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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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hillary clinton scheduled to take the stage at south carolina state university any minute now. earlier today she was in atlanta and spoke about her economic goals. mrs. clinton: we need to tear down economic barriers. there are still too many, and too high for folks that want to get ahead. we need more good paying jobs so that incomes can rise again. we need to be sure we are making investments here in georgia and across america that will make us more prosperous and stronger. gabrielle: live pictures from orangeburg, where congressman jim clyburn is there, getting ready to introduce hillary clinton at south carolina state university. after her stop there, she will scheduled to be at a fish fry with bernie sanders later tonight, also in orangeburg. she was also scheduled to be in columbia.
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coming up later in the newscast. nigel: speaking of bernie sanders, he's expected to make stops in south carolina today as well ahead of tomorrow's primary. you can see he will be in columbia in orangeburg later tonight. earlier today he was in minnesota. sanders met with about a dozen native american tribal council members. at the meeting, the vermont senator described the plate of poverty -- plight of poverty in the native american community. sen. sanders: in the nation which has the highest level of poverty of the most any major country on earth, native americans, unfortunately her at the very top of that list. i don't have it in my head, but the rate of childhood poverty for native american children is literally off the charts. higher than african-american, higher than latino, it is very very high. it is a national disgrace. nigel: sanders is expected to speak at claflin university at 5:30. we will take you there live. senator bernie sanders campaign
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caucuses on super tuesday. the first rally was held in duluth. if you are running out of time -- you were running at a time if you plan to vote absentee for tomorrow's primary. election offices will not stay open late tonight. you have until 5:00 p.m. to get your votes in. the greenville county elections director says turnout in the democratic primary is good. take a look at the absentee numbers. about 2300 people voted last week in greenville county. those were both republican and democratic votes. this week, about 1400 people haven't voted absentee so far, which would only be votes in the democratic primary. gabrielle: if you plan to vote tomorrow, we have everything you need to know posted on our mobile can check your voter status and find out where you need to vote. we have a sample ballot and video to show how to cast your
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nigel: on the gop side, fireworks in texas last night as the 5 candidates faced off for the last time before super tuesday. gabrielle: aixa diaz has more from our exclusive washington newsroom. aixa: chris christie says donald trump is the strong, tough leader the country needs. gov. christie: i endorse donald trump for president of the united states. aixa: chris christie, who drop out of the race earlier this month, says donald trump is the only candidate that can beat hillary clinton. that is why he's not backing the gop front-runner. mr. trump -- -- he's now backing the gop front-runner. sen. rubio: he had to pay $1 million in a judgment. mr. trump: wrong, wrong. aixa: in the gop debate, many of the attacks were aimed at a trump. >> we will see if the nomination gets more realistic. aixa: campaigning in super
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rubio called trumpet a con artist. sen. rubio: it is time to pull his mask off so people can see what we are dealing with. sen. cruz: i think donald trump had a tough night. >> it's all about getting votes. whether that translates to votes seen. aixa: more than 500 delegates are at stake on super tuesday, with texas being the biggest prize. in washington, aixa diaz, wyff news 4. gabrielle: meanwhile, donald trump has a new fake endorsement. senator lindsey graham made jokes at the washington press club foundation's 72nd congressional dinner. he talked about his decision to drop out, then his endorsement of jeb bush, who dropped out last week. then garraham decided to make a new endorsement, sort of. sen. graham: tonight--
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i endorse donald trump and hopethat graham magic still exists. night. field. nigel: now to the weather. let's take a live look on this friday, which i thought was thursday. it's felt like friday. it is nice out there. gabrielle: and we will take the sunshine. chief meteorologist john cessarich in the studio. partly great for all of nige -- aren't we grateful for all of nigel's hard work? [applause] and the rest of the team. john: seasonally cool across the upstate.still pretty cool .
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2939 in asheville. we have the wind out of the north-northwest, making it feel cool as we headed to the last weekend of february. early march. the mountains. a piece of energy in the atmosphere will come in quickly. it will not produce any precipitation. it might squeeze out flurries along the tennessee line. this is 8:00 in the morning. the clouds dissipate, so expect more sometime in the afternoon and mountains. even better on sunday. more about that a little bit later on. gabrielle: the berkeley county deputy with upstate ties was shot while investigating a suspicious vehicle in goose creek overnight. corporal kimber gist is in stable condition after surgery. she graduated from woodruff high school in 2009. officials say gist was a shot after investigating a suspicious vehicle behind a closed grocery store.
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school's principal, who said she was a model student. >> she had a strong personality, was well-known amongst your peers. letter of fact, her peers looked to her and a trusted her. she was also fearless. she did not back down from challenges that she felt she needed to address. gabrielle: officials say gist had been with the sheriff's office for 2.5 years, with one year on patrol. nigel: in greenville county, the family attorney of a robbery victim killed by deputies is not backing down. a dippy on scene was shot and had during the shooting and survived. corey davis is here in the studio with more on why a lawsuit was filed, citing wrongful death. corey: the family attorney told me he believes deputies did not follow protocol. he says they can't go back in time, but looking forward, he's hoping to peace are held accountable for the deadly outcome. >> this incident could have been avoided if law-enforcement went through proper procedures.
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excessive force and not following protocol after the deaths of charles rosemond. >> this man was lawfully in his house and he got shot and killed by law enforcement. that is enough to take this case to the jury. corey: on december 10, deputies were responding to a report of robbery at the spring grove apartments at the unit where rosemond lived. did he's saving knocked on his door, did not get an answer. they looked inside in the ransacked. deputies forced their way in and says rosemond fired his gun, hitting deputy dave dempsey in the head. the lawsuit claims that deputies did not identify themselves before entering. >> how do you know they did not identify themselves? >> i don't believe that mr. rosemond, from circumstantial evidence, would have shot law enforcement officers. if they had adequately identified themselves, i don't think there would have been any shots from the inside. corey: rosemond was shot in the leg.
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there was no trouble calls that he committed a crime. there was no outstanding warrant for his arrest. corey: the greenville county coroner says rosemond slid out and died after the bullet hit a major artery in his leg. the lawsuit accuses deputies of not being properly trained to save his life. the coroner says deputies pulled back after shots were fired, and it took some time to confirm the scene with safe. >> as we understand it, the officers did render care and treatment to the officer who had been shot in the head. so at the time they were securing the screen, they were probably giving him medical care and treatment. how about not mr. rosemond. corey: the sheriff's office told me it's their policy not to comment on pending lawsuits. at 6:00, rosemond's attorney is open the lawsuit will accomplish 3 major things. nigel: in anderson county, highway patrol found the car involved in a hit-and-run. troopers say this toy corolla was found on the side of
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the hit-and-run was before 11:00 tuesday morning near airport road.a total driver ended the customer were hit by this car. both suffered nonlife threatening injuries. if you recognize this car, call police immediately. gabrielle: and upstate teacher without a job and faces charges after police say she had a student. 40-year-old brandy overmye facesr -- brandy overmyer faces third-degree assault charges. the superintendent says "this type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated in laurens school district 55." nigel: coming up, a look at a from the granddaughters of the men that used to run a gabrielle: and up international news, the in the station in a series of shootings yesterday in kansas. john: bright sunshine on this friday evening. except thursday evening for nigel. clemson boulevard looking pretty
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current temperature 34 degrees. a grease out of the west at 12 mile per hour. gabrielle: here's a look at the winning midday numbers from the south carolina education lottery. hillary clinton: i do not believe we live in a single-issue country.
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americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further. whether it's poison in the water... hardworking immigrant families living in fear... racism holding people back... wall street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers... because i think america can only live up to its potential when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton,
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gabrielle: back to orangeburg, where hillary clinton speaking on behalf of south carolina
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mrs. clinton: we have to go after citizens united ,a terrible supreme court decision that is open to the door to secret, unaccountable money. we are going to get supreme court justices appointed struggling with president obama, who is following through on his constitutional responsibility to nominate someone for the supreme court. [applause] and now the senate needs to do its constitutional responsibility and consider that denomination. -- that nomination. if we can't get that decision reversed, i will lead a constitutional amendment. we have got to stop the secret unaccountable money that so many people are watching as it corrupts our political system. it's also important-- gabrielle: hillary clinton speaking at south carolina state university. bernie sanders also making
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carolina, one day ahead of the south carolina democratic primary. much more on both candidates a little later on in the newscast. nigel: now to the upstate. greenville fire department was on the scene of an early morning fire at the tara apartments. the solutions recovery center houses recovering addicts and alcoholics there. it's part of their sober living program. the fire displaced more than 20 people. but the executive director says, they will have a place to sleep tonight. >> as a company, i'm not worried about us losing our apartment complex. that'll be taken care of. my main concern right now is where these guys are going to live and housing them and making sure they don't lose a step. nigel: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the search for answers continues after a man killed three coworkers and injured 14 others in a kansas shooting last night. gabrielle: tonight, the governor of that state is calling the officer who shot and killed the gunman a hero.
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chris: as investigators try to figure out why worker at the salon equipment factory opened fire, killing three and injuring 14, they are learning more about how the attack unfolded. governor sam brownback says it was the rapid response of police that saved lives. >> the hesston police chief in particular within immediately to address the situation, rather than even waiting on backup, he went right in and did heroic duty and service. chris: a hesston police officer went into the building after cedric ford. he confronted ford, then shot and killed him. sheriff dobey's served forthwith in order to stay away from his rampage. >> he did not display anything that was outrageous. was getting this order. chris police say ford, armed with a rifle in hand gun, shot two people. apparently random victims. he stole a car and came to excel
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within moments, the shooting was over, and ford was dead. >> this main was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting was because the officer saw the shooter. -- shot the shooter. chris: as the community mourns those lost, we are learning more about those taken in the shooting. one of those killed was a man named josh higbee. two other families are feeling the same pain. chris:, nbc news, hesston, kansas. >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. things nice and clear for the most part and the upstate. still some clouds hanging tough, especially in the northern mountains of north carolina and closer to the tennessee line. even squeezing out a couple of elevations. a live shot looking overly carpal --looking over lake hartwell in innocent. heading into the weekend, it will be beautiful.
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in the chilly at night. both tonight and saturday night. sunday afternoon is going to be really nice. temperatures ranging from29 degrees in boone to 60 in elberton. 48 in spartanburg. a chilly 46 degrees. 52 in dakoa. a bit of a breeze in certain area. the winds are light in greenwood and laurens. northwest at 20 miles per hour, that gives us a windchill of 16 degrees. 28 in hendersonville. a windchill of 50 in spartanburg. a little chilly to say the least. not ready for spring. seeing how cold it is in the south. piece of energy coming down the pike, producing clouds in the mountain. that will continue tonight through tomorrow morning.
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high-pressure will build in for us. weaver in the 60's. 61 in oklahoma city. 60 in dallas. a dip in the jet stream. only 29 in cleveland. 39 in boston. 42 in minneapolis. part of the country. that ridge will build us into the latter half of the weekend. another storm system develops just like the spring storm system we had a couple days ago out in the plain states. right now it's looking more like, the timing his so critical. if it comes in late at night or early morning, we get instability. on this tuesday night into wednesday morning, this system
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morning, which means we could have thundershowers, but not severe weather. it would stator west and redeveloped to the east. we will have to watch that closely. i will keep you updated on that. mainly clear skies with white winds. lo temperaturew 29 degrees. a very cold wind. overnight low 29 degrees. a heavy snowflake or two, especially along the tennessee line. for saturday, bright sunshine and a pleasant afternoon. a high 56. sunny in the mountains in the afternoon. high 48 with a chilly breeze. should not be as windy yesterday. four day plus -- a nice warm-up by sunday afternoon. a high of 66. much milder in the mountains. fairly mild temperatures for most of next week. slates into the shower on monday as a cold front comes from the northwest. it does not have a lot of moisture associated with it.
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night, thunderstorms into early wednesday. we have plenty of time to watch it. we called out again to next week. it is a well-known building in the heart of anderson,, but we take a look back. gabrielle: mandy gaither is live and local with more. mandy: although it may not look like it from the outside, the demolition of the bailes building is underway. people who have been in anderson a while may know it as the gh bailes an company department store. george bailes' granddaughters have a lot of memories of this building. >> one of my favorite building -- memories is running up and down the escalators when we were
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it was the first one in south carolina. just playing in the store, going down to the bargain-basement. afterwards, going next door to will with either the counter. mandy: the bailes famiolyly says george bought the building in the early 1900s. the building itself dates back to at least the 1880's. bailes' granddaughters say they are not sad to see the building
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i will explain do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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carol: western north carolina is seeing more and more flu cases right now. because of that, mission health is urging some people not to visit patients in its hospitals. officials say people under age 12 anyone but just does not feel well -- or anyone that just does not feel well should visit -- should call patients rather than visit at the hospital. this includes marion, brevard,
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highlands-cashiers. we take with greenville health system, and says they have seen more flu cases, but not have yet restricted visitation. we can limit exposure to the flu by frequent handwashing/ hand sanitizing stations at the entrance before and after visit. getting the flu vaccine is a good idea too. this year's shot is a far better match than last year's, we're told. cdc says those of that of got the vaccine are 59% less likely to get the flu than those that that is far better than last year, when flu strains mutated and vaccine was only 23% experts say flu activity is still on the upswing and is expected to continue for several weeks. the cdc recommends a flu shot for just about everyone. but usually only half of americans get vaccinated. middle-age may delay symptoms of alzheimer's, but not prevent the condition itself.
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scanned the brains of nearly 400 adults with no history of the knowledge of -- no history of dementia. those who carried the gene linked to alzheimer's disease, higher education and mental activity did appear to reduce the risk of these brain plaques. a new study y nds marijuana related er visits have risen in colorado since the drug was legalized, especially for out-of-state visitors. records showed there was a 109% increase in emergency room activity for people visiting colorado, compared to a 44% increase among residents of the state. experts say first-time users may not be prepared on how the reality -- on how their body reacts to marijuana. the most common symptoms were anxiety, hallucinations, palpitations, and vomiting. >> it's not necessarily must win, but it is must-do well. nigel: the south carolina
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who nbc do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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nigel: coming up, expert analysis from nbc's chuck todd just ahead. what his predictions are for the south carolina democratic primary happening tomorrow. gabrielle: plus, an upstate girl diagnosed with cancer is now cancer-free. how she is being honored for her bravery. john: in the greenville area, plenty of sunshine and temperatures seasonably cool.


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