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Poster: jlpoole Date: Oct 24, 2004 9:13am
Forum: sflan Subject: SFLAN capital costs?

I've been reading through the FAQ and the postings re: SFLAN and have the following questions about SFLAN.

1) Who, or what entity, is underwriting the cost of the SFLAN network to the internet? The Internet Archive? At some point somebody must be paying for a connection.
2) What is amount annual expended to subsidize a working connection for SFLAN? The expense I am referring to does not include expenses incurred by individuals/nodes using the network.
3) What were the initial costs for the equipment?

I live in Belmont and I am pretty sure I do not have a line of sight to the San Bruno tower and I am curious about what the infrastructure costs are to connect a wireless network such as SFLAN to the internet. It seems the incremental costs, e.g. nodes, are well-documented, I just can't seem to find information about the initial costs.

Given the movement of cities to provide free connectivity (c.f. Mayor Newsom’s desire for free wireless connectivity), I would very much like to get a handle on what I consider the capital costs to see if a proposal for subsidized internet connectivity could be made to cities in my area: Belmont, San Carlos, San Mateo, Redwood City.

Thank you,

John Poole

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Poster: Ralf Muehlen Date: Oct 25, 2004 8:30am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: SFLAN capital costs?

Bandwidth is really cheap at the wholesale level. SFLan gets its bandwidth donated by the Internet Archive and a few other institutions and individuals. For large content providers, the asymmetrical usage patterns make it easy to donate bandwidth.

Other than the nodes, the capital cost is really low: a few servers, switches and routers. But you need volunteers to look after the network.

If you can connect to San Bruno, by all means do so and you don't have to worry about your initial source of bandwidth. (San Bruno has a problem right now, though.)

If you want to know more details feel free to e-mail me.


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