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Poster: Ralf Muehlen Date: Sep 20, 2004 5:03pm
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: sflan52 exists or not?

> why do something if you aren't going to do it right?

To answer in the same polemic style: Why complain if can't do it right?

Comments like that are not helpful. If you want to help this community project, please note the exact date and time, your location (address or GPS coordinates), what node you tried to connected to, what exactly did not work, and what equipment you used (OS version, wireless card, antenna). Otherwise all that I can say is, it works for me (and about another thousand people)!

Nodes that are not listed on the map, such as sflan52, are not ready yet.

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Poster: ethereal Date: Sep 20, 2004 6:01pm
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: sflan52 exists or not?

"Nodes that are not listed on the map, such as sflan52, are not ready yet."

well there you go -- that's the real answer. it has nothing to do with my hardware or other factors; I know what I'm doing (line of sight, high gain parabolic array antenna, 1 watt amp, senao engenius card at 200mw, quality cables, tried SEVERAL machines, do this all day every day, etc...) so the problem is a real one. The factors you are asking for are meaningless - the fact is these nodes (most of your nodes) are broken, and do not reply to dhcp solicitations. You are skirting the issue by asking me for more details as though I made some kind of error, when in fact your nodes are faulty.

anyway, since originally asking my question i have learned that sflan is some kind of experimental hacked up mess that is unified in NAME ONLY - someone put together a nice map of coverage, whoever you are KUDOS, but really, your network is a mess and when someone points it out you should be realistic and not deny it. I listed the node SSID that were not giving DHCP leases, and that's not helpful? Why don't you try it yourself, or contact the node owners (which apparently i can't do because their contact info is nowhere??) and see if i'm right?

anyway thanks for response, even if i take issue with your defense of the "network".

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Poster: ethereal Date: Sep 20, 2004 6:11pm
Forum: sflan Subject: willing to help

by the way, if there is anything i can do to actually help, please let me know. are there people who would be willing to set up nodes but can't afford the hardware? do you need hardware donations or any sort? is there any actual labor that can be donated? if so you should not only post here but create a page at (ahem, a redirect to an actual page, describing what can be done. just a thought. thanks!

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Poster: goattee Date: Sep 21, 2004 2:16am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: willing to help

Whether or not SFLAN is meeting your expectations-- and whether or not you're getting the mode of response you'd like to see-- this is a volunteer effort.

Your most recent offer is more to the spirit of this thing than the earlier messsages. I understand why you would be frustrated. But the first fusillade was an attack. And this is not the best way of getting a forthcoming response.

I've had some experience in trying to gain access from my area, I found that people behind this effort are making good faith efforts to move this forward.

It seems like you'd like to see this run even more crisply and that you're willing to even put your money where your mouth is. So follow that approach and the whole community will benefit.