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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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superintendent says overmyer no longer works at sanders middle school. the superintendent says this type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated in laurens school district 55. so, new at noon, five picture eenville county,. officials say this happened at around 10:00 this morning. the car is gone and the house is smashed up. we will continue to keep you updated on what happened and we will bring you those updates on their on our mobile app. all-star at noon, -- new at noon, the executive director and former timpanist for the greenville symphony orchestra has died. sherwood mobley's wife posted online that her husband had been battling an acute illness for the past two months. she said he died this morning and thanked people for their prayers. sherwood mobley joined the
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1991 as principal timpanist. he was named executive director in 2014. now, to an update to our breaking news in greenville this morning. more than 20 men are without a home tonight after an early morning fire in greenville. the tara apartments houses recovering addicts and alcoholics. wyff news 4's aly myles was there when crews were putting out the flames. >> i just got home from third shift and the apartment was on fire. aly: flames and smoke, that's what chad thomson saw when he came home from work at 6:30 a.m. still, thomson and his next door neighbor chad sheridan say they know they'll be ok. >> looks like a lot of stuff is going to be ruined, but i tell you what we're going to do, we're going to depend on god and he's going to lead us in the right direction. aly: both men are part of the sober-living program run by solutions recovery center. >> this is a tragedy. it's terrible that these men lost their place to live. but where we lose, we can rebuild.
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director craig ciriaco says more than 20 men lived in these apartments affected by the fire. all of them will still have a place to sleep tonight. >> my main focus, primary purpose is these men. we already have enough housing here. we'll put them on couches and they'll have to live with each other until we can rebuild and refocus. aly: ciriaco is seeing the silver lining. >> the important thing is here we can rebuild. we're in our right state of mind, right frame of mind. aly: and even though so many of these men might have lost everything, they're seeing it, too. >> i'm just glad nobody was in there. >> we're going to be alright. everything's going to be alright. aly: aly myles wyff news 4 in greenville. gabrielle: the fire is still under investigation. to an update now in the low
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was shot overnight. the incident began in goose creek in berkeley county and ended with a standoff in goose creek. she got into a scuffle with the suspect and was shot twice. she is doing well and in good spirits after surgery but it will take time to recover. the suspect was later involved in a standoff with police before officials found him dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. he has not been identified. in greenville county, a lawsuit has been filed against the greenville county sheriff's office and sheriff steve loftis. it spawns from an incident that happened in december. deputies responded to a report of a robbery at spring grove apartments in taylors. charles rosemond was shot and killed. the sheriff said rosemond was standing inside the apartment when deputy dave dempsy was shot in the head. another deputy then returned fire. greenville attorney fletcher smith filed the lawsuit on behalf of rosemond's estate. the suit says deputies broke into rosemond's house and never mentioned that they were law enforcement. the sheriff's office later revealed that rosemond was the
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three people face charges in connection to the incident. commitment 2016 now, with the south carolina democratic primary just day away, the democratic candidates are spending their day in the state. hillary clinton will be in columbia for multiple rallies. she was in the midlands and lowcountry yesterday. her husband, former president bill clinton, was in the upstate yesterday campaigning for her, as well. today will be also be a busy day for the bernie sanders campaign. sanders will was in minnesota this morning. he will hold two rallies in south carolina this afternoon. one at claflin universtiy in orangeburg, and later, a rally at the township auditorium in columbia. you're running out of time if you plan to vote absentee for tomorrow's primary. election offices say they will not stay open late tonight. you have until 5:00 p.m. to get your votes in. the greenville county elections director says turn out in the south carolina democratic
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noon, looking at just absentee numbers. last week in greenville county, about 2300 people voted. those were both republican and democrat. this week, about 1400 people have voted absentee so far which would only be votes for the democratic primary which is tomorrow. if you plan to vote tomorrow, we have everything you need to know posted on our wyff 4 mobile app. you can check your voter status and find out where you need to vote. we also have a sample ballot and a video to show you how to cast your vote right at your fingertips on the wyff 4 mobile app. on the gop side, the candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday. texas awards about a quarter of the delegates on super tuesday, and that's were all five candidates took the stage for a final debate before the crucial showdown next week. they were all looking to slow the frontrunner's momentum. >> i see him repeat himself every night. he says five things, everyone's dumb, he's gonna make america great again, we're going to win, win, win, he's winning in the polls. >> it's all true. >> please. >> and the lines around the
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>> it's true. >> if he builds the wall, the be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. example, you're only person on this stage that has ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. you hired some workers from poland. >> no, no, i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> donald, donald, relax. >> i'm relaxed. you're the basket case. >> one at a time, gentlemen. >> you have the floor, governor. you will have a response, but i promised governor kasich he could respond. please? >> wolf, wolf. [applause] gabrielle: republicans have three more debates scheduled for next month after super tuesday. meanwhile, donald trump has a new fake endorsement. senator lindsey graham made jokes last night at the press club foundation at the congressional dinner and decided to make a new endorsement -- sort of. >> tonight -- [laughter]
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>> endorsed donald trump -- i endorsed donald trump. gabrielle: pretty on the donald trump's make america great hat again. president obama has nominated two people to serve on the united states district court for the district of south carolina. both have upstate ties. one is donald beatty. he has been an associate justice on the south carolina supreme court since 2007. at one point, he was a partner at a law firm in spartanburg. the south carolina commission on lawyer conduct. about the weather. first, a live look from our
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sounds like a nice weekend, too. dale: it will be a nice weekend. we have had a couple of windy and cold days after that stormy weather midweek. the sunshine is out, 47 in greenville. the mountains of north carolina still very windy and a good bit of cloud cover as we look out from our asheville skycam. mostly cloudy and cool, just 36 feel colder. one more day kind of like this tomorrow with sunny in the upstate and a few more clouds in the mountains and breezy. it said of being below normal temperatures, they will be of above normal. we will get a break them the cold come sunday and that will last into the first of next week . looks a corner to flurries left in the mountains of north carolina. this morning, it caused delays and closings for schools. over the weekend, looks like we will warm up by sunday.
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gabrielle: we're back with an update to a deadly shooting spree in kansas. four people, including the gunman, are dead and more than a dozen wounded. but officials say more could have died if it wasn't for the heroic actions of a police officer. nbc news' sarah plake has more this afternoon from harvey county, kansas. sarah: workers inside rural kansas plant described a chaotic scene. >> everybody was running, people were screaming, people were crying, we just didn't know what to do. >> and more people running and all of a sudden, pop, pop, pop, i started running, too. sarah: when it was over four people were killed, including the gunman, 14 others wounded , five critically. witnesses say the suspect, cedric larry ford, who was an employee of the excel industries plant, was armed with an assault style weapon and a handgun. police say ford also shot and wounded three people he encountered on the way to the
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opened fire. >> he was randomly shooting people. sarah: the first officer to gunman and single handily took him down. >> the only reason he stopped shooting was because that officer shot the shooter. sarah: police say ford was abuse order filed by his girlfriend just hours before the shooting. >> he gets served, 5:00, we get the first shooting. sarah: officials say this investigation will continue for quite some time, but as of now, this community is starting to mourn for the tragic loss of life here in rural kansas. in newton, sarah plake for nbc news. gabrielle: doctors without borders says the, quote, "sorry money paid by the u.s. military to wounded survivors and relatives of an attack on an afghan hospital is ridiculous." 42 afghans died in october when an american gunship attacked one of their hospitals in afghanistan. the hospital was destroyed, and the charity ceased operations there. a representative for doctors without borders says the
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following the attack has not been shared with the charity. >> we were communicated as all media the brief summary of the report, but msf never received the detailed report of the incident. so we are still totally in the dark on what happened that night in kunduz. the payments were $6,000 for each person killed, and $3,000 for each person wounded. gabrielle: the representative called that amount ridiculous compared to the amount of training and school the doctors went through. -- a look at the stoxx, s&p 500 index, nasdaq and dow jones all up. dunkin' donuts is fighting to win back breakfast. the company is dealing with declining sales, so dunkin' that it serves breakfast all day. bloomberg news reports that d.d.
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bring attention to its coffee and its all-day breakfast foods. the timing appears to be in response to mcdonald's all-day breakfast offerings, but d.d. says the new menus have been in the works for 18 months. and to money matters on the web, youtube now lets its users blur anything in a video, even when it's moving. it's called the custom blurring feature. you can see from the video how it works. video creators can draw a box around the object they want to remain anonymous. you can also opt to have youtube automatically stay over the blurred-out object. to access the custom blurring feature, go into one of your videos, select enhancements, then go to blurring effects and select custom blurring. hd forecast. dale: good afternoon. 12:16 the time on friday as we skycam.
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almost totally clear skies. and some of the snow is generated by that same big storm that marched of the coast. conditions permit. it is still drawing cold air from canada, causing snow in kentucky, which in you and in the north the mountains. they had to close school in several counties with that where -- with that fresh layer of temperatures climb to 39 in hendersonville, 49 in anderson, 51 in abbeville. by the end of the cap, upper 40's. lower 50's for highs. normally, we would see upper 50's. not today. looks like low 50's may be the best the upstate gets too. the mountains, instead of temperatures reach into the upper 40's and low 40's, -- upper 40's, low 40's is what we
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teens and 20's in the mountains even though it has climbed to the 30's. here is a quick look at what we normally average. 59 at gsp on a 30 year basis. usually, 54 in the mountains but we see. more days. by sunday, we will see that cold air kind of go back up north where it belongs. us up for about four days in a row and will be three degrees to five degrees above normal starting sunday and continuing into the first of next week. we have that to look forward to. weekend. the 50's for the upstate in the mountains reaching upper 30's to 40's at best today. looking ahead with the four-day plus forecast, a cold day morning, but a nice and sunny tomorrow.
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until monday. next chance for monday -- or rain will be tuesday next week on wednesday. come sunday and monday. gabrielle:'s ringlike temperatures are good thing -- thing. look at this, they'll. a look at this bizarre traffic stop in california where highway patrol officers seized what appeared to be a unicorn. it's actually a white pony with a horn on its head. apparently, the unicorn was entertaining guests at a kids birthday party when something spooked it and it ran away. officers chased it for hours as it darted through traffic, before finally coralling the animal in an orchard. dale: now it has a police record. [laughter] gabrielle: poor thing. it just got scared. up next, we want to show you our pet of the week and take a look how cute. first, what is coming up later this afternoon on "ellen," ray romano known from everybody loves raymond stops by. as well as carly rae jepson
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by wyff news 4 at 5:00. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all.
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there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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for our pet of the week, we're joined by julia glass, adoption thank you. who is this girl? chihuahua mix. family. rides. thing. and i do have to say that you did a nice job dressing her up. >> thank you. dog. you are also here to talk about the fix your feral program? >> it is a program we run year-round and you bring the animal and you drop them off like a normal surgery drop off and we not only do the spay ane neut surgery, buter they also get the shot for rabies and fleas and ticks. gabrielle: how long does that go on for? ?
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gabrielle: how important is it for people to take part in that? >> for part of the no kill mission, it is to make sure animals and not reproducing and in the feral cats community, a lot of already euthanized, so when you fix the cats and put it back out, you are doing something really helpful. gabrielle: and also something really helpful is adopting a sweet dog. this is piglet. cute name. look at her smiley for the camera and there is the number for the greenville humane screen. thank you. we want to take another look outside from our hilton-greenville skycam.
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gabrielle: we want to take a look at this in minnesota, it goes on today and tomorrow for
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it in the middle of a time when senior poverty is increasing.
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for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them.
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gabrielle: takinggabrielle: a look in their other top stories today, an upstate teacher is without a job and faces charges after police say she hit a student. 40-year-old brandy overmyer faces third-degree assault charges. the laurens county school superintendent says overmyer no longer works at sanders middle school. new at noon, the executive director and former timpanist for the greenville symphony orchestra has died. sherwood mobley's wife posted online that her husband had been battling an acute illness for the past two months. she said he died this morning and thanked people for their prayers. you can find more on those stories on our wyff 4 mobile app. dale: we have a school salute picture from monarch elementary school in simpsonville. mrs. dacus' third grade class recently visited the greenville museum of art. they are studying the antebellum period. they got to make their own pottery at the museum. that was a fun trip. gabrielle: looks like they had a
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dale: a beautiful and sunny day. it will be sunny today and for saturday and sunday, so good weather today and this weekend for baseball games, codeine, all the things going on. the weather will cooperate and mild temperatures start sunday and continued to monday. next chance for rain will be tuesday, 30% chance of rain, but the good news is it is above the freezing mark so not worried about ice and snow but maybe showers tuesday and wednesday. for next week, low 60's this time of the year. pretty nice weather. gabrielle: we will take all of those nice temperatures after the cold wind. dale: we will. have a good weekend and we will continue to update you on whether throughout the day and this afternoon. gabrielle: thank you for being with us at noon. we will be back at 5:00 for your top stories and we are always on your wyff 4 mobile app and
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right now in the newsroom... lights, camera, access. i would also like to take this moment to publicly support kesha. >> though many have now come forward for kesha in her case against dr. luke, adele is the first to say it out loud. i'm billy bush. but on the long list of superstars that have actually worked with dr. luke, we'll tell you who is sharing and who has remained silent. >> i'm 100% certain. >> the hotel gets its turn in the erin andrews peeping tom case, as does erin's psychotherapist. is the actual video now being shown to the jury? >> here's the real story. >> and it turns out snooki's got a perfectly good and believable explanation for her wobbly appearance on "cocktails with khloe."
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>> lights, camera, access. adele throws her support behind kesha. welcome to "access hollywood." kesha claims she was drugged and raped by music producer dr. luke, which he vehemently denies. a judge has now denied an injunction that would reprieve kesha from a recording contract with her label s sy and the highly prolific dr. luke. but this is far from over. though she lost the latest round in new york's supreme court, thanks to major sisterly celebrity support, she may be winning in the court of public opinion. >> i'd like to take a quick second to thank my management and my record label for embracing the fact that i'm a woman and being encouraged by it. and i'd also like to take this moment to publicly support kesha. thank you very much. >> adele won four awards at last night's brit music awards and used her platform to declare out loud that she stands by kesha's side. adele has never worked with dr. luke.


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