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Bibliothèque Mazarine

The Bibliothèque Mazarine in Paris is a public and academic library, whose origins are linked to Cardinal Mazarin. The library holds over 5000 manuscripts from the Middle Age to the XXth century, 500 000 printed books (among them 2300 incunabula and 180 000 rare books printed before 1801,) and many works of art. Today joined to the Institut de France, the library is situated in a XVIIth century palace built on the south bank of the Seine, just in front of the Louvre.

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Bibliothèque Mazarine
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Missel à l'usage de Liège. XVe siècle. Manuscrit sur parchemin. 71 feuillets. 342 x 235 mm. Prov. : Notre-Dame de Paris, chapitre cathédral
Topics: Liturgie, Missel, Liège