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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm Saturday  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in the race for the white house, a week after the gop primary here in south carolina. today it was the democratic primary. carol: we have a full night of commitment 2016 coverage. we have live reports across the palmetto state. wyff news 4 crews are in greenville county, columbia, and here in studio breaking down today's events. as well as expert analysis. michael: voters chose donald trump in south carolina last week. today voters will decide whether its hillary clinton or bernie sanders. a clemson university poll shows clinton with a staggering lead over bernie sanders. she has 64% support compared to sanders' 14%. right now we getting reports of steady turnout in greenville county, where the most registered voters live in south carolina. carol: election officials say it's still too eaeay to compare the numbers to last week's showing during the republican primary. wyff news 4's corey davis has been speaking to voters at polls today. right now he's live and local at carolina high school in greenville. corey? corey: we're told that this precinct usually has a stronger
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so far nearly 300 people have showed up at carolina high school to vote any democratic primary. that's more compared last week with about 100 republican voters coming in here all day. we also stopped by the sears shelters, next to mcpherson park in downtown greenville. we're told they had a steady turnout with no major issues. over at the scrolling school -- the sterling school in the area of the phillis wheatley center. more than 30,000 people voted before 4:00. just last week for the republican primary, only 25 people voted there all day. >> i voted for hillary clinton, not because she's a woman. but i've heard all of the comments and everything and i think she's best suited for the job. she will try to finish what president obama has started. >> all of her resolutions are superficial. but i will vote for hillary
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>> right now who do you support? >> i'm supporting bernie sanders. corey: we spoke with that sanders supporter here at carolina high school. this polling location is also a traditionally democratic precinct. he was joined by many democratic voters today. we're still seeing people come in and out of the poll here. election officials say the main issues they've encountered today have been people not registering in time and having the wrong address. corey davis, wyff news 4, live in greenville. carol: the primary is the final contest before super tuesday. hillary clinton and bill clinton have stumped in a number of areas across the palmetto state this week. michael: tonight she is in columbia on this primary night. wyff news 4 nigel robertson is live and local on the usc campus with the latest. nigel? nigel: carol and michael, it
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after the volleyball center, where it has been turned into hillary clinton's big primary night here in columbia. it is tight quarters. media from all over the world here on the risers. hillary clinton and her husband bill have been all over south carolina this week, trying to get out her message that she wants voters to hear. getting people to the polls. hillary was also in alabama today, where she talked about how big this election is, not just to the west, but to the world. -- just to the u.s., but to the world. mrs. clinton: when you run for president, it's not just the americans that they attention. the entire world listens to every world you say. markets rise and fall. complex go forward --conflicts go forward or retreat. this is an incredibly important point t r america to understand.
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of bernie sanders, if you get the nomination and become a president, what issues that they care about that he has brought the forefront can i count on you to follow up on? mrs. clinton: i would enforce the law against anything that poses a systemic risk to our economy. no bank is big to fail, no executive too powerful to jail. i will do everything i can to reduce the precious effect of the citizens united affect, which opened the door to dark secret, unaccountable money. i would go so far not only to a point supreme court justices to reverse that, but to look for a constitutional amendment. on the issues that i know he has been passionate about, iw want his supporters to know i am with you on that. we are going to go after them. i think we have much more to do in the country. that is why i say another single issue candidate. this is not a single issue country.
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income inequality, the dark unaccountable money in politics, and to prevent wall street from ever wrecking main street again. nigel: that was my interview with hillary clinton earlier in the week. we talked about the polls. she said she has seen the numbers that have her ahead. but she says she is not taking anything for granted. she wants the voters of south carolina support her, obviously. will they? we will know in just a few hours. live in columbia, nigel robertson, wyff news 4. carol: as you may remember, south carolina state representative jim clyburn endorsed hillary clinton earlier this month. michael: clyburn said he had worked with both clinton and her primary opponent bernie sanders, but ultimately he decided to endorse clinton. rep. clyburn: hillary got her stride in south carolina.
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she had her stride here. on the night before the debate in charleston, i said to everybody around me that night, she is getting there. michael: clyburn was out voting today in the palmetto state and had no problem talking about clinton and his pride for her. despite being far behind in south carolina, sanders is closing the gap nationally. carol: patrick hussion is in the studio with more on the sanders campaign. patrick: recent polls of shown clinton with a large lead in south carolina, but nationally, clinton only has a five-point lead on sanders when you average all the pulls together according to real clear politics. bernie sanders and his team announced at the last minute he would not be in south carolina for any kind of primary watch party. he rallied earlier today in dallas, texas getting a head , start on hillary clinton there before heading on to minnesota. he targeted the current
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sen. sanders: we will defeat trump because the american people do not want a president who insults mexicans, muslims. [cheers] who insults women and african americans and veterans and basically anybody who is not like donald trump. and thankfully most americans are not like donald trump. [cheers] patrick: although he's not here, his grassroots team here in the upstate is still going about business as usual. i spent some time at his greenville headquarters earlier today and the volunteers are still making phone calls. and the one's i spoke with say they're not concerned with what the polls say. >> we believe in what he stands for. so you will see beautifully decorated rooms and signs in support for him because belief goes before all. if you believe in something,
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will come out. >> he's a wonderful man. i have the opportunity to be in the rally and meet him person to person. and i know how wonderful he will be. it doesn't matter, he won on that. he will be still in my heart. patrick: despite the focus that he's now putting on next week's super tuesday voters yesterday , down in the midlands, he rallied voters together in orangeburg and columbia at the same time as hillary clinton. at one point, the two candidates were just about 500 yards apart holding rallies. once the south carolina votes are tallied tonight, a response from sanders is expected at 9:00 eastern time. we'll bring you that live when it happens. michael? michael: the republicans continued on the campaign trail. stops today followed a fiery debate in texas earlier this week. carol: ted cruz and marco rubio went after donald trump today in georgia, hoping to set themselves apart. michael: and the front runner spent the day in arkansas. yesterday trump got a big boost and support from new jersey governor chris christie.
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supports this morning in nashville, tennessee for a town hall. while dr. ben carson spent time in texas before heading to colorado. michael: coming up this week, more than 500 delegates are at stake for republicans on super tuesday, with texas being the biggest prize. our commitment 2016 coverage continues on the wyff 4 moblie app. -- wyff 4 mobile app. we hope that you have it. look for instant primary results. carol: you can also look back on the gop primary in south carolina. so be sure to download our mobile app. it's in the google play and apple app stores. michael: still to come, out analyst danielle vinson is right here, so eager to weigh in. politics is her business, and her insights all yours tonight coming up on wyff news 4. chris: the sun going down on her skycam network over the peace center, looking at downtown greenville. a very nice day out there. gorgeous conditions night. we have clear skies and cooling temperatures. if you thought today was
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michael: back to commitment 2016 coverage. on such nights as these, we turn to a woman who observes politics from the inside out. carol: she is our political analyst danielle vinson, who'll
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she is a professor from affirming. what is the strategy for bernie sanders if clinton wins in south carolina? danielle: things get tough for bernie sanders. the states he encounters on tuesday are like south carolina. he will have to get the younger enthusiastic voters that are backing him to go out and vote. he has to find some way to make inroads into the african-american support that clinton has. michael: danielle, why the two primaries on different days? what is the strategy in south carolina? danielle: the biggest thing for south carolina is the democrats to get an a spotlight. they probably would have been swamped last week by the republican coverage if they had it on the same day. this is a change to gain some enthusiasm for the democratic voters in the state, that they hope will carry over to future elections. carol: there seems to be some reinvention in the democratic party. this whole election cycle has been different. what you think about that?
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reinvention of the party, it may be going back to earlier era of the democratic party. before bill clinton became president and try to move the party more toward a moderate position and was dealing with deficits and debt problems. i think you are seeing them go back to some of those earlier issues of how you deal with income inequality, focusing more on workers and working-class folks. michael: we're just getting started. dr. danielle vinson from furman university. thank you very much. carol: and join us this sunday for "matter of fact." host fernando espuelas talks with south carolina senator lindsay graham. michael: they tackle national security issues and the presidential campaign. that's right here wyff news 4 tomorrow right after wyff news 4 at 11:00. chris: check this out, we're at 56 degrees in greenville. look back towards the west, those yellows and darker greens is warmer air.
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>> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: very dry weekend on tap. live super doppler 4 hd scanning the area. won't find any rainfall until tuesday. we are on the way to warming up. silly court might, 50 international. -- still a cool night, 50 in asheville. you will need a light jacket
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it will result all around the town. the cool night in the middle 30's across the upstate. middle 30's across the mountains as well. it is tomorrow afternoon. walk outside and say, i don't even need a jacket. 63 for a high in greenville. 64 in spartanburg and anderson. lower 60's even in the mountains. things began to change into monday. clear skies all weekend long. look what happens sunday night. a front moves through, bringing in windy conditions to the mountains. we could get a sprinkle or two early monday morning. not much of consequence out of this one. another system takes shape back towards the west. this is a strong low-pressure system that will follow in strong southerly wind. helga was a warm day, nearly 70 -- that will give us a warm day, nearly 70. possibly a thunderstorm tuesday night. after that we begin to cool things back off again. four days plus, d6 for a high tomorrow.
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-- 66 for a high tomorrow. it rain comes in early on wednesday. cooler temperatures with highs in the 50's on wednesday. a cool day on friday, lower 50's. but next weekend, high temperatures in the 50's with some sunshine returning. i had a chance to get out some earlier this week. look at this. in oconee county, they made me a cake at the elementary school. i think they were generous with the hair on top. but i will take it any day. that was a delicious cake. we got it to be for -- got to it before john cessarich did. i think we have the kiddos there. they had a great time. these are the fourth-graders. , from severe weather to winter weather. -- they asked all kinds of questions, from severe weather
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>> now wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: day of the nfl combine in indianapolis. quarterbacks right receivers, and tight ends, or doing on-field workouts for the scouts, coaches, and gm's in attendance at lucas oil stadium, including panthers gm dave gettleman. south carolina tight end jerrel adams showing off his athleticism. clocking the fatest 40-time out of the position. adams running a 4.64 40 yard dash. former dorman and clemson wide receiver charone peake clocking the fifth best 40-time today for wide receivers. running his dash in 4.45 seconds. georgia wideout malcolm mitchell also matched him with the same time in the 40. notre dame's the fastest 40 at 4.32 seconds. clemson continues its series on the diamond this afternoon against james madison. the tigers took the series opener yesterday at the doug, 6-1. clate schmidt on the bump for
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control. here in the second gets the strikeout. schimdt goes 7 scoreless. giving up just 3 hits, and struck out 4. the tigers bats get going. chase pender loops one into center to bring home a run. clemson puts up a 5 spot in the frame. now to the bottom of the 2 on fourth, for all-american catcher chris okey, and he hammers this one into the chapman grandstands. a 3-run blasts blows this one open. okey with 5 rbi in clemson's 10-1 victory. the tigers go for the series sweep tomorrow. south carolina and penn state back on the diamond today at founders park. bottom of the the gamecocks third, entered the frame with a three-to lead, and then they extended it. -- enter to the frame with a 3-2 lead, and then they extended it. bases now loaded for alex destino, and he absolutely breaks it out of the park for
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7 rbi on the day for him. usc pounds penn state 16-5, and will go for the sweep tomorrow. the south carolina men's best double-teamed plays 2 of its last 3 on the road. the gamecocks in starkville facing mississippi state. usc has had a problem with slow starts on the road. they continued it today. gamecocks already down 25-9. hitting a 3, finishing with 10 points. gamecocks now down 13. late stages of the first half, gamecocks come up with a skill. -- up with a steal, but it gets stolen and goes to the other rent. check this out, a little showtime. off the backboard, mississippi state with 837-26 lead at the break. second half, south carolina tries to get back. sindarius thornwell with a couple points, but it's not enough. gamecocks stone on the road at mississippi state 68-50 the final. in the socon, furman closing out
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paladins fighting for seeding in next week's so-con tourney. paladins with an early 1 point first half, lead. devin sibley wide open at the top of the key for 3. paladins lead 8-4. sibley pouring in a game high 24. pediments too strong in the stretch. the senior with 19 points in his final home game. western carolina wins its fourth straight 73-62. wofford with a chance to take the 3 a seat in the socon tournament in asheville. they faced tennessee state, and a great finish in this one. easley product spencer collins with the floater. terriers go down 1. terriers now done 4 off the steel. justin gordon finishes off the other end. this goes back and forth, but east tennessee state beats wofford 71-66. furman will get the three seed in the socon tourney. wofford will be the fourth seed. the upper state basketball championships continue today over at the well in downtown greenville. 6 games deciding who will play for a state title next week in columbia.
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state final. abbeville and keenan. second quarter, panthers trailing in this . oneabbeville down one after the break . fourth quarter, abbeville takes control. the quarterback for the panthers, winning a state title here, the point guard leading abbeville to the state championship. they take the upper state final 58-61. newberry tangling with keenan. daishelle robinson taking it comes to coach to put the raiders up by 8. keenan advances to a state title game. 1a upper girls state finals. ca johnson taking on christ church. 1a state champs in control,. christchurch is up 14.
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carolina committed scores 30, leading the cavaliers to a 64-41 win in the state finals. the cavaliers play timmons gold next saturday for the state title. -- timmonsville next saturday for the state title. carol: throughout this evening we will follow the results of the 2016 democratic family in south carolina, pitting hillary clinton against bernie sanders. michael: dr. danielle vinson is here with us from furman university. how does bernie sanders seem to help hillary clinton? danielle: it paints are a little bit more toward the middle of the ideological spectrum, because he's so far to the left. it allows her to run this primary setting herself up well for the general election. carol: he would find the same thing on the republican side, with some candidates. danielle: you did. as long as ted cruz is in the race, people like jeb bush or john kasich look very moderate, although they are quite conservative.
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distance between him and cruz. a much or at this point how that's going to plan out. carol: what you looking for tonight? danielle: how big is the margin of victory for hillary clinton, and how does she do among african-american voters? and how does she do among younger voters? michael: turn out? danielle: turnout will be important to gauge the enthusiasm for the democrats. michael: dr. danielle vinson from furman university. we thank you. carol: we will be checking in with you throughout the evening. michael: democratic primaries continue in chapter lineup. carol: our coverage begins at 7:00. we are always on and on your cell phone on the
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it's the first contest in the south for democrats in the south and the first where they are competing for the african-american vote. on this business night. clinton and sanders find themselves competing for attention with a republican candidate. our team has it


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