: hillary clinton cannot be in the upstate. he has just wrapped up a rally at usc upstate. there were about 400 people here. bernie sanders has been doing well so far with young voters . there was a small band of students here who cheered for him when he was mentioned. but most were here to see the former president, who is currently hoarse and hard to hear he says he lost his voice in service of his candidate, meaning his wife. earlier today we were with him at the golden strip career center near mauldin where some local juniors and seniors were able to shake hands with the
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clinton was able to watch as some aspiring firefighters went through entire drills and he also spoke with them, letting them know how important it is that they're learning a trade like fighting fires. we'll have more from bill clinton's rally here coming up at 6:00. he had a lot to say. a couple of shots at donald trump. he did not call him out by name. we are live here at usc. nigel: hillary clinton talk to me one-on-one about the importance of south carolina in her race for the democratic domination. i also asked her about her trust issues with some, the supreme court, her south carolina push and her relationship then and now with donald trump. it is now almost time for south carolina democrats to vote. >> we are going to work as hard as we can to reach as many voters as possible. encourage them to turn out on saturday or vote absentee before saturday.
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granted. i am going to work until the very end. nigel: polls show hillary clinton with a strong lead in the palmetto state and she is doing what she can in these last few days to hold on to it. one issue she is facing with people who are not in her corner is a quote lack of trust. i asked her why and how she intends to gain it >> well, i know that some people have those questions and i think it really comes down to people wondering am i in it for me or am i in it for them. nigel: she went on to say that as first lady of arkansas first lady of the unitededtates, as senator and as secretary of state it has all been -- according to her, about a life of service. >> thats what i believe in those are my values that is what i try to do in every public trust or public position that i have ever had. and i think the people who have worked with me the people who know me know they can count on me and i am just going to keep making that case to voters. nigel: coming off a win in
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to hang on to his lead on the republican side. i asked clinton about her past relationship with trump, and if they speak now. >> no i haven't talked to him or seen him in many years actually. we were social acquaintances we both lived in new york. i've been, frankly, surprised by what he has said in this campaign some of the insults and language that he is using. nigel: when i asked if there was one person she would rather face in a general election. >> i'll let the republicans decide who should be their nominee nigel: hillary clinton says she wants people to remember what she promised and do this. >> hold me accountable as not only a candidate but as president. that is why i am laying out very specific plans about what i am going to do. because i want people to know what i am going to try to do. make college affordable, community college free, pay down student debt. all of the issues that are on peoples minds that they
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know i've thought about this, i know i can make progress, build on the progress of president obama. but i want folks to say hey you said you were going to do this in columbia we expect you to do this. that is the kind of relationship that i want with the american people. nigel: we have posted the entire interview on line and on the wyff news 4 app. things are looking good for hillary clinton right now. 60% of those surveyed will vote for the former secretary of state. 14% support bernie sanders. 22% are still undecided in front of the democratic primary. impaired and distracted driving, how some students learn how dangerous it is.
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local they served our country. our country should serve them better. bernie sanders cracked the gridlock with john mccain to help clean up the mess at the v.a.a and strengthen veterans' healthcare.
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and that's why he'll never rush to put our men and women in harm's way. judgment. integrity. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. we all know being impaired or distracted while driving is nigel: we all know being impaired or distracted while driving is dangerous. gabrielle: some students found that out first hand. reporter: here at crescent high, anybody who drives, put on these goggles today. a had lenses inside that allow them to be in a 3-d world.
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wheel in virtual reality, all different, but the same reaction. >> i swerved around the road and almost hit a car. it was crazy. >> i was all over the place. reporter: the arrive a live, allowing students to see how slow reaction time can be when a driver is texting or impaired. >> it definitely showed us this is realized. this can happen. reporter: it is part of the alive at 25 program. they must first go through the national safety council four- hour class on defensive driving. this is another tool to keep drivers safe. >> to eliminate that distraction. reporter: the message here heard
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>> i would never do it again. >> the phone is going in the console and not coming out. reporter: the united way
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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the university of tennessee athletics department is
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nigel: the university of tennessee athletics department is responding to a lawsuit that accused the school of mishandling assault complaints against athletes. athletic director says it's the school's top priority to get to the bottom of the accusations. yesterday former u.t. football player drae bowles says his teammates and the coach told him he had betrayed the team when he assisted a woman who said she'd been raped by two other players. gabrielle: the father of sportscaster erin andrews took the witness stand in the trial against his daughter's accused stalker and the nashville marriott. it's been nearly eight years since she was secretly recorded, naked in her hotel room. her father, steve, told the court how he felt when the video was first posted online. he said his daughter is afraid of people, terrified to be in crowds and doesn't trust anymore. the man who recorded andrews pleaded guilty in 2010 and was sentenced to two 1/2 years in prison. andrews is suing the stalker and the nashville marriott for 75
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distress and humiliation. nigel: a bill to stop coal ash from being dumped in pickens county has been approved and it's on its way to the governor for signature. this prevents a landfill from being built in liberty. there are plans by a north carolina company to build coal ash. coal ash can only be dumped in class v landfills. the landfill in liberty was only going to be a class two landfill. the governor says that is going to be a big win for the people. michael: coming ahead, all new at 6:00 tonight. a look back at more than 30 years worth of life-saving work.
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it's not just for the homeless. it's for the homeless and the hungry. this week, the spartanburg soup kitchen is celebrating a big anniversary. and doing it with more than 100 pizzas, a gift from a national chain. meet a long-time volunteer, and a woman who says the spartanburg soup kitchen has kept her alive for more than 20 years. nigel: nikki haley sounding off against the president's plan for guantanamo bay. it does not specifically say where prisoners were go. south carolina is on the list. >> it is amazing to me how tone deaf he is at a time when we are seeing more terrorism in our country and around the world that he would consider moving the people that are the most interest to south carolina or any other state. i think he will see a big fight. nigel: the charleston area is one of the potential sites. the governor said that the move would put a target on the back
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gabrielle: now to the question of closing the prison at guantanamo bay. we are asking you what should be done with the prisoners? take our poll and let us know what you think. 70% say try them in the u.s. 2% say deport them to their own country. u.s. lawmakers are accusing toccata of faking test results to cover up the exploding airbag issue. the transportation committee shows that information was manipulated to hide the problem. the airbags could explode, causing serious injury or death. it has been called the largest and most complex safety recall in u.s. history. nigel: the apple watch failed to be the popular stocking stuffer that apple hoped.
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marketing report. apple shipped more than 4.1 million of the smartphone watches. the apple watch comes in three models. the apple watch sport costs $349. gabrielle: hunger games star jennifer lawrence is the highest-paid oscar nominee. lawrence is nominated for an academy award for best actress in her movie "joy." she earned $53 million between june of 2014 and june of 2015. she is only 25 years old. she is the youngest person ever with four oscar nominations. the second highest-paid oscar nominee, leonardo dicaprio. the u.s. coast guard swung into action yesterday after a fishing
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the 74-foot boat ran aground in queens. the rough waters did cause a problem for the coast guard. the five coast guard members on that boat were safely able to make it to the beach. john: dry conditions in the upstate. in the mountains we still have those rain and snow showers continuing. those run all the way back into northern alabama and tennessee and the northwestern part of kentucky. there has been some rain, snow mix in kentucky as well. some ready heavy snow showers right along the north carolina and tennessee line. you can see right here in madison county. this is back into east tennessee around gatlinburg.
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into the western part of mcdowell county. this is hendersonville all the way back to brevard. as far as snow, the winter continues in these areas. still a couple of more inches of snow. storm totals will be 1-4 plus inches of snow. there will be higher elevations the closer you get to the tennessee line. continuing to get pounded with the northwestern flow. whatever does not make it over the mountains will stay on the western slope. you will see just as much as half a foot of snow. i would not advise taking interstate 40. look at another snow shower moving through. he have seen this off and on. this is the live shot now. snow showers are going to come in pretty quickly. clouds are going to come up and clouds will move through from
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it reduces visibility. be careful into transylvania county. 30 degrees currently in boone. 40 seven in clemson and in greenville and in lawrence. 54 degrees is a warm spot, if you call it that. the winds making it feel much warmer than the current temperatures. we have had gusts up to 35 miles per hour this afternoon. we still have very windy conditions. northwest at 24 miles per hour in boone. these are sustained winds. it feels like 29 in hendersonville. a wind chill of 37 degrees. it is very cold out there. the wind outside of the mountains will diminish as we go through this evening.
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50 currently in atlanta. these temperatures are running 5-10 degrees below the average. this is into eastern canada. a good 2-4 inches of snow expected in the area. that will slam down across our area. then the ridge will build up in the plains. that will give us some nice weather starting sunday afternoon. the forecast for tonight, the sun continues to go down. a low of 31 degrees. scattered snow showers for the mountains. a low temperature of 26 degrees. tomorrow, we can expect bright sunshine. still quite breezy, if not windy. if you left over flurries in the morning. then lighter winds in the morning. mild temperatures it with a
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gabrielle: ahead, we are talking about girl power. fourth-grade girls going back to the old neighborhood can be hard sometimes. walls have been built invisibly around the old neighborhood and that police brutality is used to keep folks hemmed in,
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i spent my entire life in the civil rights movement. i came up in the naacp like my mom came up in the naacp, like my father came up with the congress of racial equality, like bernie sanders came up with the congress of racial equality. black lives matter. we need to combat institutional racism from top to bottom in a broken criminal justice system. i'm supporting bernie sanders for president and all of us who have joined this campaign are there for the same reason. he's always fought for a populus position of let's fight for all our families as if they are our own.
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engineering day. it's part of the national engineering nigel: today is, introduce a girl to engineering day, it's part of the national engineering week, celebrated across the country. gabrielle: wyff news 4's aly myles went to aj whittenberg elementary school in greenville as the 4th grade girls-learned from the pros. >> have you guys used tablets? iphones? reporter: from teeny, tiny 3-m products. >> this is something we make for electronic devices. reporter: two massive ge factories. >> there is something awesome about being different and breaking out of the mold. reporter: these girls know that engineering is more than just a job.
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opportunities. reporter: what we want to do to get these girls into the pipeline is say yes you can and yes you should. for some, talking with local female engineers was a glimpse at their future. >> i want to build bridges when i am older. >> i might not be an engineer but i am very interested because there's so many people that make the world a great place because theyre engineers. reporter: regardless what their job titles might be one day, aj whittenberg's principal says breakfasts like these show their students-their options are limitless. >> to talk about the aspects of their jobs, what it took to actually took to get in the field, what interested them and it gives our girls the opportunity to ask questions. and these girls-are already passing on their sage advice. reporter: wyff news 4 at aj
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gabrielle: east coast picking up the pieces after that tragic storm system that knocked out power for thousands. >> if it comes down to trump, we do not know if he can win a general. that is a concern. nigel: will south carolina's governor support him if he wins the nomination? gabrielle: back to the storm damage. our own skycam needs some repairs after yesterday's winds. chief meteorologist john is tracking our forecast for us. john: that is what happens when you have 50-60 mile-per-hour wind gusts. this is time lapse. bouncing around like crazy. we lost our skycam. engineers will be up there
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the winds will start to die down. speaking of wind gusts, let's see what they look like today. we had them in the anderson and asheville area. anywhere between 40-46 miles per hour. today, up to 39 miles per hour. it was still very windy. yesterday, hour winds were very strong, but it was a warm wind. a bit of a snow showers as we move through the mountains of north carolina. the winter weather advisory still continues through the until 7:00 tomorrow morning. of snow. this is the closer you get to the tennessee line. asheville, gainesville, you snow.


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