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tv   WYFF News 4 6am  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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dale: along the tennessee-north carolina border, fresh snow overnight. even a little will make slippery driving conditions a factor. we have had enough snow, especially in higher elevations. 32 in asheville, upper 20's in boone, mid 30's in greenville, clemson at 38. anderson checking in with 36 degrees and a few other communities in the western upstate, salem at 39 in pickens at 34. warm jackets are a good idea. by the afternoon, we will see low 50's from the upstate just struggling to get to the upper 40's -- upper 30's and the 40 range in the mountains. we will see mild temperatures by the end of the weekend. allyson: thank you. any of you still without power. crews are working around the clock to fix that.
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spartanburg, greenville counties, right on 500 in spartanburg. they had 3500 yesterday. more than 3000 yesterday in greenville and now around 100. wyff news 4's aly myles's live in greenville with other current -- with other concerns. aly: good morning we are live on west washington street. we are between the railway station in the post office. this has been shut down since wednesday night when the weather came through. this is quite a busy road. you can see the utility poles leaning. as of right now, no idea on when the repairs will happen but it will remain shut until then. according to duke energy, they will all need to be repaired as result of strong wind. duke energy says because of the extent of the damage it's taking
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of the outages. the city says this will be shut down until the repairs are made. no word on when that will happen. aly myles wyff news 4. geoff: thank you. information about the shooting rampage in kansas. for are confirmed dead, including the gunman, and more than a dozen others wounded. allyson: officials say what of wichita. injured in the attacks which took place at four locations. more on this as we get it, on air, and on the wyff 4 mobile app. commitment 2016 now, it was a wild night in houston as the gop candidates faced off for the final time before voters head to the polls in about a dozen states next week for super tuesday. allyson: nikole killion is live in washington with more on the texas theatrics.
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them. nikole: hard to keep count or keep up. they say everything is bigger in texas and this debate lived up to that will in houston. ted cruz tied teamed with marco rubio to lash at donald trump and then k-6 and ben carson thought to stay in the pack but are contributed the most aggressive stance. the candidates made a last-ditch effort, sparring over issues like immigration, health care, the economy and foreign policy. if that is not enough, republicans have three more debates scheduled next month after super tuesday. nikole killion wyff news 4 in washington. geoff: thank you. former president bill clinton was in the upstate yesterday. while his wife hillary clinton campaigned through the midlands and lowcountry. allyson: clinton stopped in at usc upstate for a get out the vote rally, where he talked about the frontrunner from the
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trump. >> when one of the republicans says, vote for me, i'll make america great again by putting up a wall and keeping the chinese products out and the immigrants out, he's shooting at the wrong target. we haven't had any immigration from mexico since 2010. but nevermind, it sounds good. allyson: hillary clinton is in columbia today and tonight for multiple rallies before tomorrow's primary. geoff: today will be another busy day for the bernie sanders campaign. sanders will start his morning off with a rally in minnesota and then travel to the carolinas, where he will be at two rallys this afternoon. he will be at claflin universtiy in orangeburg and later, he will attend a rally at the township auditorim in columbia. allyson: and with the democratic primary set for tomorrow, joining us this morning is erik graben. good morning. geoff: erik is the democratic chair for greenville county. great to have the with us.
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you expect tomorrow? erik: i hope it will behind. the republicans had a high turnout in their primary and i into space we will as well. i think there is a lot of voter excitement. certainly, secretary clinton and sender sanders are trying to get their votes out. geoff: bernie sanders was here on sunday and hillary clinton has not then in the upstate this week that her husband has been. talk about of what that says. there are more democrats in other parts of the state than the upstate. erik: i think it is clear that senator clinton is focusing on the lower part of the state and midlands. she has not ignored greenville since her husband was here last week and he was here in the fall, but i think the campaigns are concentrating on where they think their voters are. allyson: what are the most
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erik: i think income inequality, the cost of education, health care, things like that. equal pay for equal work and fairness to immigrants are big concerns the democrats in south carolina. i think that is big to democrats and americans everywhere. geoff: don't go anywhere. we will get more a little bit later. thank you. allyson: taking a look at the roads, i-85 near the southern connector, a smooth commute with the traffic light that in spartanburg at highway 80 at highway 1101 -- 101. tomorrow morning, some roads closed for the half marathon that river street, west broad street, village street, south hudson street, all closed until 11:30. west washington street, right
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we will remain closed -- it will remain closed until they can fix the damage. top of times so far, your friday commute looking smooth. let's take a look outside at 385 from haywood road. geoff: thank you. it is friday and what a week it has been when it comes to the storms and snow. dale: hit has been crazy. we have storms one day, 70 and then it is called. the windy weather continues in the mountains of north carolina. as you look out from our spartanburg skycam, gives field and wofford, we have good clarity in the air and was secret from 36 to freezing. sadly above for the upstate and the mountains of north carolina seen flurries of snow. that has been the case over the last couple of days.
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that cold air this morning, there will be slick spots on mountain roads, so a winter weather advisory in play for the morning. 32 in asheville, mid 30's in greenville and anderson. let's check on a few other communities between greenville and spartanburg with caesars head, tigerville, 35. by the end of the day, about the 20 22 -- about the 20 degree climb. the mountains will reach upper 30's in the 40's today. 20 to 25 mile an hour wind makes it feel like teens, so dress warmly. by the afternoon, we will reach 53 today, 54 in the upstate and mountains jump up a little bit, reaching 46. on sunday come upper 50's to low 60's. the default and into the weekend and a nice beginning with monday highs in the low 60 range. geoff: coming up, we will
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wearing a lot of allyson: this week's golden apple award winner wears a lot of hats at his school. geoff: and his students love him for it. what kind of teacher let's a
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classroom? [no audio] -- riding the unicycle in his classroom? it is harmonious as the sound of their instruments. >> just keep things light, fun and learn. >> he is probably the most hilarious person. geoff: humor plays a big part teaching his students to play a mean straw. >> it becomes a great instrument. geoff: there are board games, too. mr. barnes owns more than 200, posting came that's at the school. and there is this -- a bolland dance class for sixth-graders. >> i have never ball room danced before.
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agreed to continue that was near and dear to the former band director. >> it gives them one more skilled down the road. geoff: and the reason for all the unicycles, one of mr. barnes' students county have been writing them for years and encouraged him to start an afterschool club and he agreed. >> that is how you learn to ride the unicycle. you have to fail whole bunch and get there. geoff: like the unicycle, his teaching style is harder than it looks. >> i have to sit down every day and figure out what is going on. if i come in prepared, that is what makes things work. geoff: and ultimately, what a lot of fun. >> if anything is to be expected here, it is the unexpected. geoff: dick barnes loved at spartanburg day school. allyson: they don't love him at
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geoff: i was going to say, they love him. if you want it to be fun, you have to be prepared. and you can nominate a teacher you think deserves the golden apple award. allyson: just pick up a form at
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dale: w hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ]
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all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> now, your live super doppler
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dale: good morning. 6:17. good bit of traffic on 385 in woodruff road. folks getting up this friday morning. we are watching flurries of snow right along the tennessee-north carolina border, making for slippery driving conditions. that is why the winter weather advisory continues across the mountains this morning. should be tapering off by noon and coming to an end. still pretty windy. temperatures are right at freezing and there will be icy spots, especially in higher elevations. franklin and andrews at 32. let's check on a few other communities. we are seeing robbinsville at 31 and cholerae at 38. watch out for icy spots in the mountains early. mid 30's to low 30's in the upstate now and it will climb to
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anytime that breeze blows like 15 to 20 plus across the mountains, it feels like it is in the teens. boone feels like 11, henderson feels like 13. it is a 27 in laurens. normally, we average 59 for a high, and we have not been that the last couple of days. the average for the asheville airport is not far away. 54, but upper 30's and maybe 41 will be the best receipt for today. still seeing snow generated by that note that brought us that weather couple of days ago. it is producing snow in the ohio valley area. very cold in northeastern canada. some of the cold air reaching orlando and new orleans in the 40's. the cold air will proceed and mild temperatures come in by sunday. still seen flurries in the mountains this morning and that
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we will see afternoon highs climb just about the 40 mark, 41 for the mountains and the upstate will see in of sunshine to get it to 53. a slight bump cap tomorrow. a nice climb on sunday to 62. four days of temperatures in the 60's all the way through wednesday and a chance of showers tuesday into wednesday in the mountains will be upper 50's to low 60's for sunday through wednesday. allyson: taking a look at the roads, as you head out the door come a couple things. this is west washington street with the post office right here and the greenville water system building here. you are looking at the road closure. these power poles were blown by the wind and it is dangerous to drive through. keep that in mind.
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boulevard off of wade hampton boulevard, an accident happening there. one in clear, south of south buncombe road on highway 14. no injuries in either one. the greenville hospital half marathon happens saturday morning and these are the roadside are closed until 11:30 excited a morning, so keep that in mind. could slow things down toward downtown greenville but not too many people going important directions in the morning, no work or school. harry 26 and i to 40 from the tennessee-north carolina line will take you nine minutes. we are looking good on the interstate. that is your beat the traffic. geoff: thank you.
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we wiwi explain allyson: in this morning's buzz, a bizarre traffic stop in california, where highway patrol officers seized what appeared to be a unicorn. geoff: it's actually a white
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and was entertaining guests at a kid the's birthday party, when it ran away. officers chased the lookalike unicorn for hours, as it darted through traffic, before finally coralling the animal in an orchard. allyson: taxpayer dollars a good work. [laughter] dale: i imagine the little girls and boys with have fun. allyson: but if you are driving down the road and it was going beside you, my kids are go nuts. geoff: i'm not should that would happen again. dale: a little wintry weather along the tennessee-north carolina border. you will see information on delays and closings at the bottom of the screen or go to our website,, to check that. watch out for slippery spots on mountain roads.
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53 for the afternoon and a warm jacket kind of morning. the mountains starting out in the upper 20's and low 30's. upper 30's to 41 for the ride home. time for dale's school salute. we have a picture from monarch elementary school. this is the third grade class that recently visited the museum
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their own par 3 at continue to follow breaking news this morni geoff: we continue to follow breaking news this morning. there are in a standup with a suspect to shot of berkeley county deputy. allyson: the deputy was shot after midnight while on patrol in goose creek. officials say the suspect is injured and bleeding and hostage negotiators are on the scene. geoff: new information from
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14 others before he hurt himself. our sister statement identified him as cedric forward. it happened yesterday at the next cell industry plant. they exchanged gunfire with the suspect and killed him. allyson: also happening, north carolina issuing a state of emergency to help power crews bring the lights back on in communities across the state. in addition to that, there are a number of school closings at the bottom of your screen. a live look from our hilton-greenville skycam. they be about to see the sunshine. dale: it comes out a little after 7:00, spartanburg 36 as we look out for markets field -- gibbs field skycam. temperatures will reach low 50's for the upstate in the mountains getting flurries of snow right along the tennessee-north
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you will see that information at the bottom of the screen. watch out for icy spots on mountain roads. by the end of the day, temperatures go from 30's this morning till of 50's for the upstate and upper 30's, 40's for the mountains for the afternoon. it gets better by the end of the weekend. geoff: thank you. not to the power outages in the upstate. crews are working to restore all power lost during severe weather. allyson: spartanburg county has the most outages but duke reports be within 500 with us of down significantly. aly myles is live and local in greenville with other news. -- with 500, down significantly. aly: aly myles is live and local in greenville with that the news. if you look behind the, you can see where the utility pole is leaning over. according to duke energy, the
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need to be replaced. all of this is a result of strong wind over the last few days, causing damage across the upstate. duke energy says because of the extensive damage, it will take longer to restore all of the outages. those have gotten better over the last couple of days, so we do have a few hundred of those as well. the road will be open once the repairs have been made, but there is no word on when that will happen. aly myles wyff news 4 live in greenville. allyson: thank you. taking a look at the roads, a couple of accidents. in taylors near wade hampton boulevard, no word on injuries but there is an accident. we are moving slow around. one in clear and highway 14 and south buncombe road, if you are headed downtown this weekend on saturday morning, we have road closures. river street, west broad and
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there is a half marathon in the area. should be ok this morning. all the interstates looking good. take a look at clemson boulevard in anderson county. that is your beat the traffic. turning to commitment 2016, a wild night in houston as gop candidates they stop for the final time before tuesday. geoff: nikole killion has more from our washington newsroom. nikole: they say everything is bigger in texas and this debate lived up to the billing and houston. it was texas hold of them while marco rubio and ted cruz tied team to lash out at donald trump. john kasich and ben carson five to stay in the past. marco rubio tried to emerge as the alternative to donald trump. >> let's talk about your nights. you served five things, everyone is dumb, win, win. >> please, senator rubio.
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nikole: with only days before super, the candidates sparred over issues of immigration, foreign policy. more debates scheduled next month after super tuesday. washington. allyson: thank you. former president bill clinton was in the upstate yesterday while his wife campaigned to the midlands and the low country. geoff: clinton stopped in at usc upstate for a get out the vote rally, where he talked about the frontrunner from the other side of the aisle, donald trump. >> when one of the republicans says, vote for me, i'll make america great again by putting up a wall and keeping the chinese products out and the immigrants out, he's shooting at the wrong target. we haven't had any immigration from mexico since 2010. but nevermind, it sounds good. allyson: hillary clinton is in columbia today and tonight for
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tomorrow's primary. today will be another busy day for the bernie sanders campaign. he will be a minutes of this morning and come back to the carolinas where he will be at , two rallys this afternoon. he will be at claflin universtiy in orangeburg and later, he will attend a rally at the township auditorim in columbia. if you want to vote absentee for the saturday primary, time is running out. you have until 5:00 p.m. today and election offices will not stay open late. geoff: there was another debate last night, but these are for the democratic north carolina's u.s. senate race met up in raleigh for a debate. all of these candidates are hoping to run against senator richard burr for his seat. burr is actually facing three challengers for the gop primary but is expected to win. the democratic candidates talked about burr's record in the senate what they would like to , see in the next supreme court justice, and how to keep guns
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ill. president obama has nominated two people to serve on the united states district court for the district of south carolina. both have upstate ties. one is donald beatty. he has been an associate justice on the south carolina supreme court since 2007. at one point, he was a partner at a law firm in spartanburg. the other is donald coggins jr. he is a lawyer. coggins jr. works also worked for a law firm in spartanburg. he also serves as a member of the south carolina commission on lawyer conduct. going back to last night's gop debate, ronald reagan's 11th commandment, -- allyson: let's go to our political analyst marc dasandoval.
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beating each other up then hillary clinton and the wind on the stage was pay presidential. take a look at the polls with donald trump. last night, he called mitt romney awful and said that chief justice -- a fool and he said that the chief justice was a disaster and that he said ted cruz is a liar and he said after the debate that he thinks he is audited by the irs because they're persecuting him for christianity. these are comments that are very entertaining and there are term fans who love him but not comments doing good in a general election and the democrats are loving that. geoff: with donald trump doing so well, why is the republican establishment so reluctant to embrace him? stores that obvious? marc: i think a lot still do not believe the polls that he is
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he gets crushed in november if the polls are right, but they are worried he does not embrace republican orthodoxy. he said that planned parenthood helps millions of women, these are not republican party talking points. they are worried that going forward, they will be branded as antiochus tesh and 10 muslim, and to immigrant party of fear and anger. they realize not so many people can pull off an insult in such an entertaining way as donald trump. allyson: what should we be watching for? marc: south carolina is a litmus test regarding minority voters. can bernie sanders wayne where 50% of the democratic voters are african-american? the conventional wisdom is not a chance, but if he does well tomorrow, the race could go for a while.
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the rest of the race will have her drive next tuesday. 330 delegates, less than that, have been named. over 200 will be chosen on tuesday, so we will know much more on wednesday morning who is in the lead. geoff: thank you for your insight. dale: a beautiful view as you look up from our woodruff road
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 6:42 and clear in the upstate. flurries in the mountains of north carolina. check the bottom of the screen for counties operating on delays. light snow continuing along walden's, haywood county, madison county, and the winter weather advisory in effect across the mountains for early morning. the breezy and cold day across the mountains. icy spots are concerned.
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spartanburg at 36, let's check in with pickens county. 38 in salem, pickens right above freezing at 33. william stint at 32. called beginning to the day. temperatures feel colder with that 15 to 25 plus mile-per-hour wind. hendersonville feels like 15 while laurens feels like 28 with a light breeze. normally, we get up to 59 but not today. more like 53. the mountains typically average temperatures in the low 50 range, but today, upper 30's in the 40's may be the best received. by sunday, it warms up nicely. we will talk about what to expect in a few minutes. allyson: taking a look at the roads, a reminder.
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with the post office this way and the greenville bodybuilding here. still closed. it is very dangerous in the area. he will want to avoid west washington street until it is fixed. in taylors, accident off of wade hampton boulevard. moving slowly. no word on the injury situation. multiple reports of an animal in the road in spartanburg at suburban lake road and highway 52. authorities working on that. if you are headed to downtown greenville this weekend. saturday morning, several road closures to watch out for with the half their fun going on. 385 and 85 looking good. 26 and 40 smooth as well. quick and the. that is your beat the traffic. geoff: thank you. spring football practice is already underway for one upstate
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geoff: in our news to go, country. our nbc affiliate reports a standoff is underway in berkeley county with a suspect to shot a deputy. allyson: the deputy attempted to
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and they fought back terry that is when she was shot and she is now in surgery. the suspect is injured and bleeding and hostage negotiators are on the scene. we are taking a look at snow on the ground in some areas and school closings and delays in the area. below on the ticker, you can tell some of the school closings there. dale: quite a contrast, while cloudy and cold in the mountains with clarice, 32 and asheville with the 16 mile per hour breeze and fear in the upstate. we are enjoying cool temperatures early but it will climb to low 50's for the afternoon. a winter weather advisory for counties along the north carolina border through the early morning hours. temperatures rebound from low 30's to upper 30's to 40 in the upstate in the mountains will see temperatures reach into the upper 30's to low 40's. we will see it get warmer by sunday, upper 40's 50's in the
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allyson: thank you. a look at the roads, this accident could slow you down a wade hampton boulevard. that is an taylors. also, multiple reports of an animal and the road in spartanburg at zimmerman lake road. be careful around that highway curve at 52. road closure in downtown greenville to look out for with the half their fun in the area. if you are headed out the door, you should be ok. let's take a look at 385 and woodruff road. let's go to wyff news 4's aly myles. geoff: she is in downtown greenville where severe weather caused problems. aly: good morning. we are on west washington street between the train station and the post office. showed since wednesday night. over there, you can see the utility pole leaning from
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according to duke energy, the polls and power lines will need to be repaired and because of the extent of the damage, across the upstate, it takes longer to restore the outages. this road will be shut until the repairs can be made that we have seen quite a few people ignoring the cones, but a reminder that it is a dangerous area. do not suggest driving around the cones as it is illegal. aly myles wyff news 4. allyson: thank you. in commitment 2016, marco rubio night attacking donald trump. donald trump fired back in the super tuesday primary. at one point, ben carson asked someone to please attack him. geoff: one day out from the side of primary, hillary clinton continues to campaign in the low
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yesterday it usc upstate for get out the vote rally. today, hillary clinton will be in columbia for multiple rallies. allyson: bernie sanders will start his morning in minnesota and the travel to the carolinas, where he will get to rallies this afternoon. he is expected at claflin university in orangeburg and then later in columbia at the township auditorium. geoff: the democratic nominees in the spotlight across the palmetto state. allyson: joining us today is the democratic chair for greenville county. geoff: great to have you. let's talk about voter turnout. what will it be like tomorrow? erik: to you or for having me it is a pleasure to be here. we anticipate a high voter turnout. the republicans had the high turnout and we think we will as well. it is a close race, and i think people think their vote matters
6:51 am
allyson: what are the differences between the democratic and republican candidates? erik: i think how they treat people, including each other. i think the republican debate last night was just stunning. you have three front-runners and at those stages, calling each other liars to their faces, talking over each other, by and large, the campaign negatively by attacking people. they are trying to pick americans against fellow americans who are different, african-american, latino, lgbt, non-christian, and it is the politics of turning one group of people against another group. our candidates treat each other with respect and fellow americans with respect. i don't think you can successfully lead the country after the way that mr. term and senator ted cruz and marco rubio have been campaigning. geoff: thank you for your time. wish we had more time. democratic chair for greenville
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erik: to our. geoff: you information on that big news out of kansas where of them and went on a rampage and killed four people and injured 14 others. our sister station identified the gunman as 38 you will said took cash 38-year-old cedric -- 38-year-old cedric ford. the officer exchanged gunfire with the suspect and killed him. i misspoke earlier when they suspected the gunman had taken his own life. allyson: a lawsuit has been filed against sheriff steve charles grossman senior was fatally shot i deputies after they responded to report a bit robbery in taylors in december. they say a man fired a gun, hitting the deputy in the head fire, hitting the m m.
6:53 am
of rosemann's the state. the deputies broke into his house and never mentioned they were law enforcement. geoff: in anderson, telephone lines are servicing residents and they have been cut for the sixth time this month. lines were cut again on tuesday by these looking to steal the copper. thousands of dollars worth of copper wiring has been stolen in recent weeks. officials say about 200 feet of wire was taken in by the next morning, the technician was at the site making repairs. allyson: in lexington some , people are calling for a state prosecutor to step down. dennis myers was arrested on a dui charge monday after crashing into a pole. this is dashcam video shortly after his arrest. the man leading the call for myers to step down is david longstreet. he lost his six-year-old daughter in a drunk driving accident in 2012. longstreet says the arrest means myers has lost any credibility to prosecute cases involving drunk driving. mothers against drunk driving member laura hudson agrees.
6:54 am
all of the dui cases in his office to the state attorney. geoff: students got to see how dangerous texting and driving can be. allyson: they watched the video and put on goggles that ushered them into virtual reality. it is an offshoot of the alive before students can park on campus, they must first go through the national safety defensive driving. geoff: a good lesson. allyson: great idea. morning, what is on the roads? allyson: a couple of accidents. want to show you these with an animal reported on the road, but first, one in taylors at wade hampton boulevard, and also, multiple reports of an animal on the road in spartanburg county on zimmerman lake road and highway 52. watch out for those two areas this morning. we will see how we look from our skycam. i-385 and haywood road, and the
6:55 am
geoff: i was going to say that is good news for friday. what does it look like, dale? dale: quite a few closings and delays in western north joanna because of the clouds. it will eventually get the book freezing, reaching up a 30's in the mountains while the upstate starts out clear and cold. 50's for the afternoon. tomorrow, about the same. a little fun in the mountains as far as afternoon highs. upper 50's on sunday in the mountains and the 60's in the upstate. that continues into monday and tuesday next week. slight chance of showers on tuesday a better chance of rain on wednesday. mild temperatures to begin next week and no worries about ice or snow, but drive carefully in the mountains. especially this morning with slippery spots. check the bottom of the screen
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>> coming up on "today," secretary clinton and senator sanders in the final sprint for south carolina. we'll tell you why some of sanders supporters think he may have given up on this state. plus, secretary clinton gets some tough questions from a black lives matter supporter. we'll tell you how she's responding and her campaign increasingly setting its sights on the general election. we'll have all the highlights and more, coming up on "today." allyson: and be sure to pick up a copy of today's "greenville news." a house committee cocaine $250 million for roads. big news in the upstate -- house committee approving of $259 for roads. big news in the upstate. dale: chilling the morning but nice and sunny for the upstate and mountains and warmer by the end of the weekend. geoff: thank you. we will continue to bring you the latest on of north charleston, where a deputy was shot this morning and more throughout the morning.
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i think that if one were to look at the qualifications of the candidates and really reflect upon what our country can be, and look at t o can best get us to that place. i think it's hands down hillary clinton. hillary is the only candidate i trust to fight the injustice too
6:59 am
rip it away. my heart has always been with hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. good morning. tragedy in kansas. four dead, 14 injured after a gunman goes on a shooting spree
7:00 am
>> everybody was running. people were screaming. people were crying. >> the shooter identified as cedric ford. this morning, police say they know what may have triggered his rampage. texasassmackdown. things get ugly at the republican debate, with cruz and rubio taking repeated shots at donald trump. >> if he hadn't had $200,000, you know where donald trump would be? selling watches and hats. >> anybody who cared about illegal immigration wouldn't hire illegal immigrants. >> trump not taking it lying down. >> this guy is a joke and this guy is a liar. >> is the low road is new high road to the nomination? we'll talk to marco rubio. erin andrews walks out when her lawsuit is shown in court. she's prepared to take the stand as early as next week. red carpet ready.


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