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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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carol: authorities say three people were killed in a series of attacks. michael: officials say one happened at the excel industries plant. it is a lawn mower parts plant. it is just north of wichita. kansas. the suspect was shot and killed carol: by police. that person was an employee at excel. police say 14 people were injured in the attacks which took place at four locations. download the wyff 4 mobile app for the latest on this breaking news story. michael: first up, the weather. damaging winds in the carolinas. overnight, fierce winds sent trees crashing down and flattened homes. this happened in oxford, north carolina, near virginia. just one of many communities starting to pick up the pieces. the strong winds were also felt carol:the strong winds were also felt in greenville. it knocked out power. it even shut down at least one road. this is west washington street. it's been closed since last night. no word tonight on when it will reopen. michael: john such as desk john is right here. it turned into a cold, strong winds today to john: winds gusting from 40 to 46 miles across the area.
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behind the front today, it is a cold wind. it is starting to relax, as expected. fairly light winds out of the west, but still windy conditions in most of the mountains. snow showers with the northwesterly flow through north georgia and suburbs of atlanta. snow showers taking off and starting to concentrate more toward the tennessee line. that will happen through the night tonight. as far as the winter weather advisories, that continues until 7:00 in the morning. another one to four inches of snow possible. four inches in the west basin slope and the higher elevations. maybe a dusting in the southeastern part of montford county. your wake up weather looks like this, lots of sunshine in the upstate. light winds. 26 degrees in the mountains with
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still breezy but not as windy. 26 degrees. a look ahead to the weekend him and i will talk about the tornado outbreak we have had over the past week. michael: thank you. great now hundreds of people are , in the dark in the upstate. carol: in spartanburg county, more than 600 people are without power. in greenville county more than , 150 people are in the dark. michael: pickens county fewer than 30 are without power. download the wyff news 4 app for the latest on power outages. commitment 2016. five republican presidential candidates on the stage in houston, and it was almost all about donald trump. carol: the gop front-runner taking shots, and dishing them out. marco rubio and ted cruz trying their best to slow trump's momentum. all five candidates took part in tonight's debate. michael: sally kidd has more from our exclusive washington newsroom. sally: fiery exchanges between
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marco rubio taking off the gloves and aggressively going after donald trump the first time. senator rubio: you are the only person who has ever been fined for hiring people illegally. mr. trump: i am the only one that has hired people. sally: candidates clashing over immigration. senator cruz: when i was leading the fight against the gang of eight, where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice." kelly: a jim was used when saying mexico will not pay for a wall at the border. mr. trump: the wall just got 15 feet taller. he used a filthy, disgusting word on television. he should be ashamed. >> if he builds the wall like they built trump towers, he will use illegal immigration to do it. sally: they talked about the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court.
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>> i have appointed over 100 judges as governor. i even appointed a judge to the ohio supreme court. they are conservatives. sally: trumping cruz. mr. trump: i am beating him in the polls. senator cruz going you are not beating hillary. mr. trump: if i cannot beat her, you are really going to get killed. sally: in washington, sally kidd, wyff 4 news. carol: on the democratic side, and a news 4 exclusive, wyff news 4's nigel robertson talked one on one with hillary clinton. he asked about her opponent bernie sanders and his supporters. >> for those supporters of bernie sanders, if you get the nomination and become president what issues that they care about , that he has brought to the forefront can they count on you to follow up on? senator clinton, well they can
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big bank that poses a systemic a risk to our economy. i've said no bank is too big to fail, no executive to powerful to jail. they can count on me to do everything i can to reverse the pernicious affects of supreme court decision of citizens united which opened , the door to dark secret unaccountable money. i have said i would go so far as appointing supreme court justices to reverse that but even to look for a constitutional amendment if that is what it , took. so on the issues that i know he has been passionate about and campaigning on i want his , supporters to know i am with , you on that, we are going to go after them. i think we have much more to do in the country. i'm not a single issue candidate. we're not a single issue country. but they can count on me to go after income inequality the dark , unaccountable money in politics, and prevent wall street from ever wrecking main street again. michael: former president bill clinton was in the upstate today while his wife hillary
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and lowcountry. carol: wyff news 4's patrick hussion was at the clinton rally today in spartanburg. >> it wasn't all rallies on thursday. the former president spent the afternoon at the golden strip career center in mauldin, where he met with some aspiring firefighters who are learning their craft. then it was on to usc upstate, where he pushed his wife's message. clinton hit a number of topics including healthcare. mr. clinton for the first time in our history, 90% of our people have health insurance. and eventually the republican governors and the republican legislators in the states like south carolina who has not -- that have not accepted medicaid for working families will have to take it because it's a good deal. it's an honorable, decent thing to do, and it actually creates jobs and lowers costs. >> clinton did not refer to the winner of the south carolina republican primary by name, but he had this to say about donald trump's message. mr. clinton when one of the : republicans says vote for me
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, by putting up a wall and keeping the chinese products out and the immigrants out he's , shooting at the wrong target , because we haven't had any immigration from mexico since 2010. but never mind, it sounds good. >> meanwhile, some college students in the upstate are clinton and bernie sanders. >> we go back and forth from time to time, but at the end of the day we all just agree to disagree. >> the south carolina democratic primary less than two days away , and hillary clinton has momentum. in spartanburg, patrick hussion, wyff 4 news. michael: it was another busy day for the bernie sanders campaign. he was in chicago today. it's part of a midwest tour with stops in three more states today. sanders started with a rally in ohio this morning. this afternoon, sanders traveled to flint, michigan where the ongoing water crisis was the major topic of discussion. sanders took part in a community forum and discussed his plan for the environment. >> if you want to vote absentee
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primary time is running out. ,you have until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. election offices will not stay open late. michael: in north carolina, the race is heating up for the u.s. senate. the democratic debate was hosted by wral news. the four candidates are kevin griffin, ernest reeves, chris rey, and deborah ross. the topics included health care and social security. they also talked about allowing syrian refugees into north carolina. >> we have to lead the world in honoring every individual. we are the light of the world. people want to come here for a reason. we need to bring them in through a comprehensive screening process that we need to continually review. i would open up the united >> states to syrian refugees as long as they can be verified by the fbi and all the agencies in the united states. however if they cannot be , verified, then i don't think they should be coming into the united states.
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american people to know is that we do have one of the most stringent laws in place on how to bring individuals to this country, working with the fbi, cia and all our national , security organizations and so we have a process in place that is one of the best in the nation >> we do have very strict guidelines for which refugees can come into this country and we should adhere to those guidelines and make sure that we know who is coming in, but what country they come from shouldn't be relevant to that. they should all follow the same guidelines to michael: the north carolina primary is on march 15. early voting is march 3 through march 12. carol: president obama has nominated two people to serve on the united states district court for the district of south carolina. both have upstate ties. one is donald beatty. he has been an associate justice on the south carolina supreme court since 2007. at he was a partner at a law one point, firm in spartanburg.
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he is a lawyer. he works also worked for a law firm in spartanburg. he also serves as a member of the south carolina commission on lawyer conduct. michael: today, south carolina governor nikki haley said she will support the republican nominee for president, even if it is donald trump. she is pushing for marco rubio now. she stepped aside today and talked politics for a time. the governor saying she did not believe donald trump can win against a democrat. mayor: i think obviously mr. trump has continued to do well. but votto really was not a test state. it was a small state with a caucus that does not really count for march 1 will be big and deciding how strong the candidates are. michael: donald trump is leading by 13 points over ted cruz, according to real clear politics. he is a bigger spread over marco rubio a john kasich.
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young greenville mother. memory to move on. >> tree pollen has gone from moderate to the high category.
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i think that if one were to look at the qualifications of the candidates and really reflect upon what our country can be, and look at who can best get us to that place. i think it's hands down hillary clinton. hillary is the only candidate i trust to fight the injustice too many feel and build on the president's progress, not
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my heart has always been with hillary clinton.
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carol: in greenville tonight, the community honored someone to friends families and supporters came out to remember the young greenville mother. lindsay had been battling: cancers and she was 26. she was pregnant at the time of her diagnosis. now her little girl will have a way to remember her mom. >> we want everybody in the community to write letters to lila to tell her what an amazing woman her mom was because she is , not going to be able to remember a lot of these memories. she's going to have video. but we want everybody to tell her what lindsey meant to them and how she inspired them and jay will be able to read those to her throughout her life and that is going to be an amazing gift. carol: lindsey told her story
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she passed away tuesday night. lindsey was 29-years-old. michael: texting and driving is against the law, and some high school students learned why. more than 200 crescent high students got to see first hand how dangerous it can be. they watched a video and put on goggles that ushered them into a virtual reality driving with slower response times. many of them said they didn't realize how hard it would be. >> it was hard. really hard. i would never text and drive or drink and drive. it's terrible. >> it definitely showed us this is real life. this could happen any day 34 . michael: this is an offshoot of the alive at 25 program at crescent high. before a student can park on campus they must first go through the national safety council's 4.5 hour class on defensive driving. carol: today, a pizza kitchen on wheels helped the spartanburg soup kitchen celebrate its 34th anniversary. little caesars pulled up and baked 120 pizzas in the parking lot.
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chicken, and a drink. the spartanburg soup kitchen started in 1982 at the second presbyterian church. it runs without government assistance. the soup kitchen is open seven days a week. >> it makes me emotional sometimes. last week we had a couple who , arrived her hungry and scared. they had come from another county. of course, we were through eating, but we were able to provide a meal for them. that's what makes it so wonderful. carol: today a woman who's been , eating at the soup kitchen for 26 years told us that she believes she would've died had the charity not been there for her all these years. announcer: now your live super dollar -- super doppler forecast. john: taking you back to the tornado outbreak this past week. tuesday, going back and timing is everything.
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tornadoes spotted from louisiana, mississippi, alabama, georgia, through north carolina, virginia, all the way up into parts of northeastern pennsylvania. where we are, the timing is everything. that storm system came through and we had northeasterly winds. we were waged in with stable air. when the wedge broke down, the dynamics shifted to the east and we were all clear. look at the tornadoes develop very quickly. they were east of fayetteville. we offer had them through virginia, northeast of raleigh. these cells are racing to the north at up to 70 miles per hour. once again, thank you, wedge, for protecting us from this mess of storm system. at the back of this storm
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inches of snow in indiana and through michigan. now we are getting a northwesterly flow it's no showers today northern suburbs of atlanta, bexar nashville, through kentucky and west virginia, central mountains. the winter weather advisory will continue until 7:00 tomorrow morning. some of the heaviest snow looks like in the northern part of hayward county. northeastern part of suing county. and the tennessee line right here. some pretty heavy snow. most of the snow is beginning to shift more toward the tennessee line here that will happen overnight. in these areas, that is with a winter weather advisory continues until 10:00 in the morning. a lot of areas of already seen one to three pages of snow. an additional couple of inches along tennessee line in the higher elevation. maybe a dusting to one inch possible for waynesville. otherwise, tapering off by tomorrow afternoon. starting off at 29 this morning. breezy conditions.
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high only 53 tiered six degrees below the average, but it felt much colder. 36 this morning. windy conditions. only warmed up to 45 degrees. felt much colder with the wind. eight degrees below the average. yesterday we had winds up to 46 miles per hour. today, 30 to 35 mile-per-hour winds. a little bit less, but we still had some power outages and trees down. lawrence right now, town square looking pretty good, mostly clear. 40 and five greenwood. 40 in clemson. chilly, 33 in asheville. with the strong winds dying down a little bit across most of the area, still very windy conditions for the mountains. the windchill at 19 are hendersonville. 24 up of asheville.
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that is all the way down into florida. 57 about new orleans. tonight, snow showers tapering off white tomorrow morning. maybe a few leftover snow flurries goodwins bobble died down in the afternoon. overnight tonight, some cloudiness, light winds. scattered snow showers for the mountains. tomorrow, bright sunshine. light winds. high of 54. 38 to start. upper 40's by around lunchtime. morning flurries. otherwise breezy conditions. high around 40 in the asheville henderson area. warming up to only 38 at lunchtime. still unseasonably chilly with sunshine on saturday.
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sunday afternoon. announcer: now wyff 4 news sports. >> south carolina women trying to stay perfect tonight. south carolina 26-1 and the season, coming in 14-0 in league play.
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the first two points of the game scored. the frontcourt dominates for usc. a double-double. 11 points, 14 rebounds for this player. a'ja wilson, another big night. south carolina in front. 1 they moved to5-0 in league play, winning 66-48. to the men, furman on the road at east tennessee state. a slow start, but things got interesting. jeff knocks down the midrange jump shot and is filed. a three-point play. stephen croom, from the top, he drives it. he finished with 19. east tennessee state able to hold off furman, 80 have and 75. cullowhee facing the catamounts. for the terriers. wofford down early. mcgee with the 3, to pull wofford within 6.
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shot for the lead. mcgee hit six 3's, 22 points, but western carolina would counter with a 3 of its own, and the catamounts win against wofford tonight, 53-48. usc upstate hosting njit, and this one had some drama at the end. malik moore drills the 3 at the buzzer, and usc upstate beats njit at the buzzer,. a great look, and moore buries it. one more look here. 72-71. that was not the only buzzer beater tonight. presbyterian on the road at longwood. this came down to the last shot. adams shoots from the three from the corner and gets his own miss, lays it up at the buzzer. presbyterian wins on the road,
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what a night in college hoops spirit workouts begin tomorrow morning in indianapolis at the nfl combine. many of the players participating spoke today. former gamecock pharoh cooper saying today he will not run the 40-yard dash in indianapolis. he strained his quad in workouts. ron rivera and the carolina panthers brass are in place in indianapolis trying to find the next great carolina panther. the panthers are actualllla little behind on the scouting and combine prep side simply because of the super bowl run. but rivera said they are trying to get up to speed. he talked about what cam newton needs to do to take the next step as one of the nfl's elite quarterbacks. >> well, the biggest thing is kind of do what he did last year. that was when he and mike shula and kenny dorsey get together and talk about thing he wants to work on. things that we need him to work on in terms of improving as a football player, and i know both groups will have a list. you know, he'll have his ideas of what he needs to work on, and both mike and kenny have a list of things they would like to see him improve on, and it worked last year. it really did. brad: dave gettleman has drafted extremely well since coming to
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in the first round. tomorrow night, upper state finals begin in downtown greenville. carol: another look at the weather after the break.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] john: it will wararup, coming. somewhere down the road. early next week is early march. it makes you start to think spring is around the corner. and you get frustrated. michael: tomorrow will still be unseasonably chilly. the key is light winds with sunshine. still breezy, if not windy,
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upper 30's to low 40's. still chilly on saturday. a nice warm-up sunday afternoon. most of next week not too bad. michael: i am looking longingly. thank you. carol: thank you for watching wyff news 4 at 11:00. the news continues at 4:30 in the morning with wyff news 4 today.
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mo do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gerard butler -- jenny slate -- musical guest the 1975. and featuring the e gendary roots crew. >> questlove: 425 washington state.


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